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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1California Sandwiches1715209538306657
2Analytic Darlings17152094393012655
4Beer Raiders1712507150245421
5Can't Be Beet178636450198414
6True North Vikings17890828116861
8TO Rubber Puckies1731314892796-44

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1512:00 PMRinx 3Dogs0Analytic Darlings5Final
Sep 1501:15 PMRinx 3True North Vikings8TO Rubber Puckies3Final
Sep 1501:30 PMRinx 2Can't Be Beet5Kwik E Mart Gougers1Final
Sep 1502:30 PMRinx 3Hats0Bears1Final
Sep 1509:00 PMFord PC 2Toronto Bombers3California Sandwiches7Final
Sep 1510:15 PMRinx 2Cluster Pucks4Beer Raiders3Final
Sep 2203:45 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders6Mob Barley8Final
Sep 2207:30 PMRinx 3Shooting Blanks3Can't Be Beet7Final
Sep 2209:00 PMRinx 2Analytic Darlings6True North Vikings4Final
Sep 2209:00 PMFord PC 2Bears2Dogs1Final
Sep 2210:15 PMRinx 2TO Rubber Puckies1California Sandwiches6Final
Sep 2912:00 PMRinx 3Toronto Bombers0Bears3Final
Sep 2905:00 PMRinx 3California Sandwiches3Analytic Darlings5Final
Sep 2906:15 PMRinx 3Dogs6TO Rubber Puckies4Final
Sep 2906:30 PMRinx 2Can't Be Beet5Weekend Warriors0Final
Sep 2907:45 PMRinx 1Chiefskates2Beer Raiders4Final
Sep 2909:00 PMFord PC 2True North Vikings8Hats4Final
Oct 0601:30 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders4Mojo2Final
Oct 0606:30 PMRinx 1Toronto Bombers3True North Vikings8Final
Oct 0607:45 PMRinx 1Dogs2Hats3Final
Oct 0609:00 PMRinx 1California Sandwiches1Bears3Final
Oct 0609:00 PMFord PC 2TO Rubber Puckies1Analytic Darlings3Final
Oct 0610:30 PMFord PC 3Toques0Can't Be Beet5Final
Oct 2012:15 PMRinx 2TO Rubber Puckies2Hats7Final
Oct 2001:30 PMRinx 2Analytic Darlings4Bears1Final
Oct 2002:30 PMRinx 3Blazers1Can't Be Beet6Final
Oct 2002:45 PMRinx 2California Sandwiches7True North Vikings2Final
Oct 2008:45 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders567's1Final
Oct 2009:00 PMFord PC 2Dogs7Toronto Bombers4Final
Oct 2706:00 PMSpectatorMavericks3Can't Be Beet8Final
Oct 2706:30 PMRinx 2Cluster Pucks3Beer Raiders5Final
Oct 2707:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Bombers0Analytic Darlings5Final
Oct 2708:45 PMRinx 3Hats1California Sandwiches6Final
Oct 2709:00 PMFord PC 2Bears7TO Rubber Puckies2Final
Oct 2710:00 PMRinx 3True North Vikings4Dogs1Final
Nov 0301:15 PMRinx 3Can't Be Beet2Heat6Final
Nov 0304:00 PMRinx 2Bears8True North Vikings5Final
Nov 0305:15 PMRinx 2TO Rubber Puckies5Toronto Bombers4Final
Nov 0306:30 PMRinx 2California Sandwiches6Dogs1Final
Nov 0307:15 PMSpectatorBeer Raiders8Mob Barley4Final
Nov 0309:00 PMFord PC 2Analytic Darlings5Hats0Final
Nov 1002:30 PMRinx 3Chiefskates2Beer Raiders0Final
Nov 1007:45 PMRinx 2Dragons1Can't Be Beet6Final
Nov 1007:45 PMSpectatorTrue North Vikings5TO Rubber Puckies7Final
Nov 1009:00 PMSpectatorDogs1Analytic Darlings6Final
Nov 1009:00 PMFord PC 2Toronto Bombers2California Sandwiches7Final
Nov 1010:15 PMSpectatorHats0Bears1Final
Nov 1712:00 PMRinx 3Analytic Darlings8True North Vikings3Final
Nov 1701:15 PMRinx 3Hats2Can't Be Beet4Final
Nov 1702:30 PMRinx 3TO Rubber Puckies1California Sandwiches6Final
Nov 1707:45 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders6Mojo5Final
Nov 1709:00 PMFord PC 2Bears5Dogs7Final
Nov 2405:00 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders6Toronto Bombers1Final
Nov 2407:45 PMRinx 2Can't Be Beet1Bears3Final
Nov 2409:00 PMRinx 2True North Vikings7Hats2Final
Nov 2410:15 PMRinx 2California Sandwiches6Analytic Darlings4Final
Nov 2410:15 PMFord PC 2Dogs0TO Rubber Puckies4Final
Dec 0105:45 PMRinx 3California Sandwiches3Bears2Final
Dec 0107:00 PMRinx 3Can't Be Beet4True North Vikings6Final
Dec 0107:45 PMRinx 1Cluster Pucks5Beer Raiders6Final
Dec 0107:45 PMRinx 2TO Rubber Puckies2Analytic Darlings7Final
Dec 0108:15 PMRinx 3Dogs5Hats1Final
Dec 0812:15 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders3Mob Barley1Final
Dec 0805:45 PMRinx 3Dogs1Can't Be Beet1Final
Dec 0806:30 PMRinx 1TO Rubber Puckies4Hats5Final
Dec 0807:45 PMRinx 1Analytic Darlings6Bears1Final
Dec 0809:00 PMRinx 1California Sandwiches5True North Vikings4Final
Dec 1512:15 PMRinx 2Hats3California Sandwiches8Final
Dec 1501:30 PMRinx 2True North Vikings2Dogs6Final
Dec 1502:45 PMRinx 2Can't Be Beet2Analytic Darlings6Final
Dec 1504:00 PMRinx 2Bears7TO Rubber Puckies2Final
Dec 1509:30 PMRinx 3Chiefskates2Beer Raiders3Final
Dec 2205:15 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders2Mojo0Final
Dec 2209:00 PMFord PC 2California Sandwiches6Dogs1Final
Dec 2209:30 PMRinx 3Analytic Darlings7Hats2Final
Dec 2210:15 PMRinx 1TO Rubber Puckies5Can't Be Beet5Final
Dec 2210:45 PMRinx 3Bears5True North Vikings3Final
Jan 0504:00 PMRinx 2Can't Be Beet0California Sandwiches4Final
Jan 0505:15 PMRinx 2Dogs2Analytic Darlings7Final
Jan 0505:45 PMRinx 3True North Vikings4TO Rubber Puckies3Final
Jan 0506:30 PMRinx 2Beer Raiders2Bears4Final
Jan 1202:45 PMFord PC 4Beer Raiders6Can't Be Beet1Final
Jan 1204:00 PMFord PC 4Analytic Darlings7True North Vikings4Final
Jan 1205:15 PMFord PC 4TO Rubber Puckies2California Sandwiches7Final
Jan 1209:00 PMFord PC 2Bears3Dogs1Final
Jan 1902:00 PMRinx 3California Sandwiches7Analytic Darlings3Final
Jan 1903:15 PMRinx 3Dogs5TO Rubber Puckies0Final
Jan 1904:30 PMRinx 3Can't Be Beet2Bears2Final
Jan 1910:15 PMFord PC 2True North Vikings5Beer Raiders2Final
Jan 2607:45 PMRinx 2DogsBeer Raiders 
Jan 2609:00 PMRinx 2Can't Be BeetTrue North Vikings 
Jan 2609:00 PMFord PC 2TO Rubber PuckiesAnalytic Darlings 
Jan 2610:15 PMRinx 2California SandwichesBears 
Feb 0205:45 PMRinx 3TO Rubber PuckiesBeer Raiders 
Feb 0207:00 PMRinx 3Analytic DarlingsBears 
Feb 0208:15 PMRinx 3California SandwichesTrue North Vikings 
Feb 0209:00 PMFord PC 2DogsCan't Be Beet 
Feb 0906:30 PMRinx 1True North VikingsDogs 
Feb 0907:45 PMRinx 1BearsTO Rubber Puckies 
Feb 0909:00 PMRinx 1Beer RaidersCalifornia Sandwiches 
Feb 0910:15 PMFord PC 2Can't Be BeetAnalytic Darlings 
Feb 2312:15 PMRinx 2Analytic DarlingsBeer Raiders 
Feb 2301:30 PMRinx 2TO Rubber PuckiesCan't Be Beet 
Feb 2302:45 PMRinx 2California SandwichesDogs 
Feb 2309:00 PMFord PC 2BearsTrue North Vikings 

Play Makers

1Mike Decker7California Sandwiches151623392
2Patrick Rafeiro71True North Vikings161718354
3Joe Bizzarro19California Sandwiches151914330
4Joe Furfaro6True North Vikings1718143220
5Anthony Padula17True North Vikings1513193216
6Brandon Gencher9Analytic Darlings101614306
7Mike Fine17California Sandwiches10139220
8Stephen Kerner97Beer Raiders16913220
9Victor Piszczek22California Sandwiches127152212
10Derek Collins6Beer Raiders161292110
11Taylor Shold10Analytic Darlings168132112
12Helder Lopes10California Sandwiches17812200
13Carson Shold5Analytic Darlings14118194
14Kevin Callaghan11Dogs171181910
15David Azuma21Analytic Darlings13712192

Net Minders

1Darren Lacey1California Sandwiches17382.2351
2Jeremy Pearl31Analytic Darlings17392.2943
3Taylor Herbert-Copley29Can't Be Beet15422.8002
4Patrick Truckle35Bears14402.8570
5Nathan Groskopf1Beer Raiders17502.9411
6Jsaon Falovo33-GDogs16593.6881
7Bryan Belanger Diaz36True North Vikings17814.7650
8Joseph BertoneG-31TO Rubber Puckies10555.5000


1Steven Harris2Dogs822
2Jordan Chesney4Bears1221
3Joe Furfaro6True North Vikings1720
4Michael Adach53Analytic Darlings1320
5Paul Biddleston81TO Rubber Puckies1520
6Chad Nunn19Dogs1218
7Jonathan Shapiro85Bears1618
8Spencer Robinson14TO Rubber Puckies1018
9Anthony Padula17True North Vikings1516
10Josh Hargreaves4Analytic Darlings1316
11Robert Scarborough72bTO Rubber Puckies1216
12Drew Herbert-Copley19Can't Be Beet1414
13Duncan Burns-Shillington45Can't Be Beet1314
14Gareth Blair66Dogs614
15Joe Pellegrino33California Sandwiches1614


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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