Adult Rec Hockey for the GTA
R-1 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Summer 2019

905 - Tuesday




All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.


1Jurassic Puck137245138184813
2Growling Beavers1384145351711010
3Dragons Hockey13643484215286
4Easy Company13643373015427
5Valhalla Vikings1346331381134-7

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Apr 3010:00 PMSpectatorChargers2Kings4Final
Apr 3010:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGladiators1Easy Company2Final
Apr 3010:30 PMTire World - GoldGrowling Beavers2Dragons Hockey5Final
Apr 3010:30 PMGay Lea - BlueValhalla Vikings1Jurassic Puck3Final
May 0706:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedEasy Company2Valhalla Vikings4Final
May 0706:30 PMGay Lea - BlueJurassic Puck4Chargers1Final
May 0709:45 PMSpectatorDragons Hockey5Gladiators3Final
May 0711:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings2Growling Beavers6Final
May 1407:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGrowling Beavers3Easy Company2Final
May 1407:30 PMTire World - GoldDragons Hockey5Jurassic Puck5Final
May 1407:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGladiators1Kings1Final
May 1409:45 PMSpectatorValhalla Vikings4Chargers4Final
May 2108:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings2Valhalla Vikings5Final
May 2108:30 PMTire World - GoldChargers2Growling Beavers3Final
May 2108:30 PMGay Lea - BlueJurassic Puck3Gladiators1Final
May 2108:45 PMSpectatorEasy Company3Dragons Hockey5Final
May 2809:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedDragons Hockey2Chargers5Final
May 2809:30 PMTire World - GoldEasy Company6Kings1Final
May 2809:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGrowling Beavers2Jurassic Puck2Final
May 2809:45 PMSpectatorGladiators3Valhalla Vikings3Final
Jun 0410:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedValhalla Vikings2Growling Beavers6Final
Jun 0410:30 PMTire World - GoldChargers2Gladiators2Final
Jun 0410:30 PMGay Lea - BlueKings5Dragons Hockey6Final
Jun 0410:45 PMSpectatorJurassic Puck4Easy Company4Final
Jun 1106:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings7Jurassic Puck3Final
Jun 1106:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGladiators2Growling Beavers3Final
Jun 1110:45 PMSpectatorValhalla Vikings2Dragons Hockey5Final
Jun 1111:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedChargers1Easy Company2Final
Jun 1812:00 AMBye WeekKingsValhalla Vikings 
Jun 1807:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedJurassic Puck1Gladiators1Final
Jun 1807:30 PMTire World - GoldChargers3Growling Beavers6Final
Jun 1807:30 PMGay Lea - BlueEasy Company2Dragons Hockey2Final
Jun 1909:30 PMFord PC 3Kings2Valhalla Vikings1Final
Jun 2512:00 AMBye WeekDragons HockeyChargers 
Jun 2508:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedGrowling Beavers4Jurassic Puck6Final
Jun 2508:30 PMTire World - GoldEasy Company4Kings1Final
Jun 2508:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGladiators0Valhalla Vikings4Final
Jun 2610:30 PMFord PC 3Dragons Hockey3Chargers5Final
Jul 0212:00 AMBye WeekJurassic PuckEasy Company 
Jul 0209:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedValhalla Vikings2Growling Beavers0Final
Jul 0209:30 PMTire World - GoldChargers3Gladiators3Final
Jul 0209:30 PMGay Lea - BlueKings1Dragons Hockey6Final
Jul 0309:30 PMFord PC 3Jurassic Puck6Easy Company2Final
Jul 0912:00 AMBye WeekGladiatorsGrowling Beavers 
Jul 0910:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings5Jurassic Puck3Final
Jul 0910:30 PMGay Lea - BlueChargers2Easy Company2Final
Jul 0910:30 PMTire World - GoldValhalla Vikings2Dragons Hockey2Final
Jul 1010:30 PMFord PC 3Gladiators1Growling Beavers0Final
Jul 1606:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedEasy Company3Gladiators0Final
Jul 1606:30 PMGay Lea - BlueDragons Hockey1Growling Beavers4Final
Jul 1609:30 PMTire World - GoldKings2Chargers7Final
Jul 1611:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedJurassic Puck6Valhalla Vikings1Final
Jul 2306:30 PMGay Lea - BlueChargers4Jurassic Puck5Final
Jul 2307:15 PMMaple Lodge - RedValhalla Vikings0Easy Company3Final
Jul 2307:30 PMTire World - GoldGladiators3Dragons Hockey1Final
Jul 2307:30 PMGay Lea - BlueGrowling Beavers6Kings5Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Ryan Mouser7Growling Beavers8145190
2Mitchell Haywood24Chargers11118196
3Gino Naccarato19Kings12811190
4Jason Sa28Dragons Hockey7124160
5Richard Sheppard9Chargers1396156
6Steve Kerins5Growling Beavers103121556
7Matt Van Gelder64Jurassic Puck1286140
8Sebastien Landry89Kings9112130
9Daniel Rispoli97Growling Beavers1285134
10Chris Rogacki93Easy Company11310136
11Bradly Kaulback73Easy Company1284126
12Kyle Mckinnon22Jurassic Puck1266128
13Shawn Kirkman2Dragons Hockey1074110
14Paul Boucher2Chargers12110110
15Scott Boere4Jurassic Puck12731014

Net Minders

1Derek Budway31Gladiators13312.3851
2John Tumanguil33Easy Company12302.5001
3Junior AlvesG-61Growling Beavers12342.8330
4Brian Knott45Dragons Hockey7202.8570
5Brandan Reese33Valhalla Vikings13382.9232
6Brian Rusciolelli29Jurassic Puck11333.0000
7Arthur SenkowskiGChargers10353.5000
8Chris Stamatopoulos1Dragons Hockey6223.6670
9Mike Da SilvaGKings12504.1670


1Steve Kerins5Growling Beavers1056
2Richard Budway17Gladiators1219
3Scott Boere4Jurassic Puck1214
4Alex Hare7Easy Company912
5Damien Wren22Growling Beavers1012
6Jordan Bruce28Jurassic Puck1112
7Michael Romeo33Kings1212
8Toron Lee5Gladiators1312
9John Colautti6Kings1310
10John E KIRKPATRICK8Chargers710
11John Haywood21Chargers910
12Junior AlvesG-61Growling Beavers1210
13Brandon Vienneau44Growling Beavers98
14BRIAN FINLAYSON21Dragons Hockey138
15Chad Courtney12Kings138