Recreational Group 1B - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2022/23

416 - Sunday

Recreational Group 1B


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1Haywood Jr Miners21993686421684
2Prestige Worldwide2189490952066-5
47L Kings214116598114142-22

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2506:30 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide17L Kings1Final
Sep 2507:45 PMFord PC 4Trojans0Haywood Jr Miners1Final
Oct 0203:00 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning5Trojans4Final
Oct 0204:15 PMFord PC 37L Kings0Jagrbombs5Final
Oct 0205:30 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners6Prestige Worldwide1Final
Oct 1606:45 PMFord PC 3Prestige Worldwide6Jagrbombs7Final
Oct 1608:00 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners3Coors Lightning3Final
Oct 1609:15 PMFord PC 3Trojans67L Kings6Final
Oct 2310:15 PMFord PC 47L Kings3Haywood Jr Miners3Final
Oct 2310:30 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning4Prestige Worldwide9Final
Oct 2310:30 PMFord PC 2Jagrbombs9Trojans8Final
Oct 3002:45 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs8Haywood Jr Miners5Final
Oct 3004:00 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide2Trojans7Final
Oct 3005:15 PMFord PC 4Coors Lightning07L Kings1Final
Nov 0606:30 PMFord PC 4Trojans2Haywood Jr Miners4Final
Nov 0609:00 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide37L Kings3Final
Nov 1303:00 PMFord PC 37L Kings2Jagrbombs4Final
Nov 1304:15 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners4Prestige Worldwide1Final
Nov 1305:30 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning8Trojans3Final
Nov 2006:45 PMFord PC 3Prestige Worldwide5Jagrbombs9Final
Nov 2008:00 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners3Coors Lightning1Final
Nov 2009:15 PMFord PC 3Trojans47L Kings8Final
Nov 2710:15 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs6Trojans6Final
Nov 2710:30 PMFord PC 27L Kings4Haywood Jr Miners2Final
Nov 2710:30 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning7Prestige Worldwide3Final
Dec 0402:45 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide6Trojans7Final
Dec 0404:00 PMFord PC 4Coors Lightning57L Kings3Final
Dec 0405:15 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs6Haywood Jr Miners4Final
Dec 1106:30 PMFord PC 4Trojans1Haywood Jr Miners1Final
Dec 1107:45 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide47L Kings3Final
Dec 1804:15 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning8Trojans4Final
Dec 1805:30 PMFord PC 37L Kings0Jagrbombs5Final
Dec 1806:30 PMFord PC 4Haywood Jr Miners6Prestige Worldwide2Final
Jan 0806:45 PMFord PC 3Prestige Worldwide6Jagrbombs7Final
Jan 0808:00 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners0Coors Lightning4Final
Jan 0809:15 PMFord PC 3Trojans47L Kings4Final
Jan 1510:15 PMFord PC 4Coors Lightning2Prestige Worldwide4Final
Jan 1510:30 PMFord PC 37L Kings3Haywood Jr Miners5Final
Jan 1510:30 PMFord PC 2Jagrbombs8Trojans3Final
Jan 2202:45 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs0Haywood Jr Miners5Final
Jan 2204:00 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide6Trojans6Final
Jan 2205:15 PMFord PC 4Coors Lightning17L Kings1Final
Jan 2906:30 PMFord PC 4Trojans4Haywood Jr Miners2Final
Jan 2907:45 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide77L Kings2Final
Feb 0503:00 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning8Trojans4Final
Feb 0505:30 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners4Prestige Worldwide7Final
Feb 0506:30 PMFord PC 47L Kings3Jagrbombs6Final
Feb 1206:45 PMFord PC 3Prestige Worldwide1Jagrbombs0Final
Feb 1208:00 PMFord PC 3Haywood Jr Miners0Coors Lightning0Final
Feb 1209:15 PMFord PC 3Trojans17L Kings0Final
Feb 2609:00 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs4Trojans5Final
Feb 2610:15 PMFord PC 47L Kings7Haywood Jr Miners4Final
Feb 2610:30 PMFord PC 3Coors Lightning5Prestige Worldwide5Final
Mar 0502:45 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs5Haywood Jr Miners0Final
Mar 0504:00 PMFord PC 4Prestige Worldwide5Trojans4Final
Mar 0505:15 PMFord PC 4Coors Lightning57L Kings4Final
Mar 1206:30 PMFord PC 4Haywood Jr Miners6Trojans2Final
Mar 1207:45 PMFord PC 47L Kings1Prestige Worldwide6Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Aaron Quintos88Trojans1826154114
2Dustin Kahn7Trojans182415392
3Christian Babineau96Prestige Worldwide191712294
4Jack McVeigh21Prestige Worldwide191116276
5Aaron Stiavnicky19Trojans17521262
6Taylor Chick757L Kings10129212
7Michael Carter97Haywood Jr Miners1911102122
8Cameron White00Prestige Worldwide14136198
9Phillip Chadder76Haywood Jr Miners10162186
10Jordan Horowitz8Trojans13810182
11Allister Avard29Haywood Jr Miners17711180
12Christopher Olden887L Kings1597164
13Ryan Sheehy51Prestige Worldwide1879164
14Jamie Brophy44Prestige Worldwide2085132
15Tyler Quintos10Trojans967130

Net Minders


1Brian McGinnisGHaywood Jr Miners17603.5291
2Kevin Thomas297L Kings19804.2110
3Ryan MetcalfGPrestige Worldwide20954.7500
4Alex Scott00Trojans191065.5790


Penalty Leaders

1Michael Carter97Haywood Jr Miners1922
2Mason Johnston217L Kings2018
3Max Maddigan12Trojans1816
4Aaron Quintos88Trojans1814
5David Simone777L Kings1910
6Douglas Winter47L Kings1310
7Kevin Thomas297L Kings2010
8Mike Chick227L Kings1210
9Adam Cowan14Trojans158
10Cameron White00Prestige Worldwide148
11Eric Lynch34Haywood Jr Miners168
12Eric Sloan997L Kings198
13Matthew Kealey26Haywood Jr Miners118
14Michael Friedman84Trojans88
15Todd Boyko57L Kings158