I-3 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2019/20

416 - Sunday


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3Tiger Sharks211191747723126-3
5Golden Tigers219848780221047

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 1503:45 PMRinx 3Dragons1Golden Tigers6Final
Sep 1505:00 PMRinx 3Heat7Tiger Sharks3Final
Sep 1506:15 PMRinx 3Mavericks7Voyageurs4Final
Sep 1507:45 PMRinx 2Mojo167's6Final
Sep 1509:00 PMRinx 1Snowbirds4Black Dragons6Final
Sep 2201:30 PMRinx 2Masked Minions4Snowbirds4Final
Sep 2205:00 PMRinx 367's2Cluster Pucks6Final
Sep 2206:30 PMRinx 1Tiger Sharks7Dragons2Final
Sep 2207:45 PMRinx 1Voyageurs8Heat9Final
Sep 2209:00 PMRinx 1Golden Tigers3Mavericks3Final
Sep 2912:15 PMRinx 2Mavericks8Heat6Final
Sep 2901:30 PMRinx 2Golden Tigers3Tiger Sharks3Final
Sep 2902:45 PMRinx 2Dragons3Voyageurs3Final
Sep 2906:30 PMRinx 1Mob Barley667's5Final
Sep 2907:30 PMRinx 3Fancy Badgers2Snowbirds5Final
Oct 0612:15 PMRinx 267's4Chiefskates5Final
Oct 0606:30 PMRinx 2Snowbirds6Hard 4 Whaletails1Final
Oct 0607:30 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks3Mavericks1Final
Oct 0608:45 PMRinx 3Voyageurs6Golden Tigers6Final
Oct 0610:00 PMRinx 3Heat2Dragons3Final
Oct 2004:00 PMRinx 2Tiger Sharks1Voyageurs3Final
Oct 2006:30 PMRinx 2Heat2Golden Tigers6Final
Oct 2008:30 PMSpectatorSnowbirds5Flying Hellfish0Final
Oct 2008:45 PMRinx 3Beer Raiders567's1Final
Oct 2701:15 PMRinx 3Voyageurs5Flying Hellfish0Final
Oct 2702:30 PMRinx 3Snowbirds6Black Dragons4Final
Oct 2704:00 PMRinx 2Mojo567's5Final
Oct 2707:15 PMSpectatorDragons1Golden Tigers5Final
Oct 2708:30 PMSpectatorHeat5Tiger Sharks1Final
Nov 0312:00 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks5Dragons1Final
Nov 0301:15 PMRinx 3Can't Be Beet2Heat6Final
Nov 0302:30 PMRinx 3Golden Tigers6Mavericks3Final
Nov 0307:45 PMRinx 2Black Dragons4Voyageurs8Final
Nov 0308:30 PMSpectator67's6Cluster Pucks7Final
Nov 0309:00 PMRinx 2Masked Minions3Snowbirds8Final
Nov 1001:15 PMRinx 3Mob Barley667's3Final
Nov 1003:45 PMRinx 3Fancy Badgers0Snowbirds5Final
Nov 1005:00 PMRinx 3Voyageurs6Masked Minions1Final
Nov 1009:00 PMRinx 2Mavericks6Heat7Final
Nov 1010:15 PMRinx 2Golden Tigers2Tiger Sharks3Final
Nov 1703:45 PMRinx 3Heat6Snowbirds6Final
Nov 1705:00 PMRinx 367's7Golden Tigers6Final
Nov 1706:15 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks5Mavericks2Final
Nov 1706:30 PMRinx 1Dragons4Voyageurs6Final
Nov 2402:45 PMRinx 2Fancy Badgers0Voyageurs5Final
Nov 2406:30 PMRinx 1Heat6Golden Tigers1Final
Nov 2407:45 PMRinx 1Mavericks5Snowbirds9Final
Nov 2409:00 PMRinx 1Tiger Sharks267's6Final
Dec 0112:15 PMRinx 2Heat6Tiger Sharks1Final
Dec 0101:30 PMRinx 2Mavericks267's7Final
Dec 0102:45 PMRinx 2Snowbirds8Golden Tigers4Final
Dec 0110:15 PMRinx 1Voyageurs6Flying Hellfish1Final
Dec 0804:00 PMRinx 2Black Dragons3Voyageurs6Final
Dec 0809:30 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks7Snowbirds4Final
Dec 0810:15 PMRinx 1Golden Tigers6Mavericks4Final
Dec 0810:45 PMRinx 367's8Heat5Final
Dec 1505:15 PMRinx 2Snowbirds367's8Final
Dec 1506:30 PMRinx 2Mavericks3Heat6Final
Dec 1509:00 PMFord PC 2Golden Tigers5Tiger Sharks6Final
Dec 1510:15 PMSpectatorVoyageurs5Masked Minions0Final
Dec 2204:30 PMRinx 3Dragons7Voyageurs5Final
Dec 2206:00 PMSpectator67's6Golden Tigers1Final
Dec 2207:15 PMSpectatorTiger Sharks4Mavericks0Final
Dec 2208:30 PMSpectatorHeat3Snowbirds5Final
Jan 0502:00 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks467's6Final
Jan 0503:15 PMRinx 3Voyageurs9Snowbirds5Final
Jan 0504:30 PMRinx 3Heat5Golden Tigers1Final
Jan 1207:45 PMRinx 2Golden Tigers5Voyageurs2Final
Jan 1209:00 PMRinx 267's8Heat4Final
Jan 1210:15 PMRinx 2Tiger Sharks5Snowbirds3Final
Jan 1905:45 PMRinx 3Voyageurs1067's5Final
Jan 1907:00 PMRinx 3Snowbirds4Golden Tigers6Final
Jan 1908:15 PMRinx 3Heat3Tiger Sharks1Final
Jan 2606:30 PMRinx 1Voyageurs10Heat5Final
Jan 2607:45 PMRinx 1Snowbirds767's7Final
Jan 2609:00 PMRinx 1Golden Tigers4Tiger Sharks0Final
Feb 0212:15 PMRinx 267's3Golden Tigers3Final
Feb 0201:30 PMRinx 2Tiger Sharks2Voyageurs6Final
Feb 0202:45 PMRinx 2Heat5Snowbirds6Final
Feb 0909:30 PMRinx 3Tiger Sharks667's4Final
Feb 0910:15 PMRinx 1Heat1Golden Tigers5Final
Feb 0910:45 PMRinx 3Voyageurs2Snowbirds7Final
Feb 2304:00 PMRinx 267's4Voyageurs3Final
Feb 2305:15 PMRinx 2Tiger Sharks5Heat4Final
Feb 2306:30 PMRinx 2Golden Tigers3Snowbirds6Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Mark Kolenko66Voyageurs194375012
2Spencer Menzies7Snowbirds203212442
3Matt Thomson2467's1630144416
4Christian Borys9Snowbirds1419214016
5Alan Moldofsky25Heat211524398
6Conor Wilson2067's1722143618
7Lucas Husarewych51Heat161713302
8Matthew Truong61Golden Tigers181416308
9Cole Welter9BGolden Tigers121910298
10Jason fleming91Snowbirds171316298
11Paul Wigglesworth72Snowbirds1914132710
12William Kearns9Heat1814132730
13David Jakubowicz71Tiger Sharks1714112516
14Josh Mccoll9Voyageurs2112132526
15Jon Wolf83Tiger Sharks151112236

Net Minders


1Michael OldenburgGTiger Sharks18623.4441
2Jay Curtis29Golden Tigers20743.7001
3Norman Saunders87Voyageurs20773.8503
4Maxwell HallmanGSnowbirds20904.5001
5Andrew Morris31Heat20964.8000
6Michael GoorovichG67's19924.8420


Penalty Leaders

1William Kearns9Heat1830
2Josh Mccoll9Voyageurs2126
3Luke Watkins26Voyageurs1325
4Shane Goldman767's1724
5Mike Noble29Heat1522
6Stephen Oddy67Tiger Sharks1720
7Colin Penstone12Tiger Sharks1818
8Conor Wilson2067's1718
9Harvey Cayne95Heat1318
10Justin Kaye21Voyageurs1618
11Andrew Kieran47Heat1716
12Christian Borys9Snowbirds1416
13Dan Wright28Heat1816
14David Jakubowicz71Tiger Sharks1716
15David Kim76Tiger Sharks1616