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Division C-1


All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

2Powerview Dogpound97207145145626
4Wild Boars8530413510426
5Rusty Blades945028398126-11
6KP Bears91714158326-17

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1606:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Icemen1Rusty Blades5Final
Sep 1606:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears3Wild Boars4Final
Sep 1606:15 PMTire World - GoldWarbirds12Powerview Dogpound9Final
Sep 1608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedGotham City Dark Knights4Goats2Final
Sep 2307:15 PMRoyal Bank - BlueWild Boars7Warbirds2Final
Sep 2307:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedPowerview Dogpound10Brampton Icemen5Final
Sep 2307:30 PMTire World - GoldRusty Blades3KP Bears2Final
Sep 2310:00 PMTire World - GoldGoats6Brampton Soldiers1Final
Sep 3006:15 PMTire World - GoldSpartans1Goats5Final
Sep 3008:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Icemen6KP Bears6Final
Sep 3008:45 PMTire World - GoldPowerview Dogpound4Wild Boars2Final
Sep 3008:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedWarbirds6Rusty Blades1Final
Oct 1407:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoats8Hellfish3Final
Oct 1409:45 PMRoyal Bank - BlueRusty Blades3Powerview Dogpound8Final
Oct 1410:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears3Warbirds8Final
Oct 1410:00 PMTire World - GoldWild Boars7Brampton Icemen2Final
Oct 2106:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueKP Bears5Powerview Dogpound10Final
Oct 2106:15 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Icemen0Warbirds5Final
Oct 2106:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedWild Boars5Rusty Blades0Final
Oct 2108:30 PMSpectatorWidow Makers4Goats9Final
Oct 2807:15 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Icemen6KP Bears9Final
Oct 2807:30 PMTire World - GoldPowerview Dogpound9Wild Boars4Final
Oct 2807:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedWarbirds6Rusty Blades3Final
Oct 2808:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueGoats5Drunken Warriors0Final
Nov 0408:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Icemen1Rusty Blades6Final
Nov 0408:30 PMSpectatorSTP Spartans2Goats2Final
Nov 0408:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears5Wild Boars7Final
Nov 0408:45 PMTire World - GoldWarbirds8Powerview Dogpound6Final
Nov 1106:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoats9Madmen4Final
Nov 1110:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedPowerview Dogpound9Brampton Icemen4Final
Nov 1110:00 PMTire World - GoldRusty Blades5KP Bears4Final
Nov 1110:00 PMSpectatorWild Boars5Warbirds10Final
Nov 1806:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueRusty Blades2Powerview Dogpound6Pending
Nov 1806:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears4Warbirds9Pending
Nov 1806:15 PMTire World - GoldWild Boars6Goats4Live
Nov 2507:15 PMRoyal Bank - BlueKP BearsPowerview Dogpound 
Nov 2507:30 PMTire World - GoldGoatsWarbirds 
Nov 2507:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedWild BoarsRusty Blades 
Dec 0208:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueGoatsKP Bears 
Dec 0208:45 PMTire World - GoldPowerview DogpoundWild Boars 
Dec 0208:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedWarbirdsRusty Blades 
Dec 0910:00 PMTire World - GoldGoatsRusty Blades 
Dec 0910:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP BearsWild Boars 
Dec 0911:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueWarbirdsPowerview Dogpound 
Dec 1606:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueWild BoarsWarbirds 
Dec 1606:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPowerview DogpoundGoats 
Dec 1606:15 PMTire World - GoldRusty BladesKP Bears 
Dec 2307:15 PMRoyal Bank - BlueRusty BladesPowerview Dogpound 
Dec 2307:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP BearsWarbirds 
Dec 2307:30 PMTire World - GoldWild BoarsGotham City Dark Knights 
Dec 2309:45 PMSpectatorGoatsDrunken Warriors 
Jan 0608:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueKP BearsPowerview Dogpound 
Jan 0608:45 PMTire World - GoldGotham City Dark KnightsWarbirds 
Jan 0608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedWild BoarsRusty Blades 
Jan 0610:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedMadmenGoats 

Play Makers

1Tyler Loucks37Warbirds8166226
2Adam Phelps8Wild Boars9147214
3Dylan Sargent77Goats91110212
4Matthew Sangirardi27Warbirds8812200
5Jeff Brown17Goats9126186
6Nick Crozier98Powerview Dogpound7108182
7Tyler Pracek97Powerview Dogpound85111610
8David Sillberg9Powerview Dogpound896158
9Sean Hanlon4Powerview Dogpound878156
10Nico DiPlacido69Powerview Dogpound876132
11Calvin Viscount8Warbirds966122
12David Sargent7Goats9661212
13Cameron Unelli97KP Bears792110
14Christiaan Collarile11Powerview Dogpound674114
15Nick Madruga28KP Bears974116

Net Minders

1Tyler Bullett62Goats8212.6251
2Michael ConnollyGWarbirds9384.2221
3Justin Parravano33Rusty Blades9394.3330
4brayley Tolan29Powerview Dogpound8374.6250
5Nick SuddesGWild Boars7355.0000
6Simon Campbell1KP Bears9586.4440


1Kyle Miledi11Rusty Blades840
2Justin Fiorini19Rusty Blades918
3Alexander Russo12Rusty Blades712
4Brad Nesbitt16Powerview Dogpound712
5David Sargent7Goats912
6Michael Volpe92Rusty Blades612
7Chris Gikov16Rusty Blades910
8Tyler Pracek97Powerview Dogpound810
9David Sillberg9Powerview Dogpound88
10Eden Cheng12KP Bears98
11Garrett Ferguson36Warbirds78
12Mitchell Tickner55Goats88
13Nick Silvestri4Rusty Blades88
14William Kozluk28Wild Boars68
15Xavier Dias19Wild Boars78



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