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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

2Buckner HC21138096702613426
3Face Offs2110101838621142-3
6Team Chemistry21218166120562-54

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1801:15 PMRinx 3Face Offs5Beer Raiders5Final
Sep 1805:15 PMMasterCard 4Wolverines5Buckner HC6Final
Sep 1807:00 PMMasterCard 2TBA3Triforce2Final
Sep 1807:45 PMMasterCard 4Dogs5Team Chemistry1Final
Sep 2504:30 PMMasterCard 3Triforce2Bexxus Bears5Final
Sep 2505:45 PMMasterCard 3Team Chemistry2Mad Dragons4Final
Sep 2507:00 PMMasterCard 3Buckner HC7Dogs3Final
Sep 2507:45 PMRinx 2Toronto Mighty Pigs6Face Offs11Final
Sep 2508:15 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Bombers2Wolverines7Final
Oct 0206:15 PMRinx 3Face Offs4Los Pollos3Final
Oct 0207:00 PMMasterCard 3Triforce0Judas1Final
Oct 0209:30 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Bombers6Team Chemistry4Final
Oct 0209:30 PMMasterCard 2Wolverines4Dogs1Final
Oct 0210:30 PMMasterCard 4Mad Dragons6Buckner HC3Final
Oct 1606:30 PMMasterCard 3Buckner HC4Toronto Bombers3Final
Oct 1607:45 PMMasterCard 3Team Chemistry7Wolverines7Final
Oct 1609:00 PMRinx 1Blue Steel4Face Offs3Final
Oct 1609:00 PMMasterCard 3Dogs3Mad Dragons5Final
Oct 1610:15 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers6Triforce1Final
Oct 2301:30 PMRinx 2Mavericks3Face Offs7Final
Oct 2302:00 PMMasterCard 2Devils1Triforce5Final
Oct 2305:45 PMMasterCard 2Dogs7Toronto Bombers2Final
Oct 2307:00 PMMasterCard 2Wolverines2Mad Dragons7Final
Oct 2308:15 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry4Buckner HC7Final
Oct 3002:00 PMMasterCard 3Wolverines6Buckner HC3Final
Oct 3003:15 PMMasterCard 3Triforce2Face Offs4Final
Oct 3004:30 PMMasterCard 3Dogs2Team Chemistry5Final
Nov 0605:45 PMMasterCard 3Face Offs1Wolverines4Final
Nov 0607:00 PMMasterCard 3Team Chemistry2Triforce6Final
Nov 0608:15 PMMasterCard 3Buckner HC5Dogs2Final
Nov 1309:30 PMMasterCard 2Face Offs6Team Chemistry4Final
Nov 1309:30 PMMasterCard 3Triforce4Buckner HC2Final
Nov 1310:30 PMMasterCard 4Wolverines8Dogs3Final
Nov 2002:00 PMMasterCard 2Dogs6Triforce3Final
Nov 2003:15 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry1Wolverines6Final
Nov 2005:45 PMMasterCard 3Buckner HC3Face Offs1Final
Nov 2705:00 PMMasterCard 3Dogs7Face Offs3Final
Nov 2705:00 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry1Buckner HC6Final
Nov 2706:15 PMMasterCard 2Wolverines2Triforce5Final
Dec 0402:00 PMMasterCard 3Triforce3Face Offs4Final
Dec 0403:15 PMMasterCard 3Wolverines7Buckner HC2Final
Dec 0404:30 PMMasterCard 3Dogs10Team Chemistry9Final
Dec 1105:45 PMMasterCard 3Team Chemistry3Triforce5Final
Dec 1107:00 PMMasterCard 3Buckner HC5Dogs0Final
Dec 1108:15 PMMasterCard 3Face Offs2Wolverines6Final
Dec 1809:30 PMMasterCard 2Face Offs6Team Chemistry2Final
Dec 1809:30 PMMasterCard 3Wolverines8Dogs3Final
Dec 1810:45 PMMasterCard 2Triforce8Buckner HC5Final
Jan 0802:00 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry2Wolverines6Final
Jan 0803:15 PMMasterCard 2Buckner HC5Face Offs6Final
Jan 0808:15 PMMasterCard 3Dogs3Triforce4Final
Jan 1505:45 PMMasterCard 2Dogs3Face Offs4Final
Jan 1507:00 PMMasterCard 2Wolverines4Triforce3Final
Jan 1508:15 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry1Buckner HC6Final
Jan 2202:00 PMMasterCard 3Dogs2Team Chemistry5Final
Jan 2203:15 PMMasterCard 3Wolverines2Buckner HC7Final
Jan 2204:30 PMMasterCard 2Triforce6Face Offs3Final
Jan 2905:45 PMMasterCard 3Face Offs5Wolverines9Final
Jan 2907:00 PMMasterCard 3Team Chemistry4Triforce8Final
Jan 2908:15 PMMasterCard 3Buckner HC2Dogs3Final
Feb 0509:30 PMMasterCard 2Triforce2Buckner HC3Final
Feb 0509:30 PMMasterCard 3Wolverines6Dogs4Final
Feb 0510:45 PMMasterCard 2Face Offs0Team Chemistry0Final
Feb 1202:00 PMMasterCard 2Dogs8Triforce3Final
Feb 1203:15 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry4Wolverines9Final
Feb 1208:15 PMMasterCard 2Buckner HC6Face Offs1Final
Feb 2605:45 PMMasterCard 2Team Chemistry1Buckner HC6Final
Feb 2607:00 PMMasterCard 2Dogs5Face Offs3Final
Feb 2608:15 PMMasterCard 2Wolverines5Triforce4Final
Mar 0502:00 PMMasterCard 3Face Offs4Triforce0Final
Mar 0503:15 PMMasterCard 3Team Chemistry4Dogs7Final
Mar 0504:30 PMMasterCard 2Buckner HC3Wolverines4Final

Play Makers

1Craig Parker7Wolverines193020506
2Oleh Hankiivsky19Wolverines2121204118
3Eric Khan9Wolverines2012253710
4Ryan Leuty74Dogs1822103216
5Ibrahim Zylstra10Face Offs181912314
6Karl Vizvary7Buckner HC1617143114
7Jesse Burgess14Buckner HC202092926
8Kevin Callaghan11Dogs2115142910
9Stephen Yu11Triforce201610262
10carlos canejo13Wolverines1214102410
11Noah Epstein88Wolverines1613102322
12Julian Sanchez00Face Offs151112238
13Adam Tarvit12Buckner HC1311122330
14Ian Denomme9Buckner HC191111222
15John Chisholm22Face Offs198142220

Net Minders

1Jesse Bellam1Buckner HC8263.2500
2Mike FitzpatrickGBuckner HC11363.2730
3Adam Trinier29Wolverines19723.7890
4John Teskey0Triforce20773.8500
5David Science99Face Offs18774.2781
6Jason FalovoGDogs20954.7500
7Eric Bardutz1Team Chemistry10656.5000


1Adam Tarvit12Buckner HC1330
2Eamonn Nolan13Dogs1330
3John Phillips11Face Offs1530
4Thomas Wall14Wolverines1930
5Jesse Burgess14Buckner HC2026
6Lucas Hauer47Triforce1726
7Ian Peebles79Buckner HC1724
8Jason Clarke8Dogs1824
9Noah Epstein88Wolverines1622
10John Chisholm22Face Offs1920
11Paul Annan88Team Chemistry1420
12Andrew Sousa6Triforce1618
13Nolan Sherin2Triforce1918
14Oleh Hankiivsky19Wolverines2118
15Ryan Leuty74Dogs1816



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