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Division I-3

2019 Playoff Info


All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Cluster Pucks1614118641294845
3Golden Tigers1688046531668-7
5Tiger Sharks16772555616104-1
6Beer Raiders16790616114520

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1602:45 PMRinx 2Heat3Tiger Sharks4Final
Sep 1603:45 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders2Screaming Eagles5Final
Sep 1605:15 PMRinx 2Hard 4 Whaletails5Voyageurs8Final
Sep 1606:30 PMRinx 2Golden Tigers2Mavericks1Final
Sep 1609:00 PMRinx 2Cluster Pucks6Kwik E Mart Gougers5Final
Sep 2303:45 PMRinx 3Shooting Blanks1Cluster Pucks6Final
Sep 2307:15 PMSpectatorVoyageurs3Golden Tigers4Final
Sep 2307:30 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks367's5Final
Sep 2308:45 PMRinx 3Flying Hellfish2Heat6Final
Sep 2310:15 PMRinx 1Intangibles7Beer Raiders6Final
Sep 3012:00 PMRinx 3Golden Tigers4Snowbirds3Final
Sep 3012:15 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders2Bears4Final
Sep 3001:15 PMRinx 3Voyageurs5JL1Final
Sep 3005:15 PMRinx 2ZZ Puck5Tiger Sharks5Final
Sep 3006:30 PMRinx 2Mob Barley8Heat3Final
Sep 3010:15 PMRinx 1Cluster Pucks4Weekend Warriors2Final
Oct 1402:45 PMRinx 2Toques1Cluster Pucks6Final
Oct 1406:00 PMSpectatorTiger Sharks3Mob Barley3Final
Oct 1407:15 PMSpectatorHeat767's2Final
Oct 1407:45 PMRinx 2Mavericks3Voyageurs6Final
Oct 1408:45 PMRinx 3Black Dragons2Beer Raiders6Final
Oct 1409:00 PMRinx 2JL2Golden Tigers6Final
Oct 2112:00 PMRinx 3Heat6ZZ Puck2Final
Oct 2101:15 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks4Flying Hellfish3Final
Oct 2103:45 PMRinx 3Snowbirds2Voyageurs2Final
Oct 2105:00 PMRinx 3Golden Tigers3Hard 4 Whaletails6Final
Oct 2106:30 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders1Chiefskates5Final
Oct 2107:30 PMRinx 3Zulus2Cluster Pucks6Final
Oct 2807:45 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders3Voyageurs8Final
Oct 2809:00 PMRinx 2Black Dragons3Golden Tigers6Final
Oct 2809:00 PMRinx 1Snowbirds3Cluster Pucks3Final
Oct 2810:15 PMRinx 2Heat7Tiger Sharks4Final
Nov 0402:45 PMRinx 2Cluster Pucks7Mavericks8Final
Nov 0403:45 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks4Black Dragons1Final
Nov 0405:00 PMRinx 3Voyageurs4Heat4Final
Nov 0406:15 PMRinx 3Golden Tigers1Beer Raiders6Final
Nov 1107:45 PMRinx 1Golden Tigers3Tiger Sharks1Final
Nov 1109:00 PMRinx 1Beer Raiders4Heat1Final
Nov 1110:00 PMRinx 3Flying Hellfish2Cluster Pucks7Final
Nov 1110:15 PMRinx 1Black Dragons3Voyageurs5Final
Nov 1812:15 PMRinx 2Voyageurs1Golden Tigers4Final
Nov 1801:30 PMRinx 2Tiger Sharks4Beer Raiders5Final
Nov 1802:45 PMRinx 2Heat4Black Dragons3Final
Nov 1806:30 PMRinx 2Cluster Pucks6ZZ Puck1Final
Nov 2506:00 PMSpectatorCluster Pucks7Hard 4 Whaletails2Final
Nov 2507:30 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders6Black Dragons2Final
Nov 2508:45 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks6Voyageurs4Final
Nov 2510:00 PMRinx 3Heat3Golden Tigers1Final
Dec 0204:00 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders1Voyageurs6Final
Dec 0204:30 PMRinx 3Snowbirds1Cluster Pucks6Final
Dec 0205:15 PMRinx 2Black Dragons5Golden Tigers4Final
Dec 0206:30 PMRinx 1Heat0Tiger Sharks2Final
Dec 0907:30 PMSpectatorVoyageurs4Heat7Final
Dec 0908:45 PMSpectatorGolden Tigers4Beer Raiders2Final
Dec 0910:00 PMSpectatorTiger Sharks1Cluster Pucks2Final
Dec 1602:00 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders3Heat4Final
Dec 1603:15 PMRinx 3Golden Tigers0Tiger Sharks5Final
Dec 1604:30 PMRinx 3Cluster Pucks6Voyageurs3Final
Dec 2307:45 PMRinx 2Tiger Sharks1Beer Raiders5Final
Dec 2309:00 PMRinx 2Heat5Cluster Pucks7Final
Dec 2310:15 PMRinx 2Voyageurs6Golden Tigers1Final
Jan 0605:45 PMRinx 3Heat3Golden Tigers2Final
Jan 0606:30 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders3Cluster Pucks4Final
Jan 0607:00 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks6Voyageurs5Final
Jan 1307:45 PMRinx 1Beer Raiders6Voyageurs3Final
Jan 1309:00 PMRinx 1Cluster Pucks3Golden Tigers1Final
Jan 1310:15 PMRinx 1Heat5Tiger Sharks2Final
Jan 2012:15 PMRinx 2Tiger SharksCluster Pucks 
Jan 2001:30 PMRinx 2VoyageursHeat 
Jan 2002:45 PMRinx 2Golden TigersBeer Raiders 
Jan 2708:15 PMRinx 3Beer RaidersHeat 
Jan 2709:30 PMRinx 3Golden TigersTiger Sharks 
Jan 2710:45 PMRinx 3Cluster PucksVoyageurs 
Feb 0304:00 PMRinx 2VoyageursGolden Tigers 
Feb 0305:15 PMRinx 2Tiger SharksBeer Raiders 
Feb 0306:30 PMRinx 1HeatCluster Pucks 
Feb 1006:00 PMSpectatorHeatGolden Tigers 
Feb 1007:15 PMSpectatorBeer RaidersCluster Pucks 
Feb 1008:30 PMSpectatorTiger SharksVoyageurs 
Feb 2402:00 PMRinx 3VoyageursBeer Raiders 
Feb 2403:15 PMRinx 3Golden TigersCluster Pucks 
Feb 2404:30 PMRinx 3Tiger SharksHeat 

Play Makers

1Mark Kolenko66Voyageurs163112434
2Andrew Dale48Heat1515142910
3Stephen Staley10Cluster Pucks111510250
4Stephen Kerner97Beer Raiders1510122214
5Patrick Crowe19Voyageurs168132116
6Joe McGrade4Cluster Pucks12164204
7Jason Bazarkewich73Cluster Pucks14119208
8Carl Uussalu7Cluster Pucks16118190
9Jon Wolf83Tiger Sharks13811196
10Dave Griffin10Beer Raiders16117182
11Matthew Truong61Golden Tigers16108184
12Len Corkery54Heat12711186
13Ryan Kuruliak9Beer Raiders16116178
14Matthew Cheung8Golden Tigers15512178
15Mike Noble29Heat141151624

Net Minders

1Alexander HoskingG1Cluster Pucks8202.5000
2Jay Curtis29Golden Tigers15483.2000
3Andrew Morris31Heat10333.3000
4Neil Fenton35Tiger Sharks15513.4002
5Norm Saunders87Voyageurs15573.8000
6Nathan Groskopf1Beer Raiders16613.8130


1David Jakubowicz71Tiger Sharks1226
2Mike Noble29Heat1424
3Colin Penstone12Tiger Sharks1320
4David Champion15Golden Tigers1520
5Patrick Crowe19Voyageurs1616
6Alan Moldofsky25Heat1514
7Dan Wright28Heat1214
8Stephen Kerner97Beer Raiders1514
9David Kim76Tiger Sharks1412
10Aaron Saunders24Voyageurs1610
11Andrew Dale48Heat1510
12George Bekiaris70Beer Raiders910
13Michael Cho2Golden Tigers1210
14William Kearns9Heat1310
15Edward Largy33Voyageurs88



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