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Hall of Fame

2019 Playoff Info

Players with the most points, goalies with the lowest average and least penalized teams over all 416 divisions.

Scoring Leaders

1Mark KolenkoDivision I-366Voyageurs3112434
2Tal LetourneauDivision I-251Mob Barley2118394
3Jon MasonDivision C-161Cunning Linguists2414386
4Daniel BroderickDivision R-488Toronto Spitfires2216382
5Tom BaileyDivision C-215XXX Panthers1820388
6Louis L'HeureuxDivision R-222Vikings2312352
7Daniel Di BattistaDivision I-214Somerville20143410
8Jon RobbaDivision C-119Wolves238310
9Peter ChanDivision R-391Mighty Dukes219304
10Jeff HaigDivision C-328Former Leafs2010304
11King LamDivision R-210TN Blazers1911304
12Colin BellDivision R-216Senators1713300
13Simon DisherDivision R-144Cretins HC1713304
14Shawn ReevesDivision C-119BeautiesandtheBeast227290
15Kyle KuczynskiDivision C-528TCMG218290
16Anthony VsicontiDivision R-391Local Sports Team18112912
17Andrew DaleDivision I-348Heat15142910
18Bryce MurphyDivision I-410Mavericks13162910
19Stephan MassinDivision I-277Chiefskates1019292
20Ben GuerzonDivision R-225Post Busters226280

Goaltending Leaders

1Rachel CappeDivision W-1GHockey Bags15130.8678
2Sarah BlandDivision W-1GToronto Ice Bags13131.0006
3Keith HamiltonDivision R-4GFriendly Giants10111.1003
4Ian SwartzDivision R-231Direwolves12141.1675
5Mike LovelessDivision R-130-GMojo Mardi671.1672
6Grant ClarkDivision C-3GCubs9111.2223
7Lynette LimDivision W-16Uncoachables8101.2503
8Matt ConwayDivision I-2G-72Double Dions12161.3334
9Rob ColburnDivision R-435Spoilers681.3333
10Trina PironeDivision W-1GStraight Outta Scarborough14191.3574
11Alex HandDivision R-363XXX Stars8111.3751
12Derrel SchnurrDivision R-1GToronto Wolfpack14201.4294
13Mike NewmanDivision I-139Beer Barons13191.4625
14John BaiaDivision R-2GPanthers14211.5005
15James MooneyDivision I-2TBD-1Mutiny581.6001
16Ricardo FernandezDivision C-1GCapitals14231.6433
17Daniel SolomonDivision I-130Chiefs13221.6922
18Derrel SchnurrDivision I-1GToronto Tanks14241.7144
19Vanessa BastosDivision W-11Lynx11191.7273
20Cody PrintessDivision R-450Toronto Raiders12211.7502

(Must have at least 5 games in goal.)

Least Penalized Teams



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