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Hall of Fame


Players with the most points, goalies with the lowest average and least penalized teams over all 416 divisions.

Scoring Leaders

1Dan MilneR-39East Compton Clovers254296
2Kyle JacksonR-288Spoilers1513282
3Matt PullenI-127Judas1513288
4Simon DisherR-144The Pink Trap1610262
5Drew WestR-22Sharks1610266
6Braden MarchandI-18Intangibles169258
7Eric ClarkC-119Pigeons1114252
8Kevin SiegelI-221Not A Big Deals159240
9kevin muiseC-113Jagrbombs159242
10Kyle IsherwoodI-26Cluster Pucks1014246
11Eric FrenzelR-16Tiger Sharks1013236
12Daniel SantosI-121Judas815230
13Matt NyhofR-594Cyclones184222
14Charles LevyI-110Golden Geese166220
15Jamie PritchardR-233Ugly Pucklings157224
16Jon RobbaC-119Wolves139222
17Andrew LagzdinR-213Sharks174216
18Shawn ReevesR-119Beauties and the Beast156216
19Ben DescloudsR-289Spoilers147216
20Mike MelecaR-377Toronto Goodfellas129216

Goaltending Leaders

1Brad HowlettR-2G-31Roadkill850.6254
2Chad AllenR-433P&G Tide Ice Pods10111.1004
3Vanessa BastosW-11Lynx671.1672
4Eric WylieR-11Van Buren Boys11151.3641
5Tom LeesonR-2GIce Panthers11171.5453
6Trevor DasilvaR-230AppCentrica Pylons11181.6361
7Victor DengI-1B29Icebots10171.7000
8Peter McBrideI-1GPink Panthers12211.7504
9Jesse TresiseR-333East Compton Clovers9161.7781
10Steve SahnazarR-31Whalers10181.8002
11Mario CurbeloR-51Mongolian Horde591.8000
12LeeJay DunphyI-1GGolden Geese11201.8183
13Patrick BurtonR-3GHigh Park Danglers10191.9001
14Steve SahnazarI-1B30B&W11222.0002
15Kate SmithW-1GNylons10202.0002
16ethan yipR-5G-26Brewstars10202.0001
17Amanda MakelaI-2G2Not A Big Deals9182.0001
18Nick M DuraniR-1GoalieBlazers9182.0001
19Trina PironeW-1GStraight Outta Scarborough8162.0003
20Patrick O'ConnellR-41Toronto Rage8162.0002

(Must have at least 5 games in goal.)

Least Penalized Teams


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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