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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Total Mayhem221183716325728
2Men With Wood229765352241371
3Unhandled Exceptions2279654712060-17
6Zero Pucks Given226133597615122-17

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 2108:45 PMTire World - GoldLast Call5Falcons3Final
Sep 2109:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStrikers1Keith's Cubs4Final
Sep 2110:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueUnhandled Exceptions2Men With Wood2Final
Sep 2111:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem2Zero Pucks Given5Final
Sep 2809:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given4Unhandled Exceptions5Final
Sep 2809:45 PMTire World - GoldKeith's Cubs3Total Mayhem1Final
Sep 2809:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMen With Wood2Strikers0Final
Sep 2811:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueFalcons1Moose Knuckles3Final
Oct 0509:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons1Rams4Final
Oct 0510:30 PMSpectatorStrikers4Total Mayhem5Final
Oct 0510:45 PMTire World - GoldMen With Wood3Zero Pucks Given3Final
Oct 0510:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedUnhandled Exceptions0Keith's Cubs4Final
Oct 1206:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKeith's Cubs5Men With Wood2Final
Oct 1207:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given6Strikers5Final
Oct 1207:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedTotal Mayhem3Unhandled Exceptions3Final
Oct 1210:30 PMSpectatorRangers4Falcons2Final
Oct 1907:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMighty Drunks3Falcons5Final
Oct 1908:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem2Men With Wood2Final
Oct 1908:45 PMTire World - GoldStrikers2Unhandled Exceptions4Final
Oct 1908:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedZero Pucks Given2Keith's Cubs2Final
Oct 2608:45 PMTire World - GoldLast Call7Falcons2Final
Oct 2609:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem4Zero Pucks Given1Final
Oct 2610:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueUnhandled Exceptions2Men With Wood0Final
Oct 2611:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStrikers4Keith's Cubs2Final
Nov 0209:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueFalcons1Moose Knuckles6Final
Nov 0209:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given5Unhandled Exceptions2Final
Nov 0209:45 PMTire World - GoldKeith's Cubs1Total Mayhem6Final
Nov 0209:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMen With Wood4Strikers6Final
Nov 0909:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons1Rams2Final
Nov 0910:30 PMSpectatorStrikers6Total Mayhem1Final
Nov 0910:45 PMTire World - GoldMen With Wood3Zero Pucks Given1Final
Nov 0910:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedUnhandled Exceptions1Keith's Cubs5Final
Nov 1606:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedTotal Mayhem6Unhandled Exceptions1Final
Nov 1607:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given4Strikers3Final
Nov 1607:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKeith's Cubs3Men With Wood1Final
Nov 1610:30 PMSpectatorRangers1Falcons1Final
Nov 2306:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMighty Drunks5Falcons6Final
Nov 2308:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem4Men With Wood3Final
Nov 2308:45 PMTire World - GoldStrikers6Unhandled Exceptions2Final
Nov 2308:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedZero Pucks Given0Keith's Cubs5Final
Nov 3008:45 PMTire World - GoldLast Call6Falcons1Final
Nov 3009:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStrikers1Keith's Cubs3Final
Nov 3010:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem4Zero Pucks Given1Final
Nov 3011:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueUnhandled Exceptions3Men With Wood3Final
Dec 0709:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given3Unhandled Exceptions4Final
Dec 0709:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons2Total Mayhem0Final
Dec 0709:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMen With Wood0Strikers5Final
Dec 1410:30 PMSpectatorStrikers2Total Mayhem3Final
Dec 1410:45 PMTire World - GoldMen With Wood1Zero Pucks Given0Final
Dec 1410:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedUnhandled Exceptions2Falcons4Final
Dec 2106:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedZero Pucks Given0Strikers1Final
Dec 2107:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem4Unhandled Exceptions2Final
Dec 2107:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedFalcons2Men With Wood3Final
Jan 0408:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem2Men With Wood4Final
Jan 0408:45 PMTire World - GoldStrikers4Unhandled Exceptions3Final
Jan 0408:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedZero Pucks Given4Falcons4Final
Jan 1109:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueUnhandled Exceptions1Men With Wood0Final
Jan 1110:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStrikers4Falcons5Final
Jan 1111:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem4Zero Pucks Given1Final
Jan 1809:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given3Unhandled Exceptions4Final
Jan 1809:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons4Total Mayhem2Final
Jan 1809:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMen With Wood4Strikers2Final
Jan 2510:30 PMSpectatorStrikers6Total Mayhem8Final
Jan 2510:45 PMTire World - GoldMen With Wood3Zero Pucks Given1Final
Jan 2510:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedUnhandled Exceptions1Falcons5Final
Feb 0106:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedFalcons1Men With Wood2Final
Feb 0107:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem3Unhandled Exceptions3Final
Feb 0107:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedZero Pucks Given11Strikers6Final
Feb 0808:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem2Men With Wood6Final
Feb 0808:45 PMTire World - GoldStrikers2Unhandled Exceptions2Final
Feb 0808:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedZero Pucks Given3Falcons1Final
Feb 1509:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem5Zero Pucks Given0Final
Feb 1510:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueUnhandled Exceptions2Men With Wood2Final
Feb 1511:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStrikers5Falcons2Final
Feb 2209:30 PMSpectatorZero Pucks Given1Unhandled Exceptions5Final
Feb 2209:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons3Total Mayhem0Final
Feb 2209:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMen With Wood3Strikers3Final

Play Makers

1Cody Presley76Total Mayhem21237304
2Ben Balaban22Total Mayhem191910294
3John Martins00Strikers17819274
4Jamie Pimentel26Unhandled Exceptions1814102414
5Ravin Sodhi81Strikers1713112420
6Colin MacNeil12Total Mayhem21816244
7Mike Fiorentino17Zero Pucks Given19148228
8Vince Calvaruso10Zero Pucks Given20712196
9Neil Arora96Zero Pucks Given204151914
10colin miller35Falcons201171818
11Sonny Singh17Strikers151081812
12Adam Weinberg9Zero Pucks Given1199186
13Bobby Davis10Falcons218101827
14Norm McLure9Strikers14107176
15Jeff Gardner27Men With Wood1689174

Net Minders

1Jeff Gardner27Men With Wood7142.0000
2STEVE SAYEA50Men With Wood15382.5332
3Collin BauerGTotal Mayhem21602.8571
4austin eland1Unhandled Exceptions19593.1052
5Jason MacNeil1Falcons17543.1761
6Arvind Aggarwal33Strikers9293.2222
7Chris Luis30Zero Pucks Given22763.4550
8Jeffrey Dos SantosGStrikers12453.7500


1Darren Hunter14Men With Wood1339
2Steve Farlow9Total Mayhem2128
3Bobby Davis10Falcons2127
4Ravin Sodhi81Strikers1720
5colin miller35Falcons2018
6Brady McEachern21Men With Wood1716
7Damian Savino10Men With Wood1816
8Ryan Doyle26Zero Pucks Given1216
9Jamie Pimentel26Unhandled Exceptions1814
10Neil Arora96Zero Pucks Given2014
11Shane Foulds6Zero Pucks Given1614
12Greg O'Connor71Men With Wood812
13Jesse Sagoo85Strikers1712
14Raj Jani11Strikers1412
15Ralph Fiorante93Zero Pucks Given2112



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