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TNHC 2019-2020 Winter League
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TNHC 2019 Summer League

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Division R-2

2019 Playoff Info


All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Jurassic Puck2214537255319917
2Sofa Kings22135491693012822
3Black Crow HC22976645524569
6Dragons Hockey229112717020641

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1809:30 PMSpectatorDragons Hockey2Kings4Final
Sep 1809:45 PMTire World - GoldJurassic Puck5Kings of the North0Final
Sep 1810:30 PMSpectatorSofa Kings4Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Sep 1810:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC2Swailers5Final
Sep 1810:45 PMTire World - GoldLeprechauns1Huskies4Final
Sep 2512:00 AMBye WeekVegas WolfpackBlack Crow HC 
Sep 2501:00 AMBye WeekHuskiesSofa Kings 
Sep 2506:30 PMSpectatorSwailers3Leprechauns3Final
Sep 2510:30 PMSpectatorGrowling Beavers3Jurassic Puck1Final
Sep 2510:45 PMTire World - GoldKings5Valhalla Vikings3Final
Sep 2510:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings of the North0Dragons Hockey5Final
Oct 0201:00 AMBye WeekJurassic PuckKings 
Oct 0206:30 PMSpectatorDragons Hockey0Valhalla Vikings5Final
Oct 0207:30 PMSpectatorSofa Kings0Black Crow HC0Final
Oct 0207:45 PMTire World - GoldHuskies3Swailers1Final
Oct 0207:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedLeprechauns3Vegas Wolfpack2Final
Oct 0907:30 PMSpectatorKings5Kings of the North0Final
Oct 0907:45 PMTire World - GoldGrowling Beavers3Dragons Hockey4Final
Oct 0907:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedValhalla Vikings6Jurassic Puck1Final
Oct 0908:30 PMGay Lea - BlueSwailers2Sofa Kings7Final
Oct 0909:30 PMGay Lea - BlueVegas Wolfpack0Huskies4Final
Oct 0910:30 PMGay Lea - BlueBlack Crow HC2Leprechauns2Final
Oct 1608:30 PMSpectatorBlack Crow HC6Kings of the North1Final
Oct 1608:30 PMGay Lea - BlueValhalla Vikings3Huskies1Final
Oct 1608:45 PMTire World - GoldSofa Kings6Leprechauns4Final
Oct 1608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSwailers6Vegas Wolfpack1Final
Oct 1609:30 PMGay Lea - BlueDragons Hockey2Jurassic Puck3Final
Oct 1610:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGrowling Beavers5Kings2Final
Oct 2308:30 PMSpectatorValhalla Vikings6Dragons Hockey3Final
Oct 2308:45 PMTire World - GoldGrowling Beavers2Huskies1Final
Oct 2308:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings3Jurassic Puck3Final
Oct 2309:30 PMSpectatorSwailers6Leprechauns1Final
Oct 2309:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings of the North0Sofa Kings5Final
Oct 2309:45 PMTire World - GoldVegas Wolfpack2Black Crow HC4Final
Oct 3009:30 PMSpectatorDragons Hockey4Kings2Final
Oct 3009:45 PMTire World - GoldJurassic Puck4Huskies1Final
Oct 3010:30 PMSpectatorSofa Kings7Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Oct 3010:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC2Swailers3Final
Oct 3010:45 PMTire World - GoldLeprechauns5Kings of the North0Final
Nov 0606:30 PMSpectatorSofa Kings2Black Crow HC7Final
Nov 0607:30 PMSpectatorLeprechauns4Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Nov 0608:30 PMSpectatorKings of the North2Swailers7Final
Nov 0610:30 PMSpectatorGrowling Beavers4Jurassic Puck2Final
Nov 0610:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedHuskies2Dragons Hockey4Final
Nov 0610:45 PMTire World - GoldKings2Valhalla Vikings5Final
Nov 1312:00 AMBye WeekDragons HockeyValhalla Vikings 
Nov 1301:00 AMBye WeekSwailersLeprechauns 
Nov 1306:30 PMSpectatorJurassic Puck4Kings1Final
Nov 1307:30 PMSpectatorHuskies1Growling Beavers4Final
Nov 1307:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings of the North1Sofa Kings4Final
Nov 1307:45 PMTire World - GoldVegas Wolfpack4Black Crow HC5Final
Nov 2007:30 PMSpectatorKings8Huskies5Final
Nov 2007:45 PMTire World - GoldGrowling Beavers6Dragons Hockey1Final
Nov 2007:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedValhalla Vikings3Jurassic Puck0Final
Nov 2008:30 PMGay Lea - BlueBlack Crow HC3Leprechauns3Final
Nov 2010:30 PMGay Lea - BlueSwailers6Sofa Kings8Final
Nov 2708:30 PMSpectatorBlack Crow HC5Kings of the North0Final
Nov 2708:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGrowling Beavers3Kings2Final
Nov 2708:45 PMTire World - GoldSofa Kings4Leprechauns2Final
Nov 2708:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSwailers1Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Nov 2709:30 PMGay Lea - BlueValhalla Vikings6Huskies2Final
Nov 2710:30 PMGay Lea - BlueDragons Hockey2Jurassic Puck3Final
Dec 0408:30 PMSpectatorKings4Dragons Hockey4Final
Dec 0408:45 PMTire World - GoldHuskies2Jurassic Puck5Final
Dec 0409:30 PMSpectatorVegas Wolfpack3Sofa Kings5Final
Dec 0409:45 PMTire World - GoldKings of the North1Leprechauns4Final
Dec 0409:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSwailers3Black Crow HC2Final
Dec 1109:30 PMSpectatorJurassic Puck2Growling Beavers6Final
Dec 1109:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDragons Hockey4Huskies2Final
Dec 1109:45 PMTire World - GoldValhalla Vikings5Kings1Final
Dec 1110:30 PMSpectatorLeprechauns4Swailers7Final
Dec 1110:45 PMTire World - GoldBlack Crow HC4Vegas Wolfpack3Final
Dec 1110:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSofa Kings6Kings of the North1Final
Dec 1812:00 AMBye WeekSwailersKings of the North 
Dec 1801:00 AMBye WeekVegas WolfpackLeprechauns 
Dec 1806:30 PMSpectatorBlack Crow HC2Sofa Kings2Final
Dec 1810:30 PMSpectatorValhalla Vikings5Dragons Hockey3Final
Dec 1810:45 PMTire World - GoldGrowling Beavers6Huskies1Final
Dec 1810:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings3Jurassic Puck4Final
Jan 0812:00 AMBye WeekDragons HockeyGrowling Beavers 
Jan 0801:00 AMBye WeekJurassic PuckValhalla Vikings 
Jan 0806:30 PMSpectatorHuskies2Kings4Final
Jan 0807:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedLeprechauns3Black Crow HC3Final
Jan 0807:45 PMTire World - GoldSofa Kings5Swailers9Final
Jan 1506:30 PMSpectatorDragons Hockey8Swailers3Final
Jan 1508:30 PMSpectatorHuskies0Black Crow HC3Final
Jan 1508:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedLeprechauns3Kings7Final
Jan 1508:45 PMTire World - GoldSofa Kings2Jurassic Puck5Final
Jan 2204:00 AMBye WeekKingsHuskies 
Jan 2205:00 AMBye WeekBlack Crow HCSofa Kings 
Jan 2209:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedJurassic Puck4Dragons Hockey3Final
Jan 2209:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers6Leprechauns3Final
Jan 2910:30 PMGay Lea - BlueLeprechauns1Huskies4Final
Jan 2910:30 PMSpectatorSofa Kings2Swailers1Final
Jan 2910:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedDragons Hockey2Black Crow HC4Final
Jan 2910:45 PMTire World - GoldJurassic Puck5Kings3Final
Feb 0507:30 PMSpectatorBlack Crow HC5Leprechauns2Final
Feb 0507:45 PMTire World - GoldHuskies5Sofa Kings2Final
Feb 0507:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings3Dragons Hockey2Final
Feb 0508:30 PMGay Lea - BlueSwailers2Jurassic Puck4Final
Feb 1208:30 PMGay Lea - BlueDragons Hockey0Leprechauns0Final
Feb 1208:30 PMSpectatorJurassic Puck0Huskies0Final
Feb 1208:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSofa Kings0Kings0Final
Feb 1208:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers0Black Crow HC0Final
Feb 1909:30 PMGay Lea - BlueKings3Swailers4Final
Feb 1909:30 PMSpectatorLeprechauns2Sofa Kings7Final
Feb 1909:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedBlack Crow HC1Jurassic Puck3Final
Feb 1909:45 PMTire World - GoldHuskies2Dragons Hockey6Final
Feb 2612:00 AMBye WeekKingsBlack Crow HC 
Feb 2601:00 AMBye WeekJurassic PuckLeprechauns 
Feb 2610:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSofa Kings2Dragons Hockey7Final
Feb 2610:45 PMTire World - GoldSwailers2Huskies5Final
Mar 0512:00 AMBye WeekHuskiesSwailers 
Mar 0501:00 AMBye WeekDragons HockeySofa Kings 
Mar 0506:30 PMSpectatorBlack Crow HC1Kings4Final
Mar 0510:30 PMGay Lea - BlueLeprechauns2Jurassic Puck5Final
Mar 0707:30 PMSpectatorLeprechauns7Swailers4Final
Mar 0708:30 PMSpectatorHuskies5Kings4Final
Mar 0709:30 PMSpectatorDragons Hockey1Jurassic Puck4Final
Mar 0709:45 PMTire World - GoldSofa Kings6Black Crow HC1Final
Mar 1208:30 PMGay Lea - BlueBlack Crow HC2Huskies5Final
Mar 1208:30 PMSpectatorSwailers3Dragons Hockey4Final
Mar 1208:45 PMTire World - GoldJurassic Puck5Sofa Kings5Final
Mar 1208:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings9Leprechauns4Final

Play Makers

1Jason Sa5Dragons Hockey192813412
2angelo kostenas17Sofa Kings221918374
3Domenico Amato74Kings161814326
4Mason Carter91Swailers211911304
5Gino Naccarato19Kings22919282
6Andrew Subryan44Swailers161212248
7Peter Mardus45Sofa Kings20221230
8Joshua Ferreira21Kings201392216
9Jeff Hepinstall11Swailers221111228
10Christopher Nadeau3Sofa Kings12156212
11MIKE ALLEMS11Sofa Kings22129212
12Shawn MacFarlane9Kings225162118
13Mike Lizon3Leprechauns20128204
14Jonathan Mayers19Swailers211010202
15Ryan McKeen11Black Crow HC21154190

Net Minders

1Jaspal Singh30Black Crow HC21552.6193
2Brian Rusciolelli29Jurassic Puck19512.6841
3Chris Stamatopoulos1Dragons Hockey7213.0000
4Steve Formoso35Sofa Kings20683.4002
5Andrew Dryden1Huskies20683.4001
6Michael Da SilvaGKings21733.4761
7Tony Celebre30Dragons Hockey6213.5001
8Derek GuestGSwailers20763.8000
9Jeff Adams1Leprechauns21914.3331


1Frank Formoso93Sofa Kings830
2Kevin Sheridan91Black Crow HC1928
3Rob Straker6Sofa Kings1922
4Robert Sim23Huskies1722
5Michael Pereira2Jurassic Puck1319
6Shawn MacFarlane9Kings2218
7Ben Cronsberry17Huskies917
8Derek Tremblay3Kings1816
9Joshua Ferreira21Kings2016
10Mike Romeo33Kings2016
11Monty Gill4Sofa Kings1916
12Jordan Allems20Sofa Kings1314
13Jordan Bruce28Jurassic Puck1914
14Scott Boere4Jurassic Puck2114
15Brian Finlayson21Dragons Hockey2212


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre







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