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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Billy Guerins22156110161315240

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 2109:00 PMRinx 3Cubs5Big Pines4Final
Sep 2109:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensOpel1PreDrink6Final
Sep 2109:10 PMRinx 2Inglewood Jacks2Billy Guerins4Final
Sep 2110:00 PMRinx 3Beavers6Rag Tag Doodlers2Final
Sep 2110:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensManthers2East York2Final
Sep 2812:01 AMBye WeekManthersReds 
Sep 2801:01 AMBye WeekBeaversBraves 
Sep 2810:20 PMRinx 1Billy Guerins7Cubs2Final
Sep 2811:10 PMRinx 2Big Pines6Opel1Final
Sep 2811:15 PMRinx 1PreDrink7Inglewood Jacks2Final
Oct 0509:10 PMRinx 2Rag Tag Doodlers3Manthers2Final
Oct 0509:20 PMRinx 1Reds0Beavers3Final
Oct 0510:00 PMRinx 3Cubs3Opel2Final
Oct 0510:10 PMRinx 2Billy Guerins4PreDrink4Final
Oct 1206:00 PMRinx 3Beavers4Manthers6Final
Oct 1207:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensBig Pines2Billy Guerins3Final
Oct 1207:00 PMRinx 3Opel4Inglewood Jacks1Final
Oct 1207:10 PMRinx 2PreDrink4Cubs1Final
Oct 1907:10 PMRinx 2East York1Beavers4Final
Oct 1907:30 PMRicoh ColiseumManthers9Braves4Final
Oct 1908:00 PMRinx 3Opel2Billy Guerins3Final
Oct 1908:10 PMRinx 2Cubs2Inglewood Jacks4Final
Oct 1908:30 PMRicoh ColiseumPreDrink3Big Pines2Final
Oct 2612:01 AMBye WeekOpelInglewood Jacks 
Oct 2606:00 PMRinx 3Cubs5Big Pines2Final
Oct 2606:10 PMRinx 2PreDrink5Billy Guerins4Final
Oct 2609:00 PMRinx 3Manthers5Reds1Final
Oct 2609:10 PMRinx 2Beavers6Braves3Final
Nov 0212:01 AMBye WeekBilly GuerinsCubs 
Nov 0207:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensBeavers1PreDrink5Final
Nov 0207:00 PMRinx 3Big Pines3Opel2Final
Nov 0210:00 PMRinx 3Manthers5East York1Final
Nov 0906:10 PMRinx 2Rag Tag Doodlers3Manthers5Final
Nov 0911:00 PMRinx 3Opel1PreDrink0Final
Nov 0911:10 PMRinx 2Beavers2Cubs2Final
Nov 0911:15 PMRinx 1Big Pines1Billy Guerins0Final
Nov 1612:01 AMBye WeekPreDrinkBig Pines 
Nov 1608:00 PMRinx 3Billy Guerins6Beavers3Final
Nov 1608:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensCubs5Opel0Final
Nov 1611:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensInglewood Jacks4Manthers8Final
Nov 2307:30 PMRicoh ColiseumManthers6Braves5Final
Nov 2309:00 PMRinx 3Opel2Beavers3Final
Nov 2309:10 PMRinx 2Billy Guerins5Cubs2Final
Nov 2309:30 PMRicoh ColiseumPreDrink6Big Pines3Final
Nov 3008:00 PMRinx 3Manthers7Reds3Final
Nov 3010:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensBeavers5Big Pines4Final
Nov 3010:00 PMRinx 3Opel1Billy Guerins6Final
Nov 3010:10 PMRinx 2Cubs3PreDrink1Final
Dec 0708:20 PMRinx 1Cubs5Big Pines0Final
Dec 0709:20 PMRinx 1PreDrink3Billy Guerins1Final
Dec 0709:30 PMRicoh ColiseumManthers5East York2Final
Dec 0710:20 PMRinx 1Opel0Beavers2Final
Dec 1406:00 PMRinx 3Beavers2PreDrink3Final
Dec 1406:10 PMRinx 2Big Pines1Opel4Final
Dec 1406:30 PMRicoh ColiseumBilly Guerins3Cubs4Final
Dec 1410:10 PMRinx 2Rag Tag Doodlers1Manthers0Final
Dec 2107:00 PMRinx 3Cubs5Manthers2Final
Dec 2107:10 PMRinx 2Billy Guerins6Beavers1Final
Dec 2107:30 PMRicoh ColiseumPreDrink5Rag Tag Doodlers1Final
Dec 2108:20 PMRinx 1Inglewood Jacks0Opel5Final
Dec 2806:30 PMRicoh ColiseumOpel6Braves2Final
Dec 2808:00 PMRinx 3Rag Tag Doodlers2Billy Guerins7Final
Dec 2808:10 PMRinx 2Beavers3Cubs2Final
Dec 2808:30 PMRicoh ColiseumManthers10PreDrink5Final
Jan 0407:00 PMRinx 3Opel4Reds2Final
Jan 0409:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensCubs4PreDrink0Final
Jan 0409:00 PMRinx 3Manthers1Billy Guerins6Final
Jan 0409:30 PMRicoh ColiseumBeavers5Rag Tag Doodlers1Final
Jan 1108:10 PMRinx 2Opel7East York2Final
Jan 1110:00 PMRinx 3Manthers6Beavers5Final
Jan 1110:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensPreDrink3Billy Guerins8Final
Jan 1110:10 PMRinx 2Cubs0Rag Tag Doodlers3Final
Jan 1811:00 PMRinx 3Billy Guerins3Cubs8Final
Jan 1811:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensOpel5Manthers3Final
Jan 1811:10 PMRinx 2Beavers5PreDrink6Final
Jan 2506:00 PMRinx 3PreDrink2Opel3Final
Jan 2506:10 PMRinx 2Billy Guerins6Beavers1Final
Jan 2508:20 PMRinx 1Cubs1Manthers6Final
Feb 0101:01 AMBye WeekManthersPreDrink 
Feb 0102:01 AMBye WeekBeaversCubs 
Feb 0103:01 AMBye WeekOpelBilly Guerins 
Feb 0807:00 PMRinx 3Manthers6PreDrink6Final
Feb 0807:10 PMRinx 2Beavers8Cubs4Final
Feb 0807:30 PMRicoh ColiseumOpel3Billy Guerins5Final
Feb 1508:00 PMRinx 3Manthers5Billy Guerins7Final
Feb 1508:10 PMRinx 2Beavers5Opel1Final
Feb 1508:30 PMRicoh ColiseumCubs5PreDrink3Final
Feb 2208:20 PMRinx 1Cubs4Opel1Final
Feb 2209:20 PMRinx 1PreDrink3Billy Guerins1Final
Feb 2210:20 PMRinx 1Manthers11Beavers6Final
Mar 0110:00 PMRinx 3Beavers5PreDrink6Final
Mar 0110:10 PMRinx 2Billy Guerins6Cubs3Final
Mar 0110:30 PMRicoh ColiseumOpel3Manthers0Final

Play Makers

1Sean Cline15Manthers1632134512
2Robbie Jarman7Beavers213212446
3Colin Lewis10Billy Guerins181921400
4Matt Whitty2Manthers1812172930
5Adam Korogyi21Opel18208284
6Greg Gilbert89PreDrink201414284
7Eric De Carolis97PreDrink181315284
8Matt Adams9Billy Guerins151313264
9Andrew Karejew12Beavers181214262
10Jerry Peddle5Beavers201214266
11Jamie Paquin18Manthers151115266
12Daniel Fenwick71Cubs1814112516
13Jason Neely11PreDrink1714102443
14Ian Burgess71Billy Guerins18915242
15Wil Irons0Manthers1912102218

Net Minders

1Jesse NunnGBilly Guerins19492.5790
2Rick Sawyer33Opel12342.8331
3Galen CranstonGCubs19613.2113
4Mike McMurrichGPreDrink19693.6320
5Rob MarcheseGBeavers22833.7732
6Dean BlackGManthers21813.8570


1Jason Neely11PreDrink1743
3Andrew Iamonaco41Beavers2034
4Greg Belsito9Cubs1734
5Tim Campbell8Opel1733
6Erik Joffe5Cubs1530
7Matt Whitty2Manthers1830
8Tom Colquhoun74PreDrink1930
9Deryn Robson15Beavers1422
10geoff crain87Cubs1922
11Kyle Rollinson16PreDrink1621
12Adam Mahgoub82Cubs2120
13Kevin Bandola77PreDrink1418
14Wil Irons0Manthers1918
15Daniel Fenwick71Cubs1816



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