Recreational Group 9A - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2022/23

416 - Sunday

Recreational Group 9A


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until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


2Fancy Badgers211092686122327
4Toronto Renegades21811274861832-12

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2507:00 PMRinx 3Spoilers7Kwik E Mart Gougers2Final
Sep 2507:30 PMRinx 2Shooting Blanks2Toques0Final
Sep 2508:15 PMMattamy ACBlazers4Fancy Badgers6Final
Sep 2508:15 PMRinx 3Toronto Knights8Toronto Renegades3Final
Sep 2509:30 PMRinx 3Bobcats5Minotaurs7Final
Oct 0208:00 PMFord PC 2Kwik E Mart Gougers10Bobcats5Final
Oct 0208:15 PMMattamy ACToques3Post Busters6Final
Oct 0209:15 PMFord PC 2Minotaurs1Toronto Knights5Final
Oct 0209:30 PMRinx 3Fancy Badgers1Dragons3Final
Oct 0210:30 PMFord PC 2Toronto Renegades4Spoilers4Final
Oct 1603:15 PMRinx 3Spoilers2Bobcats4Final
Oct 1604:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Renegades6Minotaurs3Final
Oct 1609:15 PMFord PC 2Fancy Badgers2Spitfires4Final
Oct 1609:30 PMRinx 3Mavericks4Toques3Final
Oct 2303:15 PMRinx 3Masked Minions2Fancy Badgers3Final
Oct 2307:00 PMMattamy ACToques2Hot Rods7Final
Oct 2307:30 PMRinx 2Kwik E Mart Gougers2Toronto Renegades7Final
Oct 2308:45 PMRinx 2Minotaurs2Spoilers4Final
Oct 2310:00 PMRinx 2Bobcats2Gary Busey Express6Final
Oct 3005:45 PMRinx 3Flying Hellfish11Toques13Final
Oct 3007:00 PMMattamy ACSpoilers7Gary Busey Express6Final
Oct 3008:15 PMMattamy ACBobcats2Toronto Renegades6Final
Oct 3009:30 PMMattamy ACMinotaurs8Kwik E Mart Gougers4Final
Oct 3010:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Goon Squad2Fancy Badgers2Final
Nov 0607:00 PMMattamy ACBlazers7Fancy Badgers2Final
Nov 0607:00 PMRinx 3Bobcats3Minotaurs7Final
Nov 0607:30 PMRinx 2Shooting Blanks8Toques3Final
Nov 0608:15 PMRinx 3Spoilers7Kwik E Mart Gougers3Final
Nov 0609:30 PMRinx 3Gary Busey Express6Toronto Renegades2Final
Nov 1306:30 PMFord PC 4TN Dukes5Bobcats0Final
Nov 1308:00 PMFord PC 2Minotaurs5Fancy Badgers3Final
Nov 1308:15 PMMattamy ACToques1Post Busters2Final
Nov 1309:15 PMFord PC 2Toronto Renegades1Spoilers4Final
Nov 2005:15 PMRinx 3Fancy Badgers1TN Dukes2Final
Nov 2006:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Renegades2Minotaurs4Final
Nov 2008:45 PMRinx 2Spoilers6Bobcats2Final
Nov 2010:15 PMRinx 3Mavericks6Toques1Final
Nov 2707:30 PMRinx 2TN Dukes3Toronto Renegades5Final
Nov 2708:00 PMFord PC 2Toques3Hot Rods5Final
Nov 2708:45 PMRinx 2Bobcats3Fancy Badgers2Final
Nov 2710:00 PMRinx 2Minotaurs4Spoilers4Final
Dec 0406:30 PMRinx 3Flying Hellfish3Toques5Final
Dec 0407:00 PMMattamy ACSpoilers0Fancy Badgers3Final
Dec 0408:15 PMMattamy ACMinotaurs1TN Dukes6Final
Dec 0409:30 PMMattamy ACBobcats2Toronto Renegades6Final
Dec 1112:01 AMBye WeekShooting BlanksToques 
Dec 1107:30 PMRinx 2Bobcats5Minotaurs2Final
Dec 1108:45 PMRinx 2Spoilers7TN Dukes3Final
Dec 1110:00 PMRinx 2Fancy Badgers3Toronto Renegades4Final
Dec 1801:01 AMBye WeekBobcatsToronto Renegades 
Dec 1802:01 AMBye WeekSpoilersFancy Badgers 
Dec 1803:01 AMBye WeekMinotaursTN Dukes 
Dec 1805:15 PMRinx 3Toques3Post Busters3Final
Jan 0807:45 PMRinx 3Toronto Renegades1Spoilers6Final
Jan 0809:00 PMRinx 3Minotaurs4Fancy Badgers7Final
Jan 0809:30 PMMattamy ACShooting Blanks5Toques1Final
Jan 0810:15 PMRinx 3TN Dukes8Bobcats4Final
Jan 1508:00 PMFord PC 2Fancy Badgers3TN Dukes1Final
Jan 1509:15 PMFord PC 2Spoilers4Bobcats1Final
Jan 1509:30 PMMattamy ACToques1Masked Minions2Final
Jan 1510:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Renegades1Minotaurs2Final
Jan 2207:00 PMMattamy ACTN Dukes6Toronto Renegades2Final
Jan 2207:45 PMRinx 3Flying Hellfish3Toques2Final
Jan 2208:15 PMMattamy ACMinotaurs7Spoilers4Final
Jan 2209:30 PMMattamy ACBobcats1Fancy Badgers5Final
Jan 2907:45 PMRinx 3Toronto Renegades4Bobcats6Final
Jan 2909:00 PMRinx 3TN Dukes7Minotaurs2Final
Jan 2910:15 PMRinx 3Fancy Badgers1Spoilers4Final
Jan 2910:30 PMFord PC 2Toques2Dragons6Final
Feb 0505:15 PMRinx 3Toques2Gary Busey Express5Final
Feb 0508:00 PMFord PC 2Spoilers1TN Dukes5Final
Feb 0509:15 PMFord PC 2Fancy Badgers5Toronto Renegades2Final
Feb 0510:30 PMFord PC 2Bobcats2Minotaurs6Final
Feb 1205:15 PMRinx 3TN Dukes8Bobcats6Final
Feb 1205:30 PMFord PC 3Minotaurs3Fancy Badgers5Final
Feb 1206:30 PMRinx 3Toronto Renegades4Spoilers2Final
Feb 1207:30 PMRinx 2Spitfires4Toques2Final
Feb 2607:30 PMRinx 2Toronto Renegades0Minotaurs5Final
Feb 2608:45 PMRinx 2Spoilers4Bobcats3Final
Feb 2610:00 PMRinx 2Fancy Badgers2Toques2Final
Mar 0507:00 PMMattamy ACBobcats1Fancy Badgers6Final
Mar 0508:15 PMMattamy ACToques4Toronto Renegades4Final
Mar 0509:30 PMMattamy ACMinotaurs1Spoilers3Final
Mar 1207:45 PMRinx 3Minotaurs1Toques4Final
Mar 1209:00 PMRinx 3Spoilers2Fancy Badgers3Final
Mar 1210:15 PMRinx 3Bobcats6Toronto Renegades5Final
Mar 1907:00 PMRinx 3Toronto Renegades5Fancy Badgers3Final
Mar 1908:15 PMRinx 3Minotaurs3Bobcats6Final
Mar 1910:45 PMRinx 3Toques2Spoilers6Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Ryan Egan2Bobcats17296358
2Elliot Lee11Toronto Renegades181913322
3David Deeks94Spoilers1914173118
4Harold Kirkness88Minotaurs192362912
5Mitchell Grant14Spoilers131415296
6David Strachan53Fancy Badgers171610262
7Mar Barbetta71Spoilers17719262
8Steve Mendoza27Spoilers16519244
9Carl Uussalu7Bobcats201012224
10Karl Opres6Minotaurs1610112112
11Jason Gatt10Toques14109192
12Mohit Ahuja5Bobcats17811194
13Phil Henry7Toronto Renegades19108180
14Larry Cameron12Toronto Renegades207101710
15Henry Luong55Toronto Renegades20115160

Net Minders


1Lucas Archer90Spoilers17442.5880
2Polina Yurchenko1Fancy Badgers14412.9290
3Garrett GualbertoGToronto Renegades10383.8000
4Walter KirknessGMinotaurs19834.3680
5Polina YurchenkoGToques12544.5000
6Mitchell EwanickGoalToronto Renegades10454.5000
7Francisco MenesesGBobcats211125.3330


Penalty Leaders

1David Deeks94Spoilers1918
2kevin chiu7Toques1614
3Toby Mielke71Toques1314
4Harold Kirkness88Minotaurs1912
5Karl Opres6Minotaurs1612
6Aaron Smith11Toques810
7Armen Rego3Minotaurs710
8Ben Courtice50Toques610
9Larry Cameron12Toronto Renegades2010
10Paul Kilback73Toques1310
11Christopher Tse84Fancy Badgers188
12Dominic David97Spoilers208
13Jonathan Leong12Toques158
14Kevin Hodder00Spoilers98
15Robert ScarboroughTBD-10Toques158