Recreational Group 2 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2021/22

416 - Wednesday

Recreational Group 2


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until current games are indicated as Final
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1Fussy Puckers22145382433112039
2Big Pines2212736147279614
5Golden Geese22712355811780-26
6Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards22021131108179-77

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2201:01 AMBye WeekUpper Canadian Monitor LizardsFussy Puckers 
Sep 2207:00 PMMattamy ACFlybys2Golden Geese3Final
Sep 2209:00 PMFord PC 2Big Pines5Braves2Final
Sep 2209:00 PMMattamy ACDanger Noodles3Knights3Final
Sep 2901:01 AMBye WeekBravesDanger Noodles 
Sep 2909:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese1Cubs4Final
Sep 2910:00 PMMattamy ACFussy Puckers2Big Pines2Final
Sep 2910:00 PMFord PC 2Knights5Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Final
Oct 0607:00 PMMattamy ACKnights1Braves2Final
Oct 0608:00 PMMattamy ACFussy Puckers2Danger Noodles2Final
Oct 0609:00 PMFord PC 2Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1Big Pines4Final
Oct 0610:00 PMFord PC 2Golden Geese1Toronto Trash Pandas4Final
Oct 1312:01 AMBye WeekPurple CobrasGolden Geese 
Oct 1301:01 AMBye WeekBig PinesKnights 
Oct 1310:00 PMFord PC 2Braves2Fussy Puckers1Final
Oct 1311:00 PMMattamy ACDanger Noodles4Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1Final
Oct 2008:00 PMMattamy ACPurple Cobras6Golden Geese1Final
Oct 2010:00 PMFord PC 2Braves1Danger Noodles6Final
Oct 2010:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards2Fussy Puckers7Final
Oct 2011:00 PMMattamy ACBig Pines0Knights1Final
Oct 2707:00 PMMattamy ACDTRT4Golden Geese2Final
Oct 2708:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards2Braves3Final
Oct 2709:00 PMMattamy ACDanger Noodles4Big Pines1Final
Oct 2709:30 PMRinx 2Fussy Puckers3Knights1Final
Nov 0310:00 PMFord PC 2Big Pines2Braves3Final
Nov 0310:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese1Knights4Final
Nov 0311:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Fussy Puckers5Final
Nov 1007:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese6Big Pines4Final
Nov 1009:00 PMMattamy ACFussy Puckers1Knights1Final
Nov 1009:00 PMFord PC 2Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Braves5Final
Nov 1710:00 PMFord PC 2Braves2Fussy Puckers4Final
Nov 1710:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese5Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Final
Nov 1711:00 PMMattamy ACBig Pines2Knights2Final
Nov 2407:00 PMMattamy ACKnights2Braves4Final
Nov 2409:00 PMFord PC 2Fussy Puckers7Golden Geese2Final
Nov 2409:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards4Big Pines9Final
Dec 0110:00 PMMattamy ACFussy Puckers6Big Pines1Final
Dec 0110:00 PMFord PC 2Knights6Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards3Final
Dec 0111:00 PMMattamy ACBraves4Golden Geese4Final
Dec 0807:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese2Knights2Final
Dec 0808:00 PMMattamy ACBig Pines3Braves8Final
Dec 0809:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards4Fussy Puckers8Final
Dec 1509:00 PMFord PC 2Braves2Golden Geese3Final
Dec 1510:00 PMFord PC 2Fussy Puckers0Big Pines3Final
Dec 1510:00 PMMattamy ACKnights4Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1Final
Dec 2207:00 PMMattamy ACBraves3Fussy Puckers5Final
Dec 2208:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese1Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Final
Dec 2209:00 PMMattamy ACBig Pines1Knights0Final
Dec 2910:00 PMMattamy ACFussy Puckers5Golden Geese2Final
Dec 2910:00 PMFord PC 2Knights1Braves0Final
Dec 2911:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Big Pines0Final
Feb 0208:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards2Braves7Final
Feb 0209:00 PMMattamy ACFussy Puckers6Knights1Final
Feb 0209:00 PMFord PC 2Golden Geese2Big Pines3Final
Feb 0910:00 PMFord PC 2Big Pines3Braves0Final
Feb 0910:00 PMMattamy ACUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards2Fussy Puckers4Final
Feb 0911:00 PMMattamy ACGolden Geese2Knights1Final
Feb 1607:00 PMMattamy ACKnights6Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1Final
Feb 1608:00 PMMattamy ACBraves2Golden Geese2Final
Feb 1609:00 PMFord PC 2Fussy Puckers1Big Pines3Final
Feb 2310:00 PMMattamy ACBig Pines5Knights0Final
Feb 2310:00 PMFord PC 2Golden Geese7Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards4Final
Feb 2311:00 PMMattamy ACBraves2Fussy Puckers0Final
Mar 0209:00 PMFord PC 2Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards0Big Pines1Final
Mar 0209:15 PMRinx 3Fussy Puckers6Golden Geese1Final
Mar 0209:30 PMRinx 2Knights0Braves5Final
Mar 0909:30 PMCoca Cola ColiseumGolden Geese1Big Pines4Final
Mar 0910:00 PMFord PC 2Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1Braves6Final
Mar 0910:15 PMRinx 3Fussy Puckers1Knights5Final
Mar 1608:30 PMCoca Cola ColiseumFussy Puckers5Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1Final
Mar 1609:00 PMFord PC 2Knights6Golden Geese2Final
Mar 1609:15 PMRinx 3Braves1Big Pines4Final
Mar 2310:00 PMMattamy ACBig Pines1Fussy Puckers3Final
Mar 2310:00 PMFord PC 2Golden Geese4Braves7Final
Mar 2310:15 PMRinx 3Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards2Knights6Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Charles Levy10Golden Geese171715322
2Nick Klaponski12Fussy Puckers181220326
3Evan Green7Fussy Puckers1717112822
4Tim Ritcey8Big Pines1914112516
5Andrew Jamieson16Braves2013122512
6Cameron Hoy4Knights191392210
7Scott MacLennan2Braves17128208
8Patric Mcmullan24Fussy Puckers16711180
9Conrad Zanatta71Fussy Puckers17115166
10Jon Durst11Braves14106168
11Mack Farwell9Fussy Puckers11881610
12Matthew Dutra19Knights17510154
13Thomas jay Hennessy11Fussy Puckers16411150
14Owen Burry21Golden Geese11771410
15Drew MacDonald43Big Pines19851310

Net Minders


1Branson Schell30Big Pines9111.2223
2Eric Briden20Fussy Puckers17321.8821
3Luke HarrisG-1Knights20462.3002
4Trevor CoppenGBraves21542.5713
5Matthew BoreanGGolden Geese21813.8571
6Domenic StaltariGBig Pines9353.8890
7Kaitlyn FilipGUpper Canadian Monitor Lizards16925.7500


Penalty Leaders

1Tyler Chapman13Braves1431
2Evan Green7Fussy Puckers1722
3Neil Morrison4Fussy Puckers1922
4Pasquale Russo12Upper Canadian Monitor Lizards1321
5Hayden Johnston68Big Pines1816
6Tim Ritcey8Big Pines1916
7Adam Griffith4Braves2014
8Alexander Blanchard89Big Pines1914
9Andrew Jamieson16Braves2012
10Brent Watson3Braves1312
11James Atkinson19Golden Geese1312
12Jeff Masselis25Big Pines2012
13Matthew O'Neil18Fussy Puckers1112
14Melissa Briden95Fussy Puckers1612
15Cameron Hoy4Knights1910