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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Master Hunter22132769423314927
311 Cents22886535622212-3
4Frost Giants227105615919902
5No Ma'am224153499111110-42

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 2008:30 PMMasterCard 2Toronto Trilliums6No Ma'am2Final
Sep 2009:00 PMRinx 3Master Hunter3Frost Giants2Final
Sep 2009:10 PMRinx 2Warriors311 Cents1Final
Sep 2009:30 PMMasterCard 2Ligers5GT's0Final
Sep 2710:00 PMRinx 3No Ma'am3SGT. Rock4Final
Sep 2711:00 PMRinx 3Frost Giants111 Cents4Final
Sep 2711:10 PMRinx 2GT's1Master Hunter3Final
Sep 2711:15 PMRinx 1Ligers5Warriors4Final
Oct 0412:01 AMBye WeekLigersMaster Hunter 
Oct 0401:01 AMBye WeekGT's11 Cents 
Oct 0402:01 AMBye WeekFrost GiantsWarriors 
Oct 0409:10 PMRinx 2BFP5No Ma'am0Final
Oct 1106:00 PMRinx 3Master Hunter4Ligers5Final
Oct 1106:10 PMRinx 211 Cents2GT's1Final
Oct 1106:30 PMMasterCard 2Warriors3Frost Giants2Final
Oct 1111:15 PMRinx 1No Ma'am0Boilers3Final
Oct 1802:01 AMBye WeekPuck DynastyNo Ma'am 
Oct 1807:00 PMRinx 3GT's0Warriors5Final
Oct 1807:10 PMRinx 2Frost Giants4Ligers6Final
Oct 1807:30 PMMasterCard 211 Cents1Master Hunter4Final
Oct 2506:30 PMMasterCard 2No Ma'am1Puck Dynasty6Final
Oct 2508:20 PMRinx 1Ligers611 Cents1Final
Oct 2509:20 PMRinx 1Master Hunter3Warriors2Final
Oct 2510:20 PMRinx 1GT's2Frost Giants3Final
Nov 0108:00 PMRinx 3Frost Giants0Master Hunter1Final
Nov 0108:10 PMRinx 211 Cents2Warriors2Final
Nov 0108:30 PMMasterCard 2GT's5No Ma'am0Final
Nov 0810:00 PMRinx 3Warriors2GT's2Final
Nov 0810:10 PMRinx 2No Ma'am3Frost Giants3Final
Nov 0810:30 PMMasterCard 2Master Hunter211 Cents2Final
Nov 1509:00 PMRinx 3Master Hunter6No Ma'am2Final
Nov 1509:10 PMRinx 211 Cents5GT's3Final
Nov 1509:30 PMMasterCard 2Warriors3Frost Giants2Final
Nov 2211:00 PMRinx 3No Ma'am2Warriors4Final
Nov 2211:10 PMRinx 2GT's1Master Hunter6Final
Nov 2211:15 PMRinx 1Frost Giants411 Cents3Final
Nov 2912:01 AMBye Week11 CentsNo Ma'am 
Nov 2901:01 AMBye WeekWarriorsMaster Hunter 
Nov 2902:01 AMBye WeekFrost GiantsGT's 
Dec 0606:00 PMRinx 3GT's3Frost Giants3Final
Dec 0606:10 PMRinx 2Master Hunter4Warriors3Final
Dec 0606:30 PMMasterCard 2No Ma'am211 Cents4Final
Dec 1307:00 PMRinx 3GT's5No Ma'am5Final
Dec 1307:10 PMRinx 211 Cents3Warriors3Final
Dec 1307:30 PMMasterCard 2Frost Giants4Master Hunter4Final
Dec 2008:20 PMRinx 1Warriors5GT's2Final
Dec 2009:20 PMRinx 1No Ma'am5Frost Giants4Final
Dec 2010:20 PMRinx 1Master Hunter111 Cents1Final
Dec 2708:00 PMRinx 3No Ma'am3Master Hunter8Final
Dec 2708:10 PMRinx 2Frost Giants3Warriors4Final
Dec 2708:30 PMMasterCard 2GT's011 Cents1Final
Jan 0310:00 PMRinx 311 Cents1Frost Giants3Final
Jan 0310:10 PMRinx 2Master Hunter5GT's4Final
Jan 0310:30 PMMasterCard 2Warriors4No Ma'am3Final
Jan 1009:00 PMRinx 311 Cents3No Ma'am6Final
Jan 1009:10 PMRinx 2Warriors1Master Hunter5Final
Jan 1009:30 PMMasterCard 2Frost Giants5GT's3Final
Jan 1711:00 PMRinx 3Master Hunter2Frost Giants2Final
Jan 1711:10 PMRinx 2Warriors411 Cents4Final
Jan 1711:15 PMRinx 1No Ma'am5GT's2Final
Jan 2412:01 AMBye Week11 CentsFrost Giants 
Jan 2401:01 AMBye WeekMaster HunterGT's 
Jan 2402:01 AMBye WeekWarriorsNo Ma'am 
Jan 3106:00 PMRinx 3GT's0Warriors1Final
Jan 3106:10 PMRinx 2Frost Giants6No Ma'am1Final
Jan 3106:30 PMMasterCard 211 Cents2Master Hunter2Final
Feb 0707:00 PMRinx 3Master Hunter1No Ma'am0Final
Feb 0707:10 PMRinx 211 Cents2GT's3Final
Feb 0707:30 PMMasterCard 2Warriors0Frost Giants2Final
Feb 1408:20 PMRinx 1Frost Giants111 Cents2Final
Feb 1409:20 PMRinx 1GT's4Master Hunter1Final
Feb 1410:20 PMRinx 1No Ma'am2Warriors2Final
Feb 2108:00 PMRinx 3No Ma'am011 Cents5Final
Feb 2108:10 PMRinx 2Master Hunter1Warriors1Final
Feb 2108:30 PMMasterCard 2GT's4Frost Giants6Final
Feb 2810:00 PMRinx 3Frost Giants1Master Hunter1Final
Feb 2810:10 PMRinx 211 Cents4Warriors3Final
Feb 2810:30 PMMasterCard 2GT's5No Ma'am3Final
Mar 0709:00 PMRinx 3Warriors5GT's2Final
Mar 0709:10 PMRinx 2No Ma'am1Frost Giants0Final
Mar 0709:30 PMMasterCard 2Master Hunter211 Cents0Final

Play Makers

1Philip Kuperhause16Frost Giants2013132610
2Collin Neveroff8Warriors2013122510
3Korey Schaefer27Master Hunter2014102432
4Paul Wells19No Ma'am10149238
5Jeff Crofoot23Warriors211013238
6Brendan Peel83Frost Giants218142216
7Valentin Nigmatullin19GT's111562110
8Bradley Moulton66Frost Giants191181912
9david richards12GT's15810188
10Michael Gordaneer12Warriors1897166
11Barry Nichols88No Ma'am20412164
12Peter Scialdone17Frost Giants1896150
13Patrick Dinsmore611 Cents22510152
14Garrett Mathies41Master Hunter1977140
15Tyson Peel11Frost Giants1868140

Net Minders

1Tyler MathiesGMaster Hunter20391.9502
2Greg Muir3411 Cents9202.2220
3Marcus BarrieGWarriors21542.5711
4Cort WilsonGFrost Giants22592.6821
5Donald Chong111 Cents12363.0001
6Sammy Ray Welch29GT's20763.8001
7John Nadalin1No Ma'am21904.2861


1Evan Ronan1711 Cents1940
2Korey Schaefer27Master Hunter2032
3Jesse Dinsmore1511 Cents2131
4Jesse Ronan2711 Cents1531
5Jonathan Stark511 Cents2128
6Tom Fluelling4Master Hunter1825
7Joel McCoy11Warriors1622
8Ryan Barry4GT's1622
9Jeff Naylor1611 Cents2220
10Patrick Watson71Master Hunter2020
11Patrick Ronan1111 Cents2018
12Oliver Kane81GT's1017
13Brendan Peel83Frost Giants2116
14Gordon Rider2No Ma'am1516
15Mike McCuaig4Frost Giants2216



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