Recreational Group 9B - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2021/22

416 - Sunday

Recreational Group 9B


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3Ice Bandits205150581051026-47
4Tim Tam Slams2031614690742-44

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 1912:01 AMBye WeekBobcatsMojo 
Sep 1907:00 PMMattamy ACIce Bandits2Toronto Goon Squad7Final
Sep 1909:30 PMRinx 3Spoilers0Hot Rods5Final
Sep 1910:30 PMRinx 4Tim Tam Slams2Toronto Renegades7Final
Sep 2612:01 AMBye WeekToronto SpitfiresTim Tam Slams 
Sep 2604:30 PMRinx 3Peter's Tree Care4Ice Bandits1Final
Sep 2608:15 PMMattamy ACToronto Renegades10Bobcats5Final
Sep 2610:45 PMRinx 3Mighty Dukes4Spoilers4Final
Oct 0303:15 PMRinx 3Tim Tam Slams0Bobcats5Final
Oct 0305:45 PMRinx 3Mustangs5Ice Bandits0Final
Oct 0307:00 PMMattamy ACToronto Knights5Spoilers0Final
Oct 1705:45 PMRinx 3Bobcats1Mojo4Final
Oct 1707:00 PMRinx 3Thrashers3Spoilers3Final
Oct 1709:30 PMMattamy ACToronto Spitfires3Tim Tam Slams2Final
Oct 1710:45 PMMattamy ACToronto Goon Squad4Ice Bandits3Final
Oct 2412:01 AMBye WeekToronto Goon SquadIce Bandits 
Oct 2408:15 PMRinx 3Spoilers2Toronto Spitfires4Final
Oct 2409:30 PMMattamy ACBobcats3Thrashers2Final
Oct 2410:45 PMMattamy ACMojo5Tim Tam Slams2Final
Oct 3112:01 AMBye WeekSpoilersToronto Knights 
Oct 3108:00 PMRinx 4Bobcats1Toronto Spitfires6Final
Oct 3108:15 PMRinx 3Tim Tam Slams0Thrashers5Final
Oct 3109:30 PMRinx 3Ice Bandits1Peter's Tree Care6Final
Nov 0709:30 PMRinx 3Bobcats3Toronto Renegades6Final
Nov 0710:30 PMRinx 4Spoilers6Tim Tam Slams3Final
Nov 0710:45 PMRinx 3Toronto Goon Squad8Ice Bandits3Final
Nov 1403:15 PMRinx 3Ice Bandits4Spoilers9Final
Nov 1405:45 PMRinx 3Tim Tam Slams3Peter's Tree Care8Final
Nov 1408:15 PMMattamy ACMighty Dukes3Bobcats1Final
Nov 2107:00 PMRinx 3Spoilers0Mustangs4Final
Nov 2107:00 PMMattamy ACTim Tam Slams6Ice Bandits3Final
Nov 2110:30 PMRinx 4Thrashers3Bobcats0Final
Nov 2803:15 PMRinx 3Bobcats1Toronto Spitfires6Final
Nov 2809:15 PMRinx 4Mustangs6Tim Tam Slams4Final
Nov 2809:30 PMRinx 3Ice Bandits3Peter's Tree Care8Final
Nov 2809:30 PMMattamy ACToronto Goon Squad7Spoilers3Final
Dec 0505:45 PMRinx 3Bobcats1Kwik E Mart Gougers2Final
Dec 0508:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Goon Squad5Tim Tam Slams4Final
Dec 0508:15 PMMattamy ACIce Bandits1Mustangs6Final
Dec 0508:15 PMRinx 3Peter's Tree Care6Spoilers3Final
Dec 1210:30 PMRinx 4Spoilers3Tim Tam Slams3Final
Dec 1210:45 PMMattamy ACPeter's Tree Care2Bobcats5Final
Dec 1210:45 PMRinx 3Toronto Goon Squad1Ice Bandits5Final
Dec 1903:15 PMRinx 3Tim Tam Slams0Peter's Tree Care1Final
Dec 1904:00 PMFord PC 4Ice Bandits4Spoilers2Final
Dec 1909:15 PMRinx 4Bobcats0Toronto Goon Squad1Final
Jan 0207:00 PMRinx 3Spoilers0Bobcats1Final
Jan 0207:00 PMMattamy ACTim Tam Slams0Ice Bandits1Final
Feb 0609:15 PMRinx 4Bobcats0Tim Tam Slams1Final
Feb 0609:30 PMRinx 3Ice Bandits2Peter's Tree Care7Final
Feb 0609:30 PMMattamy ACToronto Goon Squad4Spoilers3Final
Feb 1308:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Goon Squad7Tim Tam Slams5Final
Feb 1308:15 PMMattamy ACIce Bandits1Bobcats6Final
Feb 1308:15 PMRinx 3Peter's Tree Care5Spoilers2Final
Feb 2004:30 PMMattamy ACToronto Goon Squad7Ice Bandits2Final
Feb 2009:30 PMMattamy ACPeter's Tree Care0Bobcats1Final
Feb 2010:45 PMRinx 3Spoilers2Tim Tam Slams4Final
Feb 2703:15 PMRinx 3Ice Bandits1Spoilers2Final
Feb 2704:30 PMRinx 3Bobcats1Toronto Goon Squad5Final
Feb 2705:30 PMFord PC 3Tim Tam Slams2Peter's Tree Care7Final
Mar 0605:45 PMRinx 3Spoilers2Bobcats1Final
Mar 0607:00 PMRinx 3Tim Tam Slams4Ice Bandits8Final
Mar 1309:15 PMRinx 4Ice Bandits3Peter's Tree Care8Final
Mar 1309:30 PMMattamy ACBobcats3Tim Tam Slams1Final
Mar 1309:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Goon Squad3Spoilers1Final
Mar 2008:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Goon Squad5Tim Tam Slams0Final
Mar 2008:15 PMRinx 3Ice Bandits10Bobcats5Final
Mar 2008:15 PMMattamy ACPeter's Tree Care1Spoilers0Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Cody Barton69Ice Bandits16129210
2matthew fung6Tim Tam Slams15135180
3JUSTIN FUNG14Tim Tam Slams13117184
4Kurtis Dean33Ice Bandits16115162
5Austin Siry-ramire77Ice Bandits9114152
6Mahmood Premji96Spoilers886142
7STEVEN MENDOZA27Spoilers11111122
8Nicholas Antonucci44Spoilers856112
9TJ Reeve6Bobcats1756118
10Vipan Nikore82Spoilers14641014
11Neel Saha8Spoilers1455102
12Eoin Lyons89Ice Bandits163692
13Frank Tee12Tim Tam Slams143692
14Komeil Khalfan44Bobcats155384
15Carl Uussalu7Bobcats194482

Net Minders


1Dan Stanghieri31 (G)Bobcats17643.7652
2Lucas Archer90Spoilers18703.8890
3Redmond FongGTim Tam Slams12645.3330
4Shaun AbergelGoalIce Bandits5275.4000
5Kristian Listrom00Ice Bandits13745.6920


Penalty Leaders

1Vipan Nikore82Spoilers1414
2Paul Okrutny16Tim Tam Slams1612
3Ryan Egan2Bobcats1312
4David Deeks94Spoilers1010
5Matt Odynski5Bobcats138
6TJ Reeve6Bobcats178
7Gavin Lee26Spoilers176
8Karen Fung68Tim Tam Slams156
9Ryan Yarwood72Spoilers86
10Alex Vinden44Tim Tam Slams74
11Bobby Sahni66Spoilers174
12Everton Lewis13Ice Bandits164
13Fraser Plaxton55Ice Bandits104
14JUSTIN FUNG14Tim Tam Slams134
15Komeil Khalfan44Bobcats154