Recreational Group 5 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Summer 2022

416 - Thursday

Recreational Group 5


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2Friendly Giants138415442173212
3Founder's Originals13661424113441
4Cobalt Silver Kings1358040571054-17
6Toronto Goodfellas1311023554426-19

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

May 2607:15 PMFord PC 1Logjammers3Friendly Giants4Final
May 2608:15 PMFord PC 1Toronto Goodfellas1Phantoms2Final
May 2609:15 PMRinx 3Cobalt Silver Kings2Not A Big Deals3Final
May 2609:15 PMFord PC 1Intangibles5Founder's Originals3Final
Jun 0207:15 PMFord PC 1Inglewood Jacks8Cobalt Silver Kings4Final
Jun 0210:00 PMRinx 2Founder's Originals6Toronto Goodfellas1Final
Jun 0210:15 PMRinx 3Friendly Giants2Intangibles1Final
Jun 0210:30 PMFord PC 3Phantoms6Logjammers1Final
Jun 0907:00 PMRinx 2Logjammers1Intangibles2Final
Jun 0907:15 PMRinx 3Phantoms2Founder's Originals0Final
Jun 0907:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Goodfellas4Friendly Giants7Final
Jun 0910:30 PMFord PC 3Cobalt Silver Kings1Squirrel Murphys4Final
Jun 1607:30 PMFord PC 3Reloaded6Cobalt Silver Kings2Final
Jun 1608:00 PMRinx 2Friendly Giants5Phantoms10Final
Jun 1608:15 PMRinx 3Founder's Originals2Logjammers4Final
Jun 1608:30 PMFord PC 3Intangibles6Toronto Goodfellas3Final
Jun 2308:15 PMRinx 3East Compton Clovers7Cobalt Silver Kings2Final
Jun 2309:15 PMFord PC 1Logjammers3Toronto Goodfellas5Final
Jun 2310:15 PMFord PC 4Founder's Originals2Friendly Giants6Final
Jun 2311:00 PMRinx 1Intangibles0Phantoms1Final
Jun 3009:00 PMRinx 1Logjammers3Friendly Giants7Final
Jun 3009:15 PMRinx 3Toronto Goodfellas2Cobalt Silver Kings3Final
Jun 3009:30 PMFord PC 3Intangibles3Founder's Originals0Final
Jul 0707:15 PMFord PC 1Founder's Originals4Toronto Goodfellas3Final
Jul 0708:15 PMFord PC 1Cobalt Silver Kings2Logjammers4Final
Jul 0709:15 PMFord PC 1Friendly Giants2Intangibles3Final
Jul 1410:00 PMRinx 1Logjammers0Intangibles5Final
Jul 1410:15 PMRinx 3Cobalt Silver Kings0Founder's Originals4Final
Jul 1410:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Goodfellas3Friendly Giants3Final
Jul 2107:00 PMRinx 1Friendly Giants3Cobalt Silver Kings4Final
Jul 2107:15 PMRinx 3Founder's Originals5Logjammers2Final
Jul 2107:30 PMFord PC 3Intangibles7Toronto Goodfellas5Final
Jul 2808:00 PMRinx 2Intangibles8Cobalt Silver Kings3Final
Jul 2808:15 PMRinx 3Logjammers2Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Jul 2808:30 PMFord PC 3Founder's Originals3Friendly Giants2Final
Aug 0406:30 PMFord PC 3Founder's Originals3Intangibles3Final
Aug 0409:15 PMFord PC 1Cobalt Silver Kings4Toronto Goodfellas1Final
Aug 0411:00 PMRinx 2Friendly Giants3Logjammers2Final
Aug 1109:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Goodfellas3Founder's Originals4Final
Aug 1109:15 PMRinx 3Intangibles2Friendly Giants7Final
Aug 1109:30 PMFord PC 3Logjammers1Cobalt Silver Kings6Final
Aug 1807:15 PMFord PC 1Founder's Originals6Cobalt Silver Kings7Final
Aug 1808:15 PMFord PC 1Friendly Giants3Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Aug 1809:15 PMFord PC 1Intangibles7Logjammers2Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Mike Meleca77Toronto Goodfellas131011210
2Mike Scarth63Friendly Giants13910192
3Jacob Klick18Intangibles10126186
4Dean Gariepy66Friendly Giants11117182
5Ben Friedberg55Friendly Giants1288164
6Rob Pizzo32Cobalt Silver Kings12511160
7Alan Lyons16Cobalt Silver Kings12103132
8Eric Friedberg30Friendly Giants1157122
9George Tsakopoulos76Founder's Originals957124
10Scott Iwanaka2Friendly Giants965110
11Dominic Colangelo11Cobalt Silver Kings965114
12Sandy Hurst75Founder's Originals765114
13Jeff Somer9Founder's Originals1138110
14Jonathan Podwin39Founder's Originals1237102
15Wade Morin4Cobalt Silver Kings11371010

Net Minders


1Herman PunGIntangibles12292.4172
2Keith Hamilton79-GoalieFriendly Giants8202.5000
3Nick Mustapha Durani33Logjammers7213.0000
4Graham TongeG1Toronto Goodfellas7263.7140
5Jim LawrenceG2Toronto Goodfellas6284.6670
6Ian CampbellICCobalt Silver Kings7355.0000


Penalty Leaders

1Matt Carr16Logjammers1012
2Ross Richardson39Logjammers1212
3Adam Pizzo20Cobalt Silver Kings710
4Dave Lembke29Cobalt Silver Kings610
5Wade Morin4Cobalt Silver Kings1110
6David Greening9Toronto Goodfellas128
7Ian Reid00Friendly Giants118
8Shay McFadden89Intangibles68
9Tzvi Hirschman88Founder's Originals128
10Chris Saniga2Logjammers106
11Christian Fontaine25Cobalt Silver Kings126
12Jacob Klick18Intangibles106
13Jewell Barton96Founder's Originals96
14Peter Dosman4Intangibles56
15Tom MacKay5Cobalt Silver Kings76