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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1XXX Stars2214446134327227
5Dazed and Confused22712365661762-1

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 2008:20 PMRinx 1Senators3XXX Stars2Final
Sep 2009:20 PMRinx 1Penguins1Dazed and Confused4Final
Sep 2010:20 PMRinx 1Coilers6Expendables2Final
Sep 2708:00 PMRinx 3Penguins2Expendables0Final
Sep 2708:10 PMRinx 2Senators2Coilers7Final
Sep 2708:30 PMMasterCard 2XXX Stars2Dazed and Confused0Final
Oct 0410:00 PMRinx 3Dazed and Confused2Coilers2Final
Oct 0410:10 PMRinx 2XXX Stars5Penguins0Final
Oct 0410:30 PMMasterCard 2Expendables1Senators6Final
Oct 1109:00 PMRinx 3Dazed and Confused3Senators6Final
Oct 1109:10 PMRinx 2Expendables0XXX Stars3Final
Oct 1109:30 PMMasterCard 2Coilers0Penguins1Final
Oct 1811:00 PMRinx 3Coilers4XXX Stars2Final
Oct 1811:10 PMRinx 2Dazed and Confused5Expendables1Final
Oct 1811:15 PMRinx 1Penguins4Senators1Final
Oct 2512:01 AMBye WeekSenatorsDazed and Confused 
Oct 2501:01 AMBye WeekXXX StarsExpendables 
Oct 2502:01 AMBye WeekPenguinsCoilers 
Nov 0106:00 PMRinx 3Senators3Dazed and Confused5Final
Nov 0106:10 PMRinx 2XXX Stars5Expendables2Final
Nov 0106:30 PMMasterCard 2Penguins4Coilers4Final
Nov 0807:00 PMRinx 3Expendables4Penguins2Final
Nov 0807:10 PMRinx 2Coilers0Senators5Final
Nov 0807:30 PMMasterCard 2Dazed and Confused0XXX Stars3Final
Nov 1508:20 PMRinx 1Dazed and Confused1Coilers4Final
Nov 1509:20 PMRinx 1Expendables1Senators5Final
Nov 1510:20 PMRinx 1XXX Stars2Penguins2Final
Nov 2208:00 PMRinx 3Senators2XXX Stars4Final
Nov 2208:10 PMRinx 2Penguins2Dazed and Confused1Final
Nov 2208:30 PMMasterCard 2Coilers3Expendables2Final
Nov 2910:00 PMRinx 3Coilers1XXX Stars1Final
Nov 2910:10 PMRinx 2Dazed and Confused8Expendables5Final
Nov 2910:30 PMMasterCard 2Penguins4Senators3Final
Dec 0609:00 PMRinx 3Senators6Dazed and Confused3Final
Dec 0609:10 PMRinx 2XXX Stars1Expendables0Final
Dec 0609:30 PMMasterCard 2Penguins1Coilers4Final
Dec 1311:00 PMRinx 3Expendables3Penguins3Final
Dec 1311:10 PMRinx 2Coilers6Senators1Final
Dec 1311:15 PMRinx 1Dazed and Confused2XXX Stars2Final
Dec 2012:01 AMBye WeekDazed and ConfusedCoilers 
Dec 2001:01 AMBye WeekXXX StarsPenguins 
Dec 2002:01 AMBye WeekExpendablesSenators 
Dec 2706:00 PMRinx 3Coilers3Dazed and Confused1Final
Dec 2706:10 PMRinx 2Penguins3XXX Stars0Final
Dec 2706:30 PMMasterCard 2Senators4Expendables2Final
Jan 0307:00 PMRinx 3XXX Stars1Senators0Final
Jan 0307:10 PMRinx 2Dazed and Confused3Penguins5Final
Jan 0307:30 PMMasterCard 2Expendables2Coilers4Final
Jan 1008:20 PMRinx 1XXX Stars5Coilers3Final
Jan 1009:20 PMRinx 1Senators0Penguins5Final
Jan 1010:20 PMRinx 1Expendables0Dazed and Confused5Final
Jan 1708:00 PMRinx 3Dazed and Confused3Senators4Final
Jan 1708:10 PMRinx 2Expendables2XXX Stars5Final
Jan 1708:30 PMMasterCard 2Coilers5Penguins0Final
Jan 2410:00 PMRinx 3Penguins4Expendables2Final
Jan 2410:10 PMRinx 2Senators6Coilers2Final
Jan 2410:30 PMMasterCard 2XXX Stars3Dazed and Confused2Final
Jan 3109:00 PMRinx 3Dazed and Confused3Coilers3Final
Jan 3109:10 PMRinx 2XXX Stars2Penguins3Final
Jan 3109:30 PMMasterCard 2Expendables4Senators5Final
Feb 0711:00 PMRinx 3Senators0XXX Stars2Final
Feb 0711:10 PMRinx 2Penguins2Dazed and Confused7Final
Feb 0711:15 PMRinx 1Coilers5Expendables0Final
Feb 1412:01 AMBye WeekCoilersDazed and Confused 
Feb 1401:01 AMBye WeekPenguinsXXX Stars 
Feb 1402:01 AMBye WeekSenatorsExpendables 
Feb 2106:00 PMRinx 3Coilers2XXX Stars2Final
Feb 2106:10 PMRinx 2Dazed and Confused2Expendables4Final
Feb 2106:30 PMMasterCard 2Penguins2Senators0Final
Feb 2807:00 PMRinx 3Senators1Dazed and Confused2Final
Feb 2807:10 PMRinx 2XXX Stars5Expendables0Final
Feb 2807:30 PMMasterCard 2Penguins3Coilers3Final
Mar 0708:20 PMRinx 1Expendables2Penguins3Final
Mar 0709:20 PMRinx 1Dazed and Confused3XXX Stars4Final
Mar 0710:20 PMRinx 1Coilers0Senators3Final

Play Makers

1Colin Bell16Senators211714316
2Ryan Hopper13Dazed and Confused211392210
3Mitchell Belman22Dazed and Confused191012220
4Jeremy Back12Dazed and Confused18913224
5Ryan Audet17Senators181110210
6Blair Brown15Coilers1711102112
7Bryce Murphy19Expendables171361912
8Ryan Mulligan4XXX Stars9910190
9mike tompai9Penguins201251714
10russel riklis13Coilers167101714
11Alan Latham89XXX Stars18611170
12Sean Wynne23XXX Stars1579164
13Steven Mintz81Coilers19610162
14John O'Brien22Penguins16511164
15Noah Milrod4Dazed and Confused202131514

Net Minders

1Michael D'Agostino63XXX Stars22341.5458
2Wolfgang Horn33Coilers19472.4741
3Thomas Dunham32Penguins20512.5504
4Neil WinemakerGDazed and Confused20592.9501
5Mike GrayGSenators14483.4291
6Luke Slinger1Expendables21874.1430


1Adam Altberg96Coilers1130
2Joe Parent3Penguins1519
3Adam Waram7XXX Stars1014
4mike tompai9Penguins2014
5Noah Milrod4Dazed and Confused2014
6Peter Bartrem44XXX Stars1714
7Robert Fowler36Penguins1514
8russel riklis13Coilers1614
9Blair Brown15Coilers1712
10Bryce Murphy19Expendables1712
11Jeff Biederman16Dazed and Confused1412
12tim grace27Penguins1112
13Jason Smith87Expendables1710
14marty shiff27Coilers1210
15Michael Code4Senators1310



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