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Bower "A"



All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Erb St Bombers211443104653111439
3Dumb Pucks211380103802614523
4All For Show211191102752311027

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1706:45 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks5Goal Diggers4Final
Sep 1708:00 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Transients3Jagrbombs8Final
Sep 1709:00 PMMasterCard 2All For Show4Erb St Bombers5Final
Sep 2404:00 PMMasterCard 4Goal Diggers6All For Show11Final
Sep 2405:15 PMMasterCard 4Erb St Bombers6One Liners1Final
Sep 2409:00 PMMasterCard 2Jagrbombs9Dumb Pucks5Final
Oct 0106:30 PMMasterCard 4Toronto Transients6Dumb Pucks5Final
Oct 0107:45 PMMasterCard 4Erb St Bombers7Jagrbombs2Final
Oct 0109:00 PMMasterCard 2All For Show6Pigeons7Final
Oct 1510:15 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks2All For Show1Final
Oct 1510:15 PMMasterCard 4Jagrbombs8One Liners4Final
Oct 1510:30 PMMasterCard 3Pigeons0Erb St Bombers5Final
Oct 2203:00 PMMasterCard 3All For Show6Jagrbombs2Final
Oct 2209:00 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers3Dumb Pucks4Final
Oct 2906:45 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers4Goal Diggers4Final
Oct 2908:00 PMMasterCard 3One Liners5Dumb Pucks4Final
Oct 2909:00 PMMasterCard 2Pigeons5Jagrbombs4Final
Oct 2909:15 PMMasterCard 3All For Show5Toronto Transients5Final
Nov 0502:45 PMMasterCard 4Jagrbombs10Goal Diggers5Final
Nov 0504:00 PMMasterCard 4Erb St Bombers8Toronto Transients3Final
Nov 0505:15 PMMasterCard 4Pigeons6Dumb Pucks4Final
Nov 0509:00 PMMasterCard 2All For Show3One Liners2Final
Nov 1206:30 PMMasterCard 4All For Show5Erb St Bombers3Final
Nov 1209:00 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks8Goal Diggers3Final
Nov 1209:00 PMMasterCard 4Toronto Transients4Jagrbombs7Final
Nov 1909:00 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers2One Liners7Final
Nov 1910:15 PMMasterCard 4Goal Diggers3All For Show8Final
Nov 1910:30 PMMasterCard 3Jagrbombs2Dumb Pucks5Final
Nov 2607:00 PMSpectatorErb St Bombers7Jagrbombs4Final
Nov 2608:15 PMSpectatorToronto Transients6Dumb Pucks3Final
Nov 2609:00 PMMasterCard 2All For Show7Pigeons3Final
Dec 0306:45 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks6All For Show3Final
Dec 0308:00 PMMasterCard 3Pigeons4Erb St Bombers4Final
Dec 0309:00 PMMasterCard 2Jagrbombs8One Liners5Final
Dec 1005:15 PMMasterCard 4All For Show5Jagrbombs8Final
Dec 1009:00 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers6Dumb Pucks4Final
Dec 1706:30 PMMasterCard 4Dumb Pucks8One Liners3Final
Dec 1707:45 PMMasterCard 4Goal Diggers3Erb St Bombers8Final
Dec 1709:00 PMMasterCard 4Jagrbombs4Pigeons3Final
Dec 1709:00 PMMasterCard 2Toronto Transients0All For Show5Final
Jan 0709:00 PMMasterCard 2Goal Diggers2Jagrbombs6Final
Jan 0710:15 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks7Pigeons4Final
Jan 0710:15 PMMasterCard 4One Liners5All For Show10Final
Jan 0710:30 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Transients3Erb St Bombers6Final
Jan 1403:00 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks6Goal Diggers3Final
Jan 1404:15 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Transients5Jagrbombs6Final
Jan 1409:00 PMMasterCard 2All For Show0Erb St Bombers5Final
Jan 2106:45 PMMasterCard 3Erb St Bombers5One Liners0Final
Jan 2108:00 PMMasterCard 3Hogtown Hookers0All For Show5Final
Jan 2109:00 PMMasterCard 2Jagrbombs8Dumb Pucks4Final
Jan 2802:45 PMMasterCard 4All For Show11Pigeons6Final
Jan 2804:00 PMMasterCard 4Erb St Bombers1Jagrbombs6Final
Jan 2805:15 PMMasterCard 4Toronto Transients1Dumb Pucks5Final
Feb 0407:45 PMMasterCard 4Jagrbombs2One Liners7Final
Feb 0409:00 PMMasterCard 4Dumb Pucks4All For Show1Final
Feb 1109:00 PMMasterCard 2Erb St Bombers5Dumb Pucks3Final
Feb 1110:15 PMMasterCard 4All For Show0Jagrbombs1Final
Feb 2503:00 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Transients3Erb St Bombers5Final
Feb 2504:15 PMMasterCard 3Dumb Pucks5Pigeons0Final
Feb 2505:30 PMMasterCard 3One Liners1All For Show0Final
Feb 2509:00 PMMasterCard 2Hogtown Hookers8Jagrbombs8Final
Feb 2610:15 PMMasterCard 4Pigeons3Erb St Bombers3Final
Mar 0406:45 PMMasterCard 3Hogtown Hookers2Erb St Bombers6Final
Mar 0408:00 PMMasterCard 3Jagrbombs6Pigeons5Final
Mar 0409:00 PMMasterCard 2Dumb Pucks6One Liners1Final
Mar 0409:15 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Transients1All For Show6Final

Play Makers

1Joey Boushel18All For Show192617434
2Kevin Muise13Jagrbombs202121424
3Austin McIntyre26Jagrbombs182113346
4Maril Zaia92Jagrbombs1813213418
5Daniel Mcleod68Jagrbombs2112223410
6Kevin Skilton5Erb St Bombers192013338
7Andrew Fleming14All For Show178223012
8Mitchell Cataford12Dumb Pucks211711280
9Jason Monteith9All For Show1911172822
10Jonathan Mcleod27Jagrbombs2017102716
11Chris Snoyer09Dumb Pucks1812152718
12Ian Meneguzzi14Erb St Bombers1813102310
13Aaron Bertling7Erb St Bombers131482214
14Alex MacArthur07Dumb Pucks1912102218
15Lael Reiken8Erb St Bombers155172210

Net Minders

1Ian HoggGErb St Bombers21653.0953
2Eric LeBlancGAll For Show19683.5792
3Joel GillespieGDumb Pucks20743.7001
4Derek Stouth35Jagrbombs21964.5711


1Alex Kaju66Dumb Pucks1431
2Alex Cataford14Dumb Pucks1824
3Jason Monteith9All For Show1922
4Justin Morrison12Erb St Bombers1420
5Alex MacArthur07Dumb Pucks1918
6Chris Snoyer09Dumb Pucks1818
7Maril Zaia92Jagrbombs1818
8Jonathan Mcleod27Jagrbombs2016
9Rob Graham25All For Show1616
10Troy Edwards24Dumb Pucks1516
11Aaron Bertling7Erb St Bombers1314
12Andrew Fleming14All For Show1712
13Ben Gross16All For Show1812
14Richard Force16Dumb Pucks1412

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