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Summer 2018

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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Smashville Predators22145385453114340
2Big Shoots2214807164281067
3Puck D221291888125887
6Desjardins Boltz225152517212153-21

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 2009:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators5Puck D5Final
Sep 2009:45 PMTire World - GoldB-Dogs1Big Shoots3Final
Sep 2009:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDesjardins Boltz2Admirals1Final
Sep 2710:30 PMSpectatorAdmirals3B-Dogs2Final
Sep 2710:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBig Shoots4Smashville Predators2Final
Sep 2710:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D10Desjardins Boltz8Final
Oct 0412:00 AMBye WeekDesjardins BoltzBig Shoots 
Oct 0401:00 AMBye WeekSmashville PredatorsB-Dogs 
Oct 0402:00 AMBye WeekAdmiralsPuck D 
Oct 1106:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators2Desjardins Boltz1Final
Oct 1107:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedB-Dogs1Puck D4Final
Oct 1107:45 PMTire World - GoldBig Shoots1Admirals0Final
Oct 1808:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueDesjardins Boltz6B-Dogs4Final
Oct 1809:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueAdmirals1Smashville Predators4Final
Oct 1810:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePuck D4Big Shoots7Final
Oct 2508:30 PMSpectatorBig Shoots4Desjardins Boltz3Final
Oct 2508:45 PMTire World - GoldB-Dogs5Smashville Predators3Final
Oct 2508:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedPuck D4Admirals2Final
Nov 0109:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators4Puck D0Final
Nov 0109:45 PMTire World - GoldB-Dogs2Big Shoots6Final
Nov 0109:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDesjardins Boltz5Admirals2Final
Nov 0810:30 PMSpectatorAdmirals1B-Dogs6Final
Nov 0810:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBig Shoots0Smashville Predators4Final
Nov 0810:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D4Desjardins Boltz5Final
Nov 1309:45 PMSpectatorDesjardins Boltz1Smashville Predators6Final
Nov 1408:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePuck D3B-Dogs5Final
Nov 1409:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueAdmirals4Big Shoots3Final
Nov 1512:00 AMBye WeekSmashville PredatorsDesjardins Boltz 
Nov 1501:00 AMBye WeekBig ShootsAdmirals 
Nov 1502:00 AMBye WeekB-DogsPuck D 
Nov 2206:30 PMSpectatorPuck D7Big Shoots2Final
Nov 2207:45 PMTire World - GoldAdmirals4Smashville Predators2Final
Nov 2207:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDesjardins Boltz1B-Dogs5Final
Nov 2908:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueDesjardins Boltz0Big Shoots1Final
Nov 2909:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSmashville Predators3B-Dogs3Final
Nov 2910:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueAdmirals5Puck D7Final
Dec 0608:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators6Puck D4Final
Dec 0608:45 PMTire World - GoldB-Dogs7Big Shoots5Final
Dec 0608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDesjardins Boltz2Admirals5Final
Dec 1309:30 PMSpectatorAdmirals3B-Dogs6Final
Dec 1309:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBig Shoots0Smashville Predators5Final
Dec 1309:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D4Desjardins Boltz0Final
Dec 2010:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators2Desjardins Boltz0Final
Dec 2010:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedB-Dogs3Puck D4Final
Dec 2010:45 PMTire World - GoldBig Shoots8Admirals3Final
Jan 0312:00 AMBye WeekBig ShootsPuck D 
Jan 0301:00 AMBye WeekSmashville PredatorsAdmirals 
Jan 0302:00 AMBye WeekB-DogsDesjardins Boltz 
Jan 1006:30 PMSpectatorAdmirals2Smashville Predators7Final
Jan 1007:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDesjardins Boltz3B-Dogs5Final
Jan 1007:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D6Big Shoots3Final
Jan 1708:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueAdmirals0Puck D1Final
Jan 1709:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueDesjardins Boltz0Big Shoots1Final
Jan 1710:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSmashville Predators0B-Dogs1Final
Jan 2408:30 PMSpectatorPuck D2Smashville Predators7Final
Jan 2408:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedAdmirals3Desjardins Boltz1Final
Jan 2408:45 PMTire World - GoldBig Shoots4B-Dogs2Final
Jan 3109:30 PMSpectatorAdmirals2B-Dogs2Final
Jan 3109:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBig Shoots1Smashville Predators4Final
Jan 3109:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D2Desjardins Boltz1Final
Feb 0710:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators3Desjardins Boltz3Final
Feb 0710:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedB-Dogs4Puck D3Final
Feb 0710:45 PMTire World - GoldBig Shoots5Admirals0Final
Feb 1412:00 AMBye WeekBig ShootsPuck D 
Feb 1401:00 AMBye WeekSmashville PredatorsAdmirals 
Feb 1402:00 AMBye WeekB-DogsDesjardins Boltz 
Feb 2106:30 PMSpectatorDesjardins Boltz3B-Dogs3Final
Feb 2107:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedAdmirals1Smashville Predators6Final
Feb 2107:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D2Big Shoots4Final
Feb 2808:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueDesjardins Boltz3Big Shoots0Final
Feb 2809:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSmashville Predators6B-Dogs3Final
Feb 2810:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueAdmirals4Puck D7Final
Mar 0108:30 PMSpectatorPuck D1Smashville Predators2Final
Mar 0108:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedAdmirals1Desjardins Boltz0Final
Mar 0108:45 PMTire World - GoldBig Shoots6B-Dogs3Final
Mar 0709:30 PMSpectatorB-Dogs7Admirals2Final
Mar 0709:45 PMTire World - GoldDesjardins Boltz3Puck D4Final
Mar 0709:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSmashville Predators2Big Shoots3Final

Play Makers

1Brett Nesbitt84Smashville Predators211716330
2James McClelland12Puck D172010300
3Tom Hlavnicka71Big Shoots2017112812
4Tyler Shayanpour8Admirals181512270
5Alex Farrow8Puck D211116276
6Mike Raymond7B-Dogs201410244
7Neil Lyons25B-Dogs1914102412
8Michael Harrison10Big Shoots20717244
9Mason Funnell00B-Dogs17149236
10Bretten Roissl66Desjardins Boltz191382126
11Robert Biggar27Admirals15129216
12Matt Robinson89Puck D17812202
13Devon Vanderhart16Puck D17414188
14Andrew Teichert4Puck D1989178
15Stephen Saunders81Big Shoots19512176

Net Minders

1Evan Furlong35Smashville Predators20452.2502
2Steve LarocqueGBig Shoots20643.2002
3Domenic AielloGB-Dogs21683.2381
4Jeff Lopez31Desjardins Boltz16533.3130
5Jordan HassefrasGPuck D17653.8241
6Zachary Gilbert1Admirals19864.5260


1Spencer Horner94Smashville Predators1234
2Clarke White27B-Dogs1732
3Derick Smith22B-Dogs1531
4Bretten Roissl66Desjardins Boltz1926
5Steve Bozic19B-Dogs2026
6Joe Fazari6Desjardins Boltz1422
7David Corrado21Desjardins Boltz1320
8MATT ZIELONKA24Desjardins Boltz1720
9Matt Arsenault98Smashville Predators2017
10Doug Warner8B-Dogs2216
11Jordan Coulson94Puck D2116
12Scott Hunter88Big Shoots2116
13Shane Sumner19Smashville Predators1916
14Gordon Gosnell17Desjardins Boltz915
15Erik Barwell11Puck D2114



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