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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

3Toronto Tanks1154230311240-1
5Mighty Thundercats12570383810340
6TO Rubber Puckies123902645654-19

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Apr 2908:30 PMRinx 3Dead Horses of North York1Dusters2Final
Apr 2908:30 PMRinx 1RiverSharks4Mighty Thundercats1Final
Apr 2909:30 PMRinx 1TO Rubber Puckies1Phantoms3Final
Apr 2910:30 PMRinx 1Toronto Tanks4Chiefs4Final
May 0608:30 PMFord PC 3Chiefs4TO Rubber Puckies1Final
May 0608:30 PMRinx 3Mighty Thundercats5Toronto Tanks3Final
May 0608:45 PMRinx 2Phantoms0RiverSharks3Final
May 0610:45 PMRinx 2Dusters2Hitmen2Final
May 1309:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Ice Dogs1Dusters6Final
May 1310:30 PMRinx 3Phantoms5Chiefs8Final
May 1310:30 PMFord PC 3RiverSharks3Toronto Tanks0Final
May 1310:45 PMRinx 2TO Rubber Puckies1Mighty Thundercats3Final
May 1508:30 PMFord PC 3Dusters5Whalers3Final
May 2208:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Tanks3TO Rubber Puckies0Final
May 2209:30 PMFord PC 3Chiefs7RiverSharks3Final
May 2210:30 PMFord PC 3Mighty Thundercats6Phantoms1Final
May 2706:45 PMRinx 2Dusters6Jackie Chans1Final
May 2709:30 PMFord PC 3Chiefs0Mighty Thundercats4Final
May 2709:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Tanks5Phantoms1Final
May 2709:45 PMRinx 2RiverSharks1TO Rubber Puckies3Final
Jun 0306:30 PMRinx 3RiverSharks3Mighty Thundercats5Final
Jun 0306:45 PMRinx 2Toronto Tanks1Chiefs6Final
Jun 0307:30 PMFord PC 3TO Rubber Puckies4Dusters6Final
Jun 1008:30 PMRinx 1Chiefs0TO Rubber Puckies0Final
Jun 1009:30 PMRinx 1Mighty Thundercats1Toronto Tanks2Final
Jun 1010:30 PMRinx 1Dusters0RiverSharks0Final
Jun 1708:30 PMRinx 3Dusters0Chiefs4Final
Jun 1708:30 PMFord PC 3RiverSharks1Toronto Tanks1Final
Jun 1708:45 PMRinx 2TO Rubber Puckies5Mighty Thundercats4Final
Jun 2410:30 PMFord PC 3Mighty Thundercats4Dusters7Final
Jun 2410:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Tanks3TO Rubber Puckies5Final
Jun 2410:45 PMRinx 2Chiefs7RiverSharks4Final
Jul 0809:30 PMRinx 3Chiefs4Mighty Thundercats1Final
Jul 0809:30 PMFord PC 3RiverSharks6TO Rubber Puckies4Final
Jul 0809:45 PMRinx 2Toronto Tanks5Dusters3Final
Jul 1007:30 PMFord PC 3Mighty Thundercats2RiverSharks5Final
Jul 1506:30 PMRinx 3TO Rubber Puckies0Chiefs5Final
Jul 1506:45 PMRinx 2RiverSharks1Dusters6Final
Jul 1507:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Tanks3Mighty Thundercats2Final
Jul 1707:30 PMFord PC 3Dusters7TO Rubber Puckies2Final
Jul 2208:30 PMRinx 1Toronto TanksRiverSharks 
Jul 2209:30 PMRinx 1ChiefsDusters 
Jul 2210:30 PMRinx 1Mighty ThundercatsTO Rubber Puckies 
Jul 2407:30 PMFord PC 3ChiefsToronto Tanks 

Play Makers

1Jonathan Nevills14Dusters81011212
2Blair Mincer24Chiefs10118192
3Stephan Massin13RiverSharks1169152
4Jesse Lastman46Chiefs949130
5Jason Rapoport14Chiefs9751212
6Ryan Mintz29Chiefs9481210
7Anthony Skrinjar61RiverSharks874110
8Chris MacDonald7Dusters974112
9Jason Duckett17Dusters874116
10Philip Labahn9Dusters1047110
11Shayne Jacobs71Mighty Thundercats1247112
12Mathew Lawson7TO Rubber Puckies1182108
13Kiran Mhatre85Mighty Thundercats1273100
14Travis Coulter4Mighty Thundercats1255102
15Kevin Himel11Chiefs746102

Net Minders

1Daniel SolomonG-30Chiefs9202.2222
2Derek Day1Dusters11282.5450
3Derrel Schnurr1Toronto Tanks11312.8181
4Aaron BaboolalG-1RiverSharks11363.2732
5Marc CapistranoG2Mighty Thundercats10333.3001


1Joncarlo Bairos10RiverSharks916
2Jason Rapoport14Chiefs912
3Andrew Dunn24Toronto Tanks710
4Ryan Mintz29Chiefs910
5Spencer Robinson22TO Rubber Puckies610
6Alex Bennie27Chiefs108
7Kip Wigmore30RiverSharks48
8Mathew Lawson7TO Rubber Puckies118
9Timothy Winter8Toronto Tanks68
10Tom Bethune4Dusters78
11Travis St.Denis36TO Rubber Puckies108
12Chris Colucci19Mighty Thundercats86
13Jason Duckett17Dusters86
14Jonathan Boyer15Dusters86
15Jules D'Mello55RiverSharks116


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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