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Focused on Adult Recreational Hockey for Men and Women in Toronto & Brampton
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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Pheasant Pluckers1211105731225426
2Gordie Howeitzers127414322153021
3Brampton Roadrunners1266047481285-1
5Pinnacle Panthers1245348511170-3

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

May 0106:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Roadrunners7Colts2Final
May 0107:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBardown Bandits2Porchlight5Final
May 0107:00 PMTire World - GoldGordie Howeitzers5Pinnacle Panthers4Final
May 0108:00 PMTire World - GoldSaints0Pheasant Pluckers2Final
May 0808:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueColts5Bardown Bandits4Final
May 0808:00 PMTire World - GoldPorchlight3Gordie Howeitzers8Final
May 0808:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPinnacle Panthers5Brampton Roadrunners3Final
May 0811:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePheasant Pluckers6Barley Boys1Final
May 1509:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedMoose Knuckles3Pheasant Pluckers8Final
May 1511:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Roadrunners7Bardown Bandits3Final
May 1511:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueGordie Howeitzers0Colts1Final
May 1511:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPinnacle Panthers4Porchlight7Final
May 2209:00 PMTire World - GoldColts3Pinnacle Panthers7Final
May 2209:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePorchlight6Brampton Roadrunners2Final
May 2209:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPheasant Pluckers3Gordie Howeitzers2Final
May 2910:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Roadrunners0Gordie Howeitzers5Final
May 2910:00 PMTire World - GoldPheasant Pluckers5Pinnacle Panthers1Final
May 2910:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPorchlight8Colts4Final
Jun 0506:00 PMTire World - GoldGordie Howeitzers3Pinnacle Panthers3Final
Jun 0507:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Roadrunners7Colts3Final
Jun 0507:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePheasant Pluckers4Porchlight2Final
Jun 1208:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueColts6Pheasant Pluckers3Final
Jun 1208:00 PMTire World - GoldPorchlight1Gordie Howeitzers6Final
Jun 1208:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPinnacle Panthers6Brampton Roadrunners1Final
Jun 1911:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Roadrunners3Pheasant Pluckers5Final
Jun 1911:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePinnacle Panthers7Porchlight7Final
Jun 1911:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGordie Howeitzers6Colts1Final
Jun 2609:00 PMTire World - GoldColts5Pinnacle Panthers5Final
Jun 2609:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePorchlight4Brampton Roadrunners5Final
Jun 2609:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPheasant Pluckers3Gordie Howeitzers2Final
Jul 0310:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueBrampton Roadrunners0Gordie Howeitzers3Final
Jul 0310:00 PMTire World - GoldPheasant Pluckers7Pinnacle Panthers2Final
Jul 0310:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPorchlight6Colts5Final
Jul 1006:00 PMTire World - GoldPorchlight3Pheasant Pluckers4Final
Jul 1007:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueColts3Brampton Roadrunners7Final
Jul 1007:00 PMTire World - GoldPinnacle Panthers1Gordie Howeitzers0Final
Jul 1708:00 PMTire World - GoldGordie Howeitzers3Porchlight2Final
Jul 1708:00 PMRoyal Bank - BluePheasant Pluckers7Colts6Final
Jul 1708:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Roadrunners5Pinnacle Panthers3Final
Jul 2411:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueColtsGordie Howeitzers 
Jul 2411:00 PMTire World - GoldPorchlightPinnacle Panthers 
Jul 2411:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPheasant PluckersBrampton Roadrunners 

Play Makers

1Patrick Warner28Pheasant Pluckers121615316
2Dustin Leonard7Pinnacle Panthers12129218
3Matthew Gorman95Pheasant Pluckers1110102010
4Andrew Clifford19Porchlight12143174
5Steven Roberts7Colts7133168
6Matt Romani91Brampton Roadrunners11132158
7Rob Harris58Pinnacle Panthers101321510
8John Thuerig4Brampton Roadrunners1169158
9Lenny Corrado17Colts1095142
10Corey Waterman00Pheasant Pluckers1186142
11James BrittonSpare 3Porchlight585132
12David Trieu8Porchlight1276134
13Nunzio Giambattista0Colts1176138
14Brandon Booth43Gordie Howeitzers958130
15Alex Beare21Porchlight11211130

Net Minders

1Mark DeboerGOALIEGordie Howeitzers12221.8332
2ashton chambersGPheasant Pluckers12312.5831
3Nicholas McCannGBrampton Roadrunners10393.9000
4Giovanni RussoGPinnacle Panthers11484.3641
5Jason White35Porchlight12544.5000
6Italo LombardiGColts12675.5831


1Dylan Ingram77Colts722
2Michael Hall21Brampton Roadrunners521
3Zarin Bartholomew2Porchlight918
4Brent Barnes11Porchlight1116
5Greg Wills8Pinnacle Panthers1016
6Edrin Owusu-Mensah71Brampton Roadrunners1014
7Todd Ring23Brampton Roadrunners614
8Chris Bishop29Pinnacle Panthers1212
9Matthew Gorman95Pheasant Pluckers1110
10Rob Harris58Pinnacle Panthers1010
11Ryan Gothreau3Colts910
12Dustin Leonard7Pinnacle Panthers128
13Jeffrey Detz18Colts88
14John Thuerig4Brampton Roadrunners118
15Matt Romani91Brampton Roadrunners118


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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