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Gilmour - Rookie B



All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

3Brampton No Dekes221110153682348-15
4Abominable Snowmen221010256622248-6
5Vegas Wolfpack22711451541860-3
7SMG Flames22613358781572-20

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 2001:00 AMBye WeekVegas WolfpackJurassic Puck 
Sep 2006:30 PMSpectatorSwailers4SMG Flames1Final
Sep 2007:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes1Hurricanes3Final
Sep 2007:45 PMTire World - GoldAbominable Snowmen0Black Crows HC5Final
Sep 2007:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSting4Predakings3Final
Sep 2706:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack1Huskies4Final
Sep 2708:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePredakings0Swailers5Final
Sep 2709:30 PMSpectatorHurricanes0Sting2Final
Sep 2709:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSMG Flames1Abominable Snowmen3Final
Sep 2710:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBlack Crows HC5Brampton No Dekes0Final
Oct 0408:30 PMSpectatorSting0Swailers3Final
Oct 0408:45 PMTire World - GoldBlack Crows HC5Predakings3Final
Oct 0408:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton No Dekes5SMG Flames4Final
Oct 0409:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueKings6Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Oct 0410:30 PMSpectatorAbominable Snowmen0Hurricanes3Final
Oct 1107:30 PMSpectatorSMG Flames7Sting2Final
Oct 1108:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack2Gladiators7Final
Oct 1109:30 PMSpectatorHurricanes1Black Crows HC1Final
Oct 1109:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedPredakings4Brampton No Dekes5Final
Oct 1109:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers3Abominable Snowmen3Final
Oct 1806:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes4Sting2Final
Oct 1809:45 PMTire World - GoldDragons Hockey6Vegas Wolfpack1Final
Oct 1810:30 PMSpectatorBlack Crows HC4Swailers3Final
Oct 1810:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedAbominable Snowmen4Predakings1Final
Oct 1810:45 PMTire World - GoldHurricanes3SMG Flames1Final
Oct 2512:00 AMBye WeekBlack Crows HCSwailers 
Oct 2501:00 AMBye WeekHurricanesSMG Flames 
Oct 2502:00 AMBye WeekAbominable SnowmenPredakings 
Oct 2503:00 AMBye WeekBrampton No DekesSting 
Oct 2510:45 PMTire World - GoldJurassic Puck3Vegas Wolfpack0Final
Nov 0106:30 PMSpectatorPredakings2Hurricanes4Final
Nov 0107:30 PMSpectatorSting2Abominable Snowmen3Final
Nov 0107:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSMG Flames3Vegas Wolfpack4Final
Nov 0107:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers3Brampton No Dekes0Final
Nov 0808:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSting2Vegas Wolfpack2Final
Nov 0809:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes0Abominable Snowmen5Final
Nov 0809:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers0Hurricanes1Final
Nov 0810:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSMG Flames1Predakings5Final
Nov 1508:30 PMSpectatorSwailers5SMG Flames1Final
Nov 1508:45 PMTire World - GoldAbominable Snowmen0Vegas Wolfpack2Final
Nov 1508:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSting0Predakings5Final
Nov 1510:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes5Hurricanes2Final
Nov 2207:30 PMSpectatorHurricanes5Sting3Final
Nov 2209:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack0Brampton No Dekes1Final
Nov 2209:45 PMTire World - GoldPredakings1Swailers6Final
Nov 2209:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSMG Flames2Abominable Snowmen3Final
Nov 2906:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes5SMG Flames5Final
Nov 2910:30 PMSpectatorAbominable Snowmen1Hurricanes2Final
Nov 2910:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSting2Swailers5Final
Nov 2910:45 PMTire World - GoldVegas Wolfpack2Predakings2Final
Dec 0612:00 AMBye WeekSMG FlamesSting 
Dec 0601:00 AMBye WeekSwailersAbominable Snowmen 
Dec 0602:00 AMBye WeekPredakingsBrampton No Dekes 
Dec 0603:00 AMBye WeekHurricanesVegas Wolfpack 
Dec 0807:30 PMSpectatorSwailers5Abominable Snowmen1Final
Dec 0808:30 PMSpectatorHurricanes1Vegas Wolfpack6Final
Dec 0809:30 PMSpectatorPredakings5Brampton No Dekes2Final
Dec 0810:30 PMSpectatorSMG Flames2Sting1Final
Dec 1306:30 PMSpectatorAbominable Snowmen6Predakings4Final
Dec 1307:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack2Swailers3Final
Dec 1307:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton No Dekes0Sting5Final
Dec 1307:45 PMTire World - GoldHurricanes4SMG Flames4Final
Dec 2008:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSMG Flames1Vegas Wolfpack6Final
Dec 2009:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePredakings1Hurricanes6Final
Dec 2009:30 PMSpectatorSting3Abominable Snowmen4Final
Dec 2010:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers5Brampton No Dekes3Final
Jan 0308:30 PMSpectatorHurricanes0Brampton No Dekes1Final
Jan 0308:45 PMTire World - GoldPredakings4Sting2Final
Jan 0308:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSMG Flames4Swailers7Final
Jan 0310:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack6Abominable Snowmen2Final
Jan 1007:30 PMSpectatorSMG Flames5Predakings0Final
Jan 1009:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes3Abominable Snowmen0Final
Jan 1009:45 PMTire World - GoldSting1Vegas Wolfpack1Final
Jan 1009:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSwailers6Hurricanes1Final
Jan 1707:30 PMSpectatorAbominable Snowmen3SMG Flames3Final
Jan 1710:30 PMSpectatorSting4Hurricanes1Final
Jan 1710:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton No Dekes1Vegas Wolfpack6Final
Jan 1710:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers3Predakings3Final
Jan 2412:00 AMBye WeekHurricanesAbominable Snowmen 
Jan 2401:00 AMBye WeekPredakingsVegas Wolfpack 
Jan 2402:00 AMBye WeekSMG FlamesBrampton No Dekes 
Jan 2403:00 AMBye WeekSwailersSting 
Jan 3106:30 PMSpectatorSting3Swailers2Final
Jan 3107:30 PMSpectatorAbominable Snowmen2Hurricanes4Final
Jan 3107:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton No Dekes4SMG Flames2Final
Jan 3107:45 PMTire World - GoldVegas Wolfpack1Predakings2Final
Feb 0707:30 PMSpectatorSMG Flames3Sting2Final
Feb 0708:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers2Abominable Snowmen4Final
Feb 0709:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePredakings2Brampton No Dekes4Final
Feb 0710:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueHurricanes2Vegas Wolfpack2Final
Feb 1407:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack0Swailers2Final
Feb 1408:30 PMSpectatorBrampton No Dekes2Sting0Final
Feb 1408:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedAbominable Snowmen1Predakings2Final
Feb 1408:45 PMTire World - GoldHurricanes5SMG Flames1Final
Feb 2107:30 PMSpectatorPredakings3Hurricanes3Final
Feb 2109:30 PMSpectatorSting2Abominable Snowmen4Final
Feb 2109:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSMG Flames2Vegas Wolfpack1Final
Feb 2109:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers5Brampton No Dekes2Final
Feb 2807:30 PMSpectatorSwailers2Hurricanes1Final
Feb 2810:30 PMSpectatorSMG Flames0Predakings3Final
Feb 2810:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton No Dekes2Abominable Snowmen4Final
Feb 2810:45 PMTire World - GoldSting0Vegas Wolfpack2Final
Mar 0712:00 AMBye WeekBrampton No DekesHurricanes 
Mar 0701:00 AMBye WeekAbominable SnowmenVegas Wolfpack 
Mar 0702:00 AMBye WeekStingPredakings 
Mar 0703:00 AMBye WeekSwailersSMG Flames 
Mar 0807:30 PMSpectatorPredakings2Swailers7Final
Mar 0808:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack1Brampton No Dekes3Final
Mar 0809:30 PMSpectatorSMG Flames5Abominable Snowmen3Final
Mar 0810:30 PMSpectatorHurricanes5Sting2Final

Play Makers

1Brandon Peek11Abominable Snowmen21228306
2Andrew Subryan44Swailers191810284
3Kamal Rehman10Swailers2015112612
4Christopher Loubert16Swailers21619254
5Andrew Mester2Predakings2112122412
6Darius Lee14Swailers22816242
7Chul Lee21Brampton No Dekes20158234
8Jonathan Mayers19Swailers19716238
9Michael Gentile3Predakings19147216
10Anthony Piccone13Sting16129214
11Kurt Hintermueller17SMG Flames184162014
12Henry Chouong10Hurricanes21118196
13Jeff Hepinstall11Swailers191181923
14Ron Bartman27SMG Flames191091916
15Anthony Visconti91Hurricanes201171810

Net Minders

1Emerson Corcota1Swailers571.4000
2Derek Guest30Swailers15302.0003
3Andrew LukasiewiczGHurricanes22502.2732
4Kirill BazhenovGVegas Wolfpack22542.4552
5Joe DePalma33Abominable Snowmen21572.7141
6mario laurelli00Brampton No Dekes19593.1054
7Ron Gauthier1Sting17573.3530
8Steven Ludwik23SMG Flames22783.5451
9Frank Falcone29Predakings21753.5712


1Jeff Hepinstall11Swailers1923
2Ron Bartman27SMG Flames1916
3Alvin Monterroso6Swailers1614
4Kurt Hintermueller17SMG Flames1814
5Andrew Mester2Predakings2112
6Greg Latimer60SMG Flames2012
7Kamal Rehman10Swailers2012
8Philip Corker88Vegas Wolfpack2212
9Viatcheslav Bazhenov5Vegas Wolfpack2112
10Anthony Visconti91Hurricanes2010
11Chris Snow4Hurricanes1310
12Angelo Mariano9Sting198
13Carlos Pinheiro9Vegas Wolfpack228
14Corey Hammond91Brampton No Dekes158
15Daniel Di Pasqua2Sting218



Mattamy Centre













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