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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Angry Captain128225234182018
2Black Crow HC128314027172013
4Vegas Wolfpack12651444313361
6True North Oilers1211013154342-23

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Apr 3009:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC3Leprechauns1Final
Apr 3009:30 PMTire World - GoldAngry Captain4Swailers4Final
Apr 3009:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueVegas Wolfpack5True North Oilers2Final
May 0710:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTrue North Oilers0Angry Captain4Final
May 0710:30 PMTire World - GoldLeprechauns0Vegas Wolfpack3Final
May 0710:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers1Black Crow HC3Final
May 1406:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC3Vegas Wolfpack3Final
May 1406:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers6True North Oilers2Final
May 1411:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedAngry Captain0Leprechauns4Final
May 2107:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedLeprechauns2Swailers2Final
May 2107:30 PMTire World - GoldTrue North Oilers0Black Crow HC3Final
May 2107:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueVegas Wolfpack4Angry Captain5Final
May 2808:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedVegas Wolfpack0Swailers5Final
May 2808:30 PMTire World - GoldBlack Crow HC2Angry Captain6Final
May 2808:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTrue North Oilers2Leprechauns4Final
Jun 0409:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC5Leprechauns1Final
Jun 0409:30 PMTire World - GoldAngry Captain5Swailers8Final
Jun 0409:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueVegas Wolfpack6True North Oilers2Final
Jun 1110:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTrue North Oilers3Angry Captain6Final
Jun 1110:30 PMTire World - GoldLeprechauns3Vegas Wolfpack4Final
Jun 1110:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers2Black Crow HC3Final
Jun 1806:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedAngry Captain2Leprechauns2Final
Jun 1806:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueSwailers6True North Oilers6Final
Jun 1811:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC5Vegas Wolfpack6Final
Jun 2507:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedLeprechauns3Swailers8Final
Jun 2507:30 PMTire World - GoldTrue North Oilers1Black Crow HC2Final
Jun 2507:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueVegas Wolfpack2Angry Captain6Final
Jul 0208:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedVegas Wolfpack0Swailers2Final
Jul 0208:30 PMTire World - GoldBlack Crow HC1Angry Captain4Final
Jul 0208:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTrue North Oilers3Leprechauns5Final
Jul 0909:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedLeprechauns1Black Crow HC6Final
Jul 0909:30 PMTire World - GoldSwailers1Angry Captain6Final
Jul 0909:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTrue North Oilers7Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Jul 1610:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedAngry Captain4True North Oilers3Final
Jul 1610:30 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBlack Crow HC4Swailers1Final
Jul 1610:30 PMTire World - GoldVegas Wolfpack8Leprechauns3Final
Jul 2312:00 AMBye WeekVegas WolfpackBlack Crow HC 
Jul 2301:00 AMBye WeekLeprechaunsAngry Captain 
Jul 2311:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedTrue North OilersSwailers 
Jul 2409:30 PMFord PC 3Vegas WolfpackBlack Crow HC 
Jul 2410:30 PMFord PC 3LeprechaunsAngry Captain 

Play Makers

1Thi Phan93Vegas Wolfpack11811190
2russell Poloni2Leprechauns12113148
3Garinder Ruprai11Angry Captain11410140
4Gurvir Garcha77Angry Captain1294130
5Mathew Fernandes7Angry Captain1285132
6Jeff Hepinstall11Swailers1267132
7Andrew Subryan44Swailers1067134
8Ryan Ellsworth06Black Crow HC1275122
9Philip Corker88Vegas Wolfpack1257124
10Carlos Pinhiero9Vegas Wolfpack11210124
11Brett Slawson16Angry Captain656110
12Ian Kosher11Vegas Wolfpack1247114
13Aman Sharma66Angry Captain1247116
14Sid Datta19Angry Captain8110110
15Karim Fahmy22True North Oilers121001016

Net Minders

1Jaspal Singh30Black Crow HC12272.2501
2Harman SekhonGAngry Captain12342.8331
3Derek GuestGSwailers11333.0002
4Jeff Adams1Leprechauns10424.2000
5Brendan BrowneGVegas Wolfpack5224.4000
6Scott HakesleyGTrue North Oilers12544.5000


1Karim Fahmy22True North Oilers1216
2Alvin Monterroso6Swailers118
3russell Poloni2Leprechauns128
4Sean Ferris20True North Oilers108
5Allan Turner6Leprechauns96
6Aman Sharma66Angry Captain126
7Brian Mohammed4True North Oilers116
8Gopi Dhanoa17Angry Captain116
9Phong Lam34Vegas Wolfpack76
10Andrew Subryan44Swailers104
11angelo mariano9Leprechauns124
12Carlos Pinhiero9Vegas Wolfpack114
13Duc Tran27Vegas Wolfpack94
14Ian Kosher11Vegas Wolfpack124
15Jonathan Corker39Swailers74


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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