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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

2Brampton Falcons2212647162281409
3Puck D221093697323133-4
6Smashville Predators223154477910150-32

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1906:30 PMSpectatorPuck D3Monkeys2Final
Sep 1907:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Falcons5Starfleet4Final
Sep 1907:45 PMTire World - GoldSPE5Smashville Predators1Final
Sep 2608:30 PMSpectatorMonkeys0Brampton Falcons3Final
Sep 2609:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators4Puck D5Final
Sep 2610:30 PMSpectatorStarfleet3SPE5Final
Oct 0308:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePuck D3Brampton Falcons7Final
Oct 0308:45 PMTire World - GoldSmashville Predators0Starfleet2Final
Oct 0308:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSPE4Monkeys4Final
Oct 1009:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueMonkeys6Smashville Predators4Final
Oct 1009:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Falcons5SPE4Final
Oct 1009:45 PMTire World - GoldStarfleet1Puck D3Final
Oct 1710:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Falcons1Smashville Predators1Final
Oct 1710:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D4SPE8Final
Oct 1710:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedStarfleet1Monkeys3Final
Oct 2407:30 PMSpectatorMonkeys5Puck D2Final
Oct 2407:45 PMTire World - GoldSmashville Predators1SPE3Final
Oct 2407:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedStarfleet2Brampton Falcons2Final
Oct 3108:30 PMSpectatorStarfleet2SPE4Final
Oct 3109:30 PMSpectatorMonkeys2Brampton Falcons3Final
Oct 3110:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators3Puck D3Final
Nov 0712:00 AMBye WeekPuck DBrampton Falcons 
Nov 0701:00 AMBye WeekSPEMonkeys 
Nov 0706:30 PMSpectatorSmashville Predators4Starfleet1Final
Nov 1412:00 AMBye WeekStarfleetSmashville Predators 
Nov 1406:30 PMSpectatorBrampton Falcons0Puck D5Final
Nov 1409:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueMonkeys3SPE5Final
Nov 2109:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueMonkeys4Smashville Predators4Final
Nov 2109:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Falcons2SPE6Final
Nov 2109:45 PMTire World - GoldStarfleet2Puck D1Final
Nov 2810:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Falcons3Smashville Predators1Final
Nov 2810:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D2SPE7Final
Nov 2810:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedStarfleet5Monkeys1Final
Dec 0507:30 PMSpectatorPuck D1Monkeys4Final
Dec 0507:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Falcons5Starfleet3Final
Dec 0507:45 PMTire World - GoldSPE3Smashville Predators0Final
Dec 1208:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStarfleet1SPE6Final
Dec 1208:45 PMTire World - GoldMonkeys0Brampton Falcons4Final
Dec 1208:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSmashville Predators1Puck D5Final
Dec 1909:30 PMRoyal Bank - BluePuck D2Brampton Falcons7Final
Dec 1909:45 PMTire World - GoldSmashville Predators4Starfleet3Final
Dec 1909:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSPE5Monkeys1Final
Jan 0210:30 PMSpectatorMonkeys2Smashville Predators5Final
Jan 0210:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedStarfleet2Puck D1Final
Jan 0211:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Falcons1SPE6Final
Jan 0907:30 PMSpectatorBrampton Falcons3Smashville Predators3Final
Jan 0907:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D3SPE5Final
Jan 0907:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedStarfleet4Monkeys0Final
Jan 1612:00 AMBye WeekPuck DMonkeys 
Jan 1601:00 AMBye WeekBrampton FalconsStarfleet 
Jan 1606:30 PMSpectatorSPE5Smashville Predators0Final
Jan 2308:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStarfleet2SPE5Final
Jan 2309:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueMonkeys2Brampton Falcons6Final
Jan 2310:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSmashville Predators2Puck D6Final
Jan 3012:00 AMBye WeekSmashville PredatorsSPE 
Jan 3006:30 PMSpectatorMonkeys1Puck D3Final
Jan 3008:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStarfleet2Brampton Falcons1Final
Feb 0609:30 PMSpectatorPuck D4Brampton Falcons4Final
Feb 0609:45 PMTire World - GoldSmashville Predators1Starfleet4Final
Feb 0609:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSPE4Monkeys2Final
Feb 1310:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Falcons0SPE5Final
Feb 1310:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedMonkeys2Smashville Predators0Final
Feb 1310:45 PMTire World - GoldStarfleet2Puck D3Final
Feb 2007:30 PMSpectatorBrampton Falcons5Smashville Predators3Final
Feb 2007:45 PMTire World - GoldPuck D2SPE2Final
Feb 2007:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedStarfleet0Monkeys2Final
Feb 2712:00 AMBye WeekPuck DMonkeys 
Feb 2701:00 AMBye WeekSPESmashville Predators 
Feb 2702:00 AMBye WeekBrampton FalconsStarfleet 
Mar 0608:30 PMSpectatorPuck D5Monkeys2Final
Mar 0608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Falcons1Starfleet3Final
Mar 0608:45 PMTire World - GoldSPE5Smashville Predators3Final
Mar 1308:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSmashville Predators2Puck D3Final
Mar 1309:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueMonkeys1Brampton Falcons3Final
Mar 1310:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueStarfleet4SPE5Final

Play Makers

1Jeff Pierce19SPE183711488
2Jordan Cole27SPE211922414
3Eric Pacheco17Brampton Falcons211810288
4Marc Ochba42Monkeys211462018
5Paul Medeiros20Brampton Falcons17812206
6Damien Mallory3Puck D221271916
7Mark Pacheco13Brampton Falcons227111822
8Joe Pagliaro17Monkeys226121818
9Matt Rankin47SPE223151824
10Bobby Burke14SPE2198172
11Neil Pacheco93Brampton Falcons22981722
12James McClelland12Puck D2189178
13Bryce Evans97SPE17610160
14Jeff Thompson9SPE216101632
15Andrew Cardoso21Brampton Falcons205101516

Net Minders

1Colin HannaGSPE22462.0913
2Nelson Arruda29Brampton Falcons22622.8182
3Evan Gerber29Starfleet18512.8331
4Jordan HassefrasGPuck D21693.2861
5Mathew McCabe29Monkeys22743.3642
6Evan Furlong35Smashville Predators19683.5790


1Dan Rankin15SPE2032
2Jeff Thompson9SPE2132
3Greg Thomas18Puck D1127
4Alec Welsh48Starfleet1925
5Matt Rankin47SPE2224
6evan tardiff21Starfleet2222
7Mark Pacheco13Brampton Falcons2222
8mark tanti16Brampton Falcons1722
9Neil Pacheco93Brampton Falcons2222
10Erik Barwell11Puck D1920
11Francesco Abate9Starfleet1918
12Joe Pagliaro17Monkeys2218
13Joel Ferkul23Smashville Predators1618
14Marc Ochba42Monkeys2118
15Peter Massari28Monkeys1918

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