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TNHC 2019-2020 Winter League
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TNHC 2019 Summer League

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Division I-1

2019 Playoff Info


All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

2Gotham City Dark Knights211371125932715132
4Caledon Knights219102111106201985
5Brampton Icemen2171138611417140-28
6KP Bears2151421161481270-32

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1606:00 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen1Rusty Blades5Final
Sep 1606:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears3Wild Boars4Final
Sep 1607:15 PMGay Lea - BlueJackals2Madmen4Final
Sep 1607:30 PMTire World - GoldSTP Spartans4Caledon Knights3Final
Sep 1608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedGotham City Dark Knights4Goats2Final
Sep 2307:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedPowerview Dogpound10Brampton Icemen5Final
Sep 2307:30 PMTire World - GoldRusty Blades3KP Bears2Final
Sep 2308:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedCaledon Knights10Jackals7Final
Sep 2308:45 PMTire World - GoldMadmen6Drunken Warriors4Final
Sep 2309:45 PMGay Lea - BlueEasy Company1Gotham City Dark Knights6Final
Sep 2310:00 PMTire World - GoldGoats6Brampton Soldiers1Final
Sep 3006:15 PMTire World - GoldSpartans1Goats5Final
Sep 3008:30 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen6KP Bears6Final
Sep 3008:30 PMSpectatorGotham City Dark Knights6Brampton Soldiers5Final
Sep 3010:00 PMTire World - GoldCaledon Knights4Airplane Mode5Final
Sep 3010:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedSTP Spartans3Madmen7Final
Oct 1406:00 PMGay Lea - BlueMadmen4Caledon Knights4Final
Oct 1407:15 PMGay Lea - BlueSnowcones3Gotham City Dark Knights5Final
Oct 1407:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoats8Hellfish3Final
Oct 1410:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears3Warbirds8Final
Oct 1410:00 PMTire World - GoldWild Boars7Brampton Icemen2Final
Oct 2106:00 PMGay Lea - BlueKP Bears5Powerview Dogpound10Final
Oct 2106:15 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Icemen0Warbirds5Final
Oct 2107:15 PMGay Lea - BlueDrunken Warriors3Caledon Knights8Final
Oct 2107:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedAirplane Mode2Madmen5Final
Oct 2108:30 PMSpectatorWidow Makers4Goats9Final
Oct 2108:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedHellfish5Gotham City Dark Knights9Final
Oct 2807:15 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen6KP Bears9Final
Oct 2808:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGoats5Drunken Warriors0Final
Oct 2808:30 PMSpectatorJackals4Madmen7Final
Oct 2808:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedAirplane Mode7Caledon Knights7Final
Oct 2808:45 PMTire World - GoldGotham City Dark Knights8STP Spartans3Final
Nov 0408:30 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen1Rusty Blades6Final
Nov 0408:30 PMSpectatorSTP Spartans2Goats2Final
Nov 0408:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears5Wild Boars7Final
Nov 0409:45 PMGay Lea - BlueMadmen4Gotham City Dark Knights3Final
Nov 0410:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedCaledon Knights3Jackals4Final
Nov 1106:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoats9Madmen4Final
Nov 1106:15 PMTire World - GoldSTP Spartans3Caledon Knights7Final
Nov 1109:45 PMGay Lea - BlueGotham City Dark Knights6Drunken Warriors1Final
Nov 1110:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedPowerview Dogpound9Brampton Icemen4Final
Nov 1110:00 PMTire World - GoldRusty Blades5KP Bears4Final
Nov 1806:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears4Warbirds9Final
Nov 1806:15 PMTire World - GoldWild Boars6Goats4Final
Nov 1807:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedCaledon Knights5Brampton Icemen3Final
Nov 1807:30 PMTire World - GoldJackals3Gotham City Dark Knights5Final
Nov 1808:30 PMSpectatorMadmen6Airplane Mode4Final
Nov 2507:15 PMGay Lea - BlueKP Bears7Powerview Dogpound12Final
Nov 2507:30 PMTire World - GoldGoats1Warbirds6Final
Nov 2508:30 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen10Airplane Mode6Final
Nov 2508:45 PMTire World - GoldDrunken Warriors2Madmen7Final
Nov 2508:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedGotham City Dark Knights7Caledon Knights10Final
Dec 0208:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGoats5KP Bears2Final
Dec 0209:45 PMGay Lea - BlueCaledon Knights7Drunken Warriors3Final
Dec 0210:00 PMTire World - GoldJackals2Brampton Icemen3Final
Dec 0210:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedMadmen5STP Spartans6Final
Dec 0211:00 PMGay Lea - BlueAirplane Mode6Gotham City Dark Knights10Final
Dec 0906:00 PMGay Lea - BlueMadmen5Caledon Knights0Final
Dec 0906:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Icemen5Gotham City Dark Knights5Final
Dec 0910:00 PMTire World - GoldGoats4Rusty Blades4Final
Dec 0910:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears2Wild Boars7Final
Dec 1606:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedPowerview Dogpound9Goats4Final
Dec 1606:15 PMTire World - GoldRusty Blades6Madmen1Final
Dec 1607:15 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen5Brampton Soldiers2Final
Dec 1607:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedAirplane Mode3Caledon Knights1Final
Dec 1607:30 PMTire World - GoldGotham City Dark Knights2STP Spartans3Final
Dec 1609:45 PMSpectatorJackals7KP Bears3Final
Dec 2307:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedMadmen1Warbirds6Final
Dec 2307:30 PMTire World - GoldWild Boars1Gotham City Dark Knights0Final
Dec 2308:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Icemen6KP Bears6Final
Dec 2308:45 PMTire World - GoldSTP Spartans4Caledon Knights9Final
Dec 2309:45 PMSpectatorGoats9Brampton Soldiers4Final
Jan 0608:30 PMGay Lea - BlueKP Bears8Goats12Final
Jan 0610:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Icemen2Madmen1Final
Jan 0610:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedCaledon Knights5Gotham City Dark Knights10Final
Jan 1306:00 PMGay Lea - BlueGotham City Dark Knights5KP Bears8Final
Jan 1306:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGoats7Brampton Icemen4Final
Jan 1306:15 PMTire World - GoldMadmen3Caledon Knights8Final
Jan 2007:15 PMGay Lea - BlueBrampton Icemen6Caledon Knights3Final
Jan 2007:30 PMTire World - GoldGoats4Gotham City Dark Knights5Final
Jan 2007:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedKP Bears5Madmen3Final
Jan 2708:30 PMGay Lea - BlueMadmen4Goats3Final
Jan 2708:45 PMTire World - GoldCaledon Knights6KP Bears10Final
Jan 2709:45 PMSpectatorGotham City Dark Knights5Brampton Icemen6Final
Feb 0309:45 PMGay Lea - BlueCaledon Knights4Goats7Final
Feb 0310:00 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Icemen1KP Bears6Final
Feb 0310:00 PMMaple Lodge - RedGotham City Dark Knights10Madmen6Final
Feb 1006:00 PMGay Lea - BlueMadmen4Brampton Icemen6Final
Feb 1006:15 PMTire World - GoldGoats12KP Bears7Final
Feb 1006:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGotham City Dark Knights0Caledon Knights1Final
Feb 2407:15 PMGay Lea - BlueKP Bears11Gotham City Dark Knights14Final
Feb 2407:30 PMMaple Lodge - RedBrampton Icemen4Goats5Final
Feb 2407:30 PMTire World - GoldCaledon Knights6Madmen8Final

Play Makers

1Bobby Dourmissis18Gotham City Dark Knights204316598
2Dylan Sargent77Goats2130235312
3Jeff Brown17Goats2130114110
4Brandon Andrade29Madmen1928134129
5Peter Scialdone17Caledon Knights212615416
6Gary Medeiros88Caledon Knights2124174110
7Stephen Nielsen69Brampton Icemen1822163812
8Luis Dasilva5Caledon Knights201027378
9Eric Andrade91Madmen181917366
10Jeff Machado19Madmen2013233622
11Michael Venner9Gotham City Dark Knights182013334
12Eden Cheng12KP Bears2020133310
13Nick Madruga28KP Bears2016173318
14Omar Nakeeb79KP Bears192011312
15Peter Aforozis19Gotham City Dark Knights196243023

Net Minders

1Tyler Bullett62Goats14543.8571
2Bryan Machado31Madmen20894.4501
3Marco Capizzo1 (G)Gotham City Dark Knights20924.6000
4Mason Overland1Goats5244.8000
5Anthony ColabufaloG-31Caledon Knights17925.4120
6Adam Mancini29Brampton Icemen211145.4290
7Simon Campbell1KP Bears211487.0480


1Carlos Andrade92Madmen1642
2Brandon Andrade29Madmen1929
3Brian Salvador71Gotham City Dark Knights1328
4Luke Little96Caledon Knights1726
5Michael Higgins18Brampton Icemen1726
6Nicholas Cina16Caledon Knights1926
7Colin Haskell34Madmen1924
8Josh Bullied74Caledon Knights1524
9Peter Aforozis19Gotham City Dark Knights1923
10Chris Rodgers9Caledon Knights1822
11David Sargent7Goats2022
12Jeff Machado19Madmen2022
13Michael Di Caro4Brampton Icemen1322
14George Karamountzos68Gotham City Dark Knights1021
15Jason Rowsell17Madmen1521


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre







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