Recreational Group 5 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2022/23

416 - Tuesday

Recreational Group 5


All results are pending
until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


3Toronto Raiders221183655625449
4Toronto Marauders22109344462386-2
6Healthy Scratches2221822473662-49

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2702:01 AMBye WeekJudas CreaseHealthy Scratches 
Sep 2708:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Raiders3Captains0Final
Sep 2709:45 PMFord PC 1Toronto Marauders0Jets1Final
Sep 2710:00 PMRinx 4Panthers0Icemen1Final
Sep 2710:15 PMRinx 3Killer Penguins0Brewsters5Final
Oct 0408:15 PMRinx 1Icemen3Toronto Marauders4Final
Oct 0408:30 PMFord PC 3Brewsters2Panthers0Final
Oct 0409:45 PMFord PC 1Smell the Glove0Healthy Scratches1Final
Oct 0411:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Rage1Toronto Raiders0Final
Oct 1108:30 PMRinx 2Healthy Scratches0Arrows1Final
Oct 1109:30 PMRinx 2Grrrowl3Toronto Raiders5Final
Oct 1110:45 PMFord PC 1Toronto Marauders1Killer Penguins0Final
Oct 1111:00 PMRinx 4Icemen1Brewsters1Final
Oct 1111:15 PMRinx 3Panthers5Jets0Final
Oct 1809:15 PMRinx 1Killer Penguins3Panthers2Final
Oct 1809:30 PMRinx 2Brewsters1Toronto Marauders0Final
Oct 1809:30 PMFord PC 3Jets5Icemen1Final
Oct 1810:15 PMRinx 1Toronto Raiders4Founders Originals2Final
Oct 1811:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Tanks5Healthy Scratches0Final
Oct 2506:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Raiders4Toronto Wolfpack2Final
Oct 2509:30 PMFord PC 3Healthy Scratches2Chiefs5Final
Oct 2510:15 PMRinx 1Brewsters2Jets5Final
Oct 2510:30 PMRinx 2Killer Penguins2Icemen4Final
Oct 2510:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Marauders3Panthers8Final
Nov 0112:01 AMBye WeekToronto RaidersToronto Wolfpack 
Nov 0106:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Marauders3Jets2Final
Nov 0107:30 PMFord PC 3Panthers0Icemen1Final
Nov 0109:15 PMRinx 3Killer Penguins0Brewsters2Final
Nov 0110:30 PMFord PC 3Judas Crease6Healthy Scratches1Final
Nov 0812:01 AMBye WeekKiller PenguinsIcemen 
Nov 0801:01 AMBye WeekToronto MaraudersPanthers 
Nov 0802:01 AMBye WeekBrewstersJets 
Nov 0809:15 PMRinx 3Smell the Glove5Healthy Scratches2Final
Nov 0809:45 PMFord PC 1Toronto Raiders6Captains3Final
Nov 1512:01 AMBye WeekHealthy ScratchesRamblers 
Nov 1509:45 PMFord PC 1Brewsters1Panthers1Final
Nov 1510:00 PMRinx 4Jets3Toronto Raiders4Final
Nov 1510:15 PMRinx 3Icemen1Toronto Marauders1Final
Nov 2208:15 PMRinx 1Toronto Marauders5Toronto Raiders4Final
Nov 2208:30 PMRinx 2Icemen0Brewsters0Final
Nov 2208:30 PMFord PC 3Panthers3Jets4Final
Nov 2210:00 PMRinx 4Healthy Scratches1Arrows5Final
Nov 2908:15 PMRinx 1Toronto Tanks5Healthy Scratches1Final
Nov 2910:45 PMFord PC 1Jets3Icemen0Final
Nov 2911:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Raiders1Panthers4Final
Nov 2911:15 PMRinx 3Brewsters2Toronto Marauders0Final
Dec 0609:15 PMRinx 1Brewsters2Jets3Final
Dec 0609:30 PMRinx 2Toronto Marauders2Panthers1Final
Dec 0609:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Raiders2Icemen4Final
Dec 0611:00 PMRinx 4Healthy Scratches0Ramblers4Final
Dec 1310:15 PMRinx 1Panthers5Icemen2Final
Dec 1310:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Marauders2Healthy Scratches0Final
Dec 1310:30 PMRinx 2Toronto Raiders2Brewsters2Final
Dec 2006:30 PMFord PC 3Brewsters1Panthers2Final
Dec 2007:30 PMFord PC 3Healthy Scratches2Toronto Raiders2Final
Dec 2009:15 PMRinx 3Icemen3Toronto Marauders1Final
Dec 2712:01 AMBye WeekToronto MaraudersToronto Raiders 
Dec 2701:01 AMBye WeekIcemenBrewsters 
Dec 2702:01 AMBye WeekPanthersJets 
Dec 2706:30 PMFord PC 3Healthy Scratches0Arrows1Final
Jan 0309:45 PMFord PC 1Toronto Marauders5Toronto Raiders2Final
Jan 0310:00 PMRinx 4Icemen1Brewsters4Final
Jan 0310:15 PMRinx 3Panthers5Healthy Scratches0Final
Jan 1008:15 PMRinx 1Brewsters1Toronto Marauders3Final
Jan 1008:30 PMRinx 2Healthy Scratches1Icemen3Final
Jan 1008:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Raiders2Panthers4Final
Jan 1710:45 PMFord PC 1Brewsters3Healthy Scratches0Final
Jan 1711:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Marauders4Panthers4Final
Jan 1711:15 PMRinx 3Toronto Raiders5Icemen6Final
Jan 2409:15 PMRinx 1Panthers4Icemen1Final
Jan 2409:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Marauders2Healthy Scratches2Final
Jan 2409:30 PMRinx 2Toronto Raiders4Brewsters1Final
Jan 3110:15 PMRinx 1Healthy Scratches1Toronto Raiders4Final
Jan 3110:30 PMFord PC 3Brewsters0Panthers3Final
Jan 3110:30 PMRinx 2Icemen0Toronto Marauders4Final
Feb 0706:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Marauders1Toronto Raiders2Final
Feb 0707:30 PMFord PC 3Icemen1Brewsters1Final
Feb 0709:15 PMRinx 3Panthers3Healthy Scratches2Final
Feb 1406:30 PMFord PC 3Healthy Scratches2Icemen6Final
Feb 1407:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Raiders1Panthers3Final
Feb 1409:15 PMRinx 3Brewsters1Toronto Marauders0Final
Feb 2112:01 AMBye WeekToronto MaraudersToronto Raiders 
Feb 2101:01 AMBye WeekIcemenBrewsters 
Feb 2102:01 AMBye WeekPanthersHealthy Scratches 
Feb 2809:45 PMFord PC 1Toronto Raiders3Icemen2Final
Feb 2810:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Marauders0Panthers1Final
Feb 2810:15 PMRinx 3Brewsters2Healthy Scratches0Final
Mar 0708:15 PMRinx 1Panthers1Icemen0Final
Mar 0708:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Marauders0Healthy Scratches5Final
Mar 0708:30 PMRinx 2Toronto Raiders1Brewsters1Final
Mar 1410:45 PMFord PC 1Icemen2Toronto Marauders3Final
Mar 1411:00 PMRinx 4Healthy Scratches1Toronto Raiders4Final
Mar 1411:15 PMRinx 3Brewsters1Panthers0Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Peter Michel10Panthers181510258
2Hanan Nulman98Icemen211013232
3Paul Michel91Panthers21139222
4Brett Tamlin78Toronto Raiders1999186
5Ayaaz Sheraly33Toronto Marauders10132150
6John Butt11Toronto Raiders1795146
7RON FLEMING6Toronto Raiders2167134
8Trevor Witjes17Brewsters22310130
9John Michel41Panthers20310134
10Abbas Damji14Toronto Marauders1693124
11Rod Blake15Panthers17210120
12Matthew Tierney13Toronto Raiders16210122
13Russell Todd81Brewsters2274114
14Colin Wood23Toronto Raiders1856112
15Rob Enevoldsen13Toronto Marauders1847112

Net Minders


1Nikita VelikiyGBrewsters21271.2869
2John Baia6Panthers16231.4383
3Muhammad HussainGToronto Marauders19432.2632
4Dan MideoGIcemen19442.3163
5Sal MantiaGToronto Raiders22562.5451
6Nick Turley17Healthy Scratches19683.5791


Penalty Leaders

1Drew Cushnie29Icemen1420
2Rob Straker16Healthy Scratches1520
3Phillip Armstrong22Brewsters1916
4Joseph Tomlinson21Toronto Marauders1912
5Mike Garland19Toronto Marauders2112
6Anthony Barber9Toronto Marauders98
7Ari Steinberg26Icemen208
8Chris Chambers11Toronto Marauders108
9Chris Hucalak47Toronto Marauders158
10Colin Boyd10Healthy Scratches148
11Joseph Pateman34Brewsters198
12Monty Gill4Healthy Scratches198
13Muhammad HussainGToronto Marauders198
14Peter Michel10Panthers188
15Tyler Lavoie94Toronto Raiders98