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Hall of Fame

Players with the most points, goalies with the lowest average and least penalized teams over all 416 divisions.

Scoring Leaders

1Shaun GoffenbergDivision C-111Trojans4150
2dean morrowDivision I-38567's3250
3Kip WigmoreDivision I-230Chiefskates3250
4Justin TabucianDivision I-4tbd-50Voyageurs4042
5Jay FleetDivision C-100Erb St Bombers3140
6michael ISSENMANDivision R-422Drunken Monkeys3140
7Scott MacLennanDivision C-400Judas3140
8Tal LetourneauDivision I-300Mob Barley3140
9Angelo SorceDivision C-489Judas2240
10Blake CaklosDivision C-111Labatt Blueliners2240
11Chris LileikisDivision I-20Intangibles2240
12Daniel BroderickDivision R-488Toronto Spitfires2240
13Daniel GoffenbergDivision C-184Trojans2240
14Jamie WickhamDivision I-366Mob Barley2240
15Kory McLaughlinDivision R-17North Stars2240
16Matthew ThomsonDivision I-32467's2240
17Mike DeckerDivision I-17California Sandwiches2240
18Shawn ReevesDivision R-119Beauties and the Beast2240
19Craig ParkerDivision C-420Wolverines2242
20Eric KhanDivision C-49Wolverines1340

Goaltending Leaders

1Aaron MarcovitchDivision R-533Barbecued Iguanas100.0001
2Daniel DattolicoDivision R-329Hitmen100.0001
3Derek DayDivision R-41Dusters100.0001
4Jason ArisDivision R-5GSmell the Glove100.0001
5Michael MendoncaDivision I-3G67's100.0001
6Mike NewmanDivision R-239Beer Barons100.0001
7Ricardo FernandezDivision I-4GSnowbirds100.0001
8Ryan BellDivision C-2GDevils100.0001
9Scott LauDivision I-129Audience View100.0001
10Steven EastonDivision R-31Vultures100.0001
11Trevor CoppenDivision I-2GBears100.0001
12Cam MacMillanDivision R-1GToques111.0000
13Chad AllenDivision R-3G-33P&G Tide Ice Pods111.0000
14Dale FitzgeraldDivision R-61Dirty Pucks111.0000
15Derek StouthDivision C-135Jagrbombs111.0000
16Edmund ChangDivision I-430JL111.0000
17Ethan YipDivision R-4G/P 62/26Brewstars111.0000
18James PapkeDivision C-31Goal Diggers111.0000
19Jamie RiffDivision C-5GBlue Steel111.0000
20Jay CurtisDivision I-429Golden Tigers111.0000

(Must have at least 5 games in goal.)

Least Penalized Teams



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