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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Erb St Bombers211731107473517560
2Wheeling Nailers2111919088231212
3Goal Diggers211110010410822114-4
4Dumb Pucks2171229410316128-9
5Thrashers East216123751061588-31
6Hogtown Hookers2151337410113124-27

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1805:45 PMMasterCard 2Bexxus Bears7Erb St Bombers4Final
Sep 1807:30 PMMasterCard 3All For Show8Thrashers East3Final
Sep 1808:45 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers2A Team1Final
Sep 1809:00 PMMasterCard 4Hogtown Hookers3One Liners8Final
Sep 1809:30 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers7Dumb Pucks4Final
Sep 2502:00 PMMasterCard 2A Team3Hogtown Hookers8Final
Sep 2503:15 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks4Wheeling Nailers7Final
Sep 2503:15 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers6Devils1Final
Sep 2504:30 PMMasterCard 2One Liners4Goal Diggers7Final
Sep 2509:30 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East3Cunning Linguists8Final
Oct 0203:15 PMMasterCard 27L Kings1Thrashers East0Final
Oct 0205:45 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers6Wheeling Nailers1Final
Oct 0208:15 PMMasterCard 2Hogtown Hookers2Dumb Pucks5Final
Oct 0208:15 PMMasterCard 3TBA0Erb St Bombers1Final
Oct 1606:45 PMMasterCard 4Dumb Pucks3One Liners6Final
Oct 1608:00 PMMasterCard 4A Team6Goal Diggers2Final
Oct 1608:00 PMMasterCard 1Thrashers East2Trojans7Final
Oct 1609:15 PMMasterCard 4Wheeling Nailers5Hogtown Hookers4Final
Oct 1610:15 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers6Triforce1Final
Oct 2302:00 PMMasterCard 3Thrashers East1Ducks6Final
Oct 2304:30 PMMasterCard 2Judas0Erb St Bombers5Final
Oct 2305:45 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers3One Liners5Final
Oct 2307:00 PMMasterCard 3Goal Diggers7Hogtown Hookers2Final
Oct 2308:15 PMMasterCard 3A Team1Dumb Pucks5Final
Oct 3009:30 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers7Dumb Pucks8Final
Oct 3009:30 PMMasterCard 3Hogtown Hookers2Thrashers East4Final
Oct 3010:30 PMMasterCard 4Wheeling Nailers5Erb St Bombers3Final
Nov 0602:00 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East2Goal Diggers7Final
Nov 0603:15 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers0Hogtown Hookers1Final
Nov 0604:30 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks3Wheeling Nailers5Final
Nov 1305:45 PMMasterCard 2Hogtown Hookers3Dumb Pucks3Final
Nov 1307:00 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers6Wheeling Nailers2Final
Nov 1308:15 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East2Erb St Bombers6Final
Nov 2002:00 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers4Hogtown Hookers0Final
Nov 2003:15 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers6Goal Diggers1Final
Nov 2004:30 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks2Thrashers East7Final
Nov 2705:45 PMMasterCard 4Erb St Bombers6Dumb Pucks3Final
Nov 2707:00 PMMasterCard 4Wheeling Nailers4Thrashers East5Final
Nov 2708:15 PMMasterCard 4Goal Diggers8Hogtown Hookers3Final
Dec 0409:30 PMMasterCard 3Goal Diggers6Dumb Pucks5Final
Dec 0409:30 PMMasterCard 2Wheeling Nailers3Erb St Bombers6Final
Dec 0410:45 PMMasterCard 2Hogtown Hookers3Thrashers East3Final
Dec 1102:00 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers7Hogtown Hookers2Final
Dec 1103:15 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks4Wheeling Nailers5Final
Dec 1104:30 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East4Goal Diggers0Final
Dec 1805:45 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers3Wheeling Nailers8Final
Dec 1807:00 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East0Erb St Bombers5Final
Dec 1808:15 PMMasterCard 2Hogtown Hookers3Dumb Pucks5Final
Jan 0802:00 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks5Thrashers East7Final
Jan 0803:15 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers8Goal Diggers3Final
Jan 0804:30 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers4Hogtown Hookers6Final
Jan 1505:45 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers5Dumb Pucks2Final
Jan 1507:00 PMMasterCard 3Goal Diggers9Hogtown Hookers7Final
Jan 1508:15 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers5Thrashers East2Final
Jan 2209:30 PMMasterCard 3Hogtown Hookers5Thrashers East3Final
Jan 2209:30 PMMasterCard 2Wheeling Nailers0Erb St Bombers5Final
Jan 2210:45 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers3Dumb Pucks8Final
Jan 2902:00 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East4Goal Diggers7Final
Jan 2903:15 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers4Hogtown Hookers3Final
Jan 2904:30 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks7Wheeling Nailers5Final
Feb 0505:45 PMMasterCard 2Hogtown Hookers5Dumb Pucks1Final
Feb 0507:00 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers5Wheeling Nailers9Final
Feb 0508:15 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East5Erb St Bombers8Final
Feb 1202:00 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers6Hogtown Hookers3Final
Feb 1203:15 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks8Thrashers East9Final
Feb 1204:30 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers7Goal Diggers2Final
Feb 2605:45 PMMasterCard 3Wheeling Nailers4Thrashers East4Final
Feb 2607:00 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers3Dumb Pucks3Final
Feb 2608:15 PMMasterCard 3Goal Diggers7Hogtown Hookers4Final
Mar 0509:30 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks6Goal Diggers1Final
Mar 0509:30 PMMasterCard 2Thrashers East5Hogtown Hookers5Final
Mar 0510:45 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers6Wheeling Nailers3Final

Play Makers

1Alex MacArthur7Dumb Pucks2122214318
2Ryan Hurley0Erb St Bombers171917364
3Evan Lapointe18Erb St Bombers1917173422
4Chris Reed2Erb St Bombers1619113034
5John Davitsky87Goal Diggers161611270
6Dave Hemstad28Hogtown Hookers1614132712
7Derek Poulin9Goal Diggers1911152627
8Joseph Della Mora65Wheeling Nailers121510256
9Jeff Haig28Thrashers East18816248
10Chris Snoyer9Dumb Pucks171211234
11Chris Barrow74Hogtown Hookers183192212
12Jesse Johnstone98Goal Diggers18147216
13Thanh Nguyen89Wheeling Nailers201110214
14Steve Wheeler91Goal Diggers81011216
15Tyler Manz90Hogtown Hookers189122110

Net Minders

1Ian HoggGErb St Bombers18412.2783
2Braydon Wilson20Wheeling Nailers21884.1901
3Launy Schwartz54Hogtown Hookers12514.2501
4Joel GillespieGDumb Pucks211034.9050
5David MarksGGoal Diggers211085.1430
6Tom Papanastasiou31Thrashers East201055.2501
7Wade ProudlockGHogtown Hookers9505.5560


1Chris Reed2Erb St Bombers1634
2Eric Andrews26Hogtown Hookers2028
3Derek Poulin9Goal Diggers1927
4Benjamin Lo14Erb St Bombers1725
5Evan Lapointe18Erb St Bombers1922
6Jeff McMahon91Dumb Pucks1620
7Zach Chenier11Dumb Pucks1320
8Alex MacArthur7Dumb Pucks2118
9Peter Reid27Hogtown Hookers1018
10Justin Morrison17Erb St Bombers1316
11Noel Hewett12Erb St Bombers1816
12Thomas Whillier27Wheeling Nailers1716
13Glenn Luckman58aWheeling Nailers615
14Patrick Spencer15Goal Diggers1515
15Aiden Talai4Wheeling Nailers814



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