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Summer 2017

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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Tar Heels86114434131610
2Hammersmith Hawks85213723112614
3Paveal Roadrunners8521403311627
6Goapproval HC83412728710-1
7Chicago Eye-Talians83503034624-4
8Toronto Jets82603646447-10

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

May 0406:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBlade Runners3Tailgators8Final
May 0406:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedSCHC10Iceholes6Final
May 0411:00 PMTire World - GoldHammersmith Hawks5Chicago Eye-Talians1Final
May 0411:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTar Heels8Toronto Jets7Final
May 0411:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoapproval HC4Paveal Roadrunners4Final
May 1106:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueChicago Eye-Talians3Goapproval HC5Final
May 1106:00 PMTire World - GoldPaveal Roadrunners8Tar Heels7Final
May 1106:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedToronto Jets4Hammersmith Hawks6Final
May 1107:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueLes Fifties1SCHC3Final
May 1107:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTailgators7Hellfish2Final
May 1807:00 PMTire World - GoldHammersmith Hawks1Goapproval HC2Final
May 1807:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueToronto Jets5Paveal Roadrunners2Final
May 1807:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTar Heels5Chicago Eye-Talians4Final
May 1808:00 PMTire World - GoldHellfish1SCHC5Final
May 1808:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTailgators7Iceholes2Final
May 2508:00 PMTire World - GoldPaveal Roadrunners3Goapproval HC1Final
May 2508:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTar Heels6SCHC3Final
May 2508:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTailgators4Chicago Eye-Talians1Final
May 2508:45 PMSpectatorToronto Jets2Hammersmith Hawks5Final
Jun 0106:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedSCHC2Tailgators4Final
Jun 0109:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueChicago Eye-Talians8Toronto Jets6Final
Jun 0109:00 PMTire World - GoldHammersmith Hawks4Paveal Roadrunners6Final
Jun 0109:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoapproval HC3Tar Heels4Final
Jun 0807:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoapproval HC4SCHC6Final
Jun 0810:00 PMTire World - GoldChicago Eye-Talians6Paveal Roadrunners3Final
Jun 0810:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueToronto Jets4Tar Heels7Final
Jun 0810:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedHammersmith Hawks8Tailgators3Final
Jun 1507:45 PMSpectatorTailgators2Goapproval HC6Final
Jun 1508:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPaveal Roadrunners7Toronto Jets4Final
Jun 1508:45 PMSpectatorSCHC2Chicago Eye-Talians5Final
Jun 1509:45 PMSpectatorTar Heels3Hammersmith Hawks3Final
Jun 2206:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePaveal Roadrunners7Tailgators2Final
Jun 2206:00 PMTire World - GoldToronto Jets4SCHC3Final
Jun 2206:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedChicago Eye-Talians2Tar Heels4Final
Jun 2209:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedHammersmith Hawks5Goapproval HC2Final
Jun 2907:00 PMTire World - GoldGoapproval HCChicago Eye-Talians 
Jun 2907:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSCHCHammersmith Hawks 
Jun 2907:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTailgatorsToronto Jets 
Jun 2910:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTar HeelsPaveal Roadrunners 
Jul 0608:00 PMTire World - GoldPaveal RoadrunnersHammersmith Hawks 
Jul 0608:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueToronto JetsChicago Eye-Talians 
Jul 0608:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTar HeelsGoapproval HC 
Jul 0611:00 PMTire World - GoldTailgatorsSCHC 
Jul 1306:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedHammersmith HawksChicago Eye-Talians 
Jul 1309:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueGoapproval HCToronto Jets 
Jul 1309:00 PMTire World - GoldTailgatorsTar Heels 
Jul 1309:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedSCHCPaveal Roadrunners 
Jul 2007:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedChicago Eye-TaliansTailgators 
Jul 2010:00 PMTire World - GoldGoapproval HCPaveal Roadrunners 
Jul 2010:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSCHCTar Heels 
Jul 2010:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedHammersmith HawksToronto Jets 
Jul 2708:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedSCHCGoapproval HC 
Jul 2711:00 PMTire World - GoldPaveal RoadrunnersChicago Eye-Talians 
Jul 2711:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTar HeelsToronto Jets 
Jul 2711:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTailgatorsHammersmith Hawks 

Play Makers

1Lucas Manganaro6Tar Heels8178252
2Tom Botelho91Tar Heels81213250
3Daniel Bahia94Toronto Jets8158232
4Cosimo Caringi88Paveal Roadrunners8145198
5John Skinner77Hammersmith Hawks899184
6Daniel Miele12Tar Heels879164
7Matthew Sangirardi2Chicago Eye-Talians885130
8Brandon Martin10Tailgators684122
9Marc Haire22Hammersmith Hawks566120
10Richard Petrungaro27Tar Heels439120
11Dave Schueler41Goapproval HC865112
12Brady Boccia10Paveal Roadrunners855104
13Kevin Spragge77Paveal Roadrunners855106
14Alex Medeiros15Tailgators746100
15Jonathan Pysanczyn12SCHC837102

Net Minders

1Damian Jarosz34 - GGoapproval HC5132.6000
2Judson Stroud30Hammersmith Hawks7223.1430
3Stephen SeguinGoalieSCHC8313.8750
4Dillon MartinGTailgators7284.0000
5Tom Muringer29Paveal Roadrunners8334.1250
6Arron Gill31Toronto Jets8465.7500


1Sarabjit Gill15Toronto Jets621
2Tandeep Brar90Toronto Jets610
3Andrew Oshana17Paveal Roadrunners88
4Cosimo Caringi88Paveal Roadrunners88
5Daniel Juteram77Chicago Eye-Talians78
6hien tjan20SCHC78
7Mark Milanetti39Tailgators38
8Phil Gow18Tailgators68
9Rob Ruffolo89Paveal Roadrunners78
10Robert Giggins5Hammersmith Hawks88
11Chris Pysanczyn3SCHC86
12Chris Thompson1aChicago Eye-Talians26
13Dylan Maas91Paveal Roadrunners56
14Jyothi Tatter91Toronto Jets66
15Kevin Spragge77Paveal Roadrunners86



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