Recreational Group 3 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2022/23

905 - Wednesday

Recreational Group 3


All results are pending
until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


1Sitting Pucks2213548644308642
2Unhandled Exceptions221273807127629
3Dark Knights2296773582512715
5Brampton Iceaholics229103697621183-7
6Oasis Aqualoungers227123528117133-29

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2809:30 PMBlue RinkOasis Aqualoungers2Dark Knights2Final
Sep 2809:30 PMSpectatorUnhandled Exceptions11Slippery Pucks8Final
Sep 2809:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks5Brampton Iceaholics0Final
Sep 2810:30 PMSpectatorPatriots4Stingers3Final
Oct 0508:45 PMRed RinkStingers4Red Wings1Final
Oct 0510:30 PMSpectatorBrampton Iceaholics7Oasis Aqualoungers4Final
Oct 0510:30 PMBlue RinkSlippery Pucks1Sitting Pucks6Final
Oct 0510:45 PMTire World - GoldDark Knights2Unhandled Exceptions3Final
Oct 1207:45 PMRed RinkUnhandled Exceptions2Sitting Pucks4Final
Oct 1208:30 PMSpectatorBlue Devils3Stingers8Final
Oct 1208:45 PMRed RinkDark Knights5Brampton Iceaholics2Final
Oct 1209:45 PMRed RinkOasis Aqualoungers3Slippery Pucks0Final
Oct 1907:30 PMSpectatorCCHC0Stingers4Final
Oct 1908:30 PMBlue RinkBrampton Iceaholics0Unhandled Exceptions4Final
Oct 1908:30 PMSpectatorSlippery Pucks2Dark Knights2Final
Oct 1908:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks5Oasis Aqualoungers0Final
Oct 2609:30 PMSpectatorSitting Pucks4Dark Knights2Final
Oct 2609:30 PMBlue RinkUnhandled Exceptions5Oasis Aqualoungers3Final
Oct 2609:45 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Iceaholics4Slippery Pucks4Final
Oct 2610:30 PMSpectatorStingers4Trailer Park Rangers4Final
Nov 0201:00 AMBye WeekStingersTrailer Park Rangers 
Nov 0207:45 PMRed RinkUnhandled Exceptions4Slippery Pucks3Final
Nov 0210:30 PMBlue RinkOasis Aqualoungers0Dark Knights5Final
Nov 0210:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks5Brampton Iceaholics1Final
Nov 0907:45 PMRed RinkBrampton Iceaholics3Oasis Aqualoungers3Final
Nov 0908:45 PMTire World - GoldBlockBusters0Stingers2Final
Nov 0908:45 PMRed RinkSlippery Pucks2Sitting Pucks2Final
Nov 0909:45 PMRed RinkDark Knights2Unhandled Exceptions0Final
Nov 1607:30 PMSpectatorStingers3TN Ice Buckets1Final
Nov 1608:30 PMBlue RinkDark Knights7Brampton Iceaholics4Final
Nov 1608:30 PMSpectatorUnhandled Exceptions2Sitting Pucks7Final
Nov 1608:45 PMTire World - GoldOasis Aqualoungers1Slippery Pucks6Final
Nov 2309:30 PMBlue RinkBrampton Iceaholics5Unhandled Exceptions2Final
Nov 2309:30 PMSpectatorSlippery Pucks0Dark Knights5Final
Nov 2309:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks2Oasis Aqualoungers3Final
Nov 2310:30 PMBlue RinkPatriots3Stingers4Final
Nov 3010:30 PMSpectatorSitting Pucks7Dark Knights3Final
Nov 3010:30 PMBlue RinkUnhandled Exceptions3Oasis Aqualoungers0Final
Nov 3010:45 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Iceaholics7Stingers2Final
Dec 0707:45 PMRed RinkUnhandled Exceptions5Stingers1Final
Dec 0708:45 PMRed RinkOasis Aqualoungers2Dark Knights4Final
Dec 0709:45 PMRed RinkSitting Pucks1Brampton Iceaholics3Final
Dec 1408:30 PMSpectatorBrampton Iceaholics3Oasis Aqualoungers6Final
Dec 1408:30 PMBlue RinkStingers3Sitting Pucks3Final
Dec 1408:45 PMTire World - GoldDark Knights4Unhandled Exceptions4Final
Dec 2109:30 PMBlue RinkDark Knights2Brampton Iceaholics3Final
Dec 2109:30 PMSpectatorUnhandled Exceptions6Sitting Pucks4Final
Dec 2109:45 PMTire World - GoldOasis Aqualoungers3Stingers2Final
Jan 0410:30 PMBlue RinkBrampton Iceaholics1Unhandled Exceptions3Final
Jan 0410:30 PMSpectatorStingers4Dark Knights4Final
Jan 0410:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks2Oasis Aqualoungers2Final
Jan 1107:45 PMRed RinkSitting Pucks4Dark Knights2Final
Jan 1108:45 PMRed RinkBrampton Iceaholics5Stingers6Final
Jan 1109:45 PMRed RinkUnhandled Exceptions7Oasis Aqualoungers2Final
Jan 1808:30 PMBlue RinkOasis Aqualoungers3Dark Knights5Final
Jan 1808:30 PMSpectatorUnhandled Exceptions3Stingers3Final
Jan 1808:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks0Brampton Iceaholics1Final
Jan 2509:30 PMSpectatorBrampton Iceaholics4Oasis Aqualoungers0Final
Jan 2509:30 PMBlue RinkDark Knights3Unhandled Exceptions3Final
Jan 2509:45 PMTire World - GoldStingers1Sitting Pucks5Final
Feb 0110:30 PMBlue RinkDark Knights4Brampton Iceaholics4Final
Feb 0110:30 PMSpectatorUnhandled Exceptions3Sitting Pucks2Final
Feb 0110:45 PMTire World - GoldOasis Aqualoungers2Stingers1Final
Feb 0812:00 AMBye WeekDark KnightsSlippery Pucks 
Feb 0801:00 AMBye WeekUnhandled ExceptionsBrampton Iceaholics 
Feb 0802:00 AMBye WeekOasis AqualoungersSitting Pucks 
Feb 0807:45 PMRed RinkCCHC0Stingers5Final
Feb 1508:30 PMBlue RinkBrampton Iceaholics6Unhandled Exceptions1Final
Feb 1508:30 PMSpectatorStingers2Dark Knights2Final
Feb 1508:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks6Oasis Aqualoungers1Final
Feb 2209:30 PMSpectatorSitting Pucks3Dark Knights1Final
Feb 2209:30 PMBlue RinkUnhandled Exceptions5Oasis Aqualoungers6Final
Feb 2209:45 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Iceaholics4Stingers3Final
Mar 0110:30 PMBlue RinkOasis Aqualoungers2Dark Knights3Final
Mar 0110:30 PMSpectatorUnhandled Exceptions4Stingers1Final
Mar 0110:45 PMTire World - GoldSitting Pucks5Brampton Iceaholics1Final
Mar 0807:45 PMRed RinkBrampton Iceaholics1Oasis Aqualoungers4Final
Mar 0808:45 PMRed RinkDark Knights4Unhandled Exceptions0Final
Mar 0809:45 PMRed RinkStingers4Sitting Pucks4Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Davanvir Sekhon40Unhandled Exceptions21308382
2Owen O'Connor88Dark Knights212393214
3Rikesh Mistry10Brampton Iceaholics1917133026
4Chris Seaton19Stingers2017122912
5Shane Lockman13Unhandled Exceptions1811152614
6Justin Caskenette34Brampton Iceaholics211410246
7Chris Fryer19Sitting Pucks181013232
8Anthony Verzini22Sitting Pucks177162310
9Mike Fiorentino17Dark Knights20138214
10Chris Bond007Sitting Pucks20912214
11Neil Arora12Dark Knights21318218
12Kyle Linhares28Sitting Pucks18137208
13Kar Opres17Oasis Aqualoungers1910102024
14Jeff Grimshaw4Stingers19614206
15Anthony Vertolli10Sitting Pucks18218208

Net Minders


1Ben Bernatchez94-GSitting Pucks16311.9381
2Nathan Blackley3Dark Knights11262.3643
3Domenic StratiGStingers22673.0453
4Kishan MistryGoalBrampton Iceaholics13443.3851
5Andrew Morris26Unhandled Exceptions18613.3892
6Quinn macleodG-74Oasis Aqualoungers19723.7891


Penalty Leaders

1Mani Bhullar69Brampton Iceaholics2030
2Harold Kirkness88Oasis Aqualoungers1728
3Mathew Mansfield29Dark Knights1928
4Rikesh Mistry10Brampton Iceaholics1926
5Kar Opres17Oasis Aqualoungers1924
6Satvir Sarai91Brampton Iceaholics723
7Robert Cachia16Dark Knights2219
8Ted Starkey14Sitting Pucks2018
9Priyesh Mistry27Brampton Iceaholics1816
10Kirill Bazhenov8Oasis Aqualoungers615
11Raju Johal8Brampton Iceaholics1015
12Owen O'Connor88Dark Knights2114
13Paul Zimmermann67Oasis Aqualoungers1414
14Shane Foulds6Dark Knights1714
15Shane Lockman13Unhandled Exceptions1814