Recreational Group 2 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Summer 2023

416 - Tuesday

Recreational Group 2


All results are pending
until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


1Toronto Mighty Drunks431016106326
2Dirty Dawgz42112120581
3Toronto Tanks421115115104
5Olde Guns4040720012-13
6Puck Bunnies4040218014-16

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

May 0907:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Tanks5Dirty Dawgz5Final
May 0908:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Mighty Drunks7Trashers4Final
May 0908:45 PMFord PC 1Puck Bunnies0Warriors5Final
May 0909:30 PMFord PC 3Whiskey Dekes5Olde Guns1Final
May 1607:30 PMFord PC 3Predrink5Puck Bunnies0Final
May 1610:00 PMRinx 2Olde Guns2Toronto Mighty Drunks5Final
May 1610:15 PMRinx 3Dirty Dawgz4Whiskey Dekes9Final
May 1610:30 PMFord PC 3Trashers2Toronto Tanks4Final
May 2307:00 PMRinx 2Trashers6Olde Guns3Final
May 2308:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Tanks2Whiskey Dekes3Final
May 2309:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Mighty Drunks1Dirty Dawgz4Final
May 2310:30 PMFord PC 3Puck Bunnies2Rag Tag Doodlers5Final
May 3007:15 PMRinx 3Puck Bunnies0Toronto Mighty Drunks3Final
May 3008:15 PMRinx 3Dirty Dawgz8Trashers5Final
May 3009:15 PMRinx 3Olde Guns1Toronto Tanks4Final
Jun 0610:45 PMFord PC 1Olde Guns0Dirty Dawgz0Live
Jun 0611:00 PMRinx 2Puck BunniesTrashers 
Jun 0611:15 PMRinx 3Toronto TanksToronto Mighty Drunks 

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Shane Hyman95Dirty Dawgz467130
2Liam Lew26Toronto Mighty Drunks44482
3Sean Brown80Dirty Dawgz44370
4Greg Skerratt8Toronto Tanks34372
5Charles Tower7Trashers24260
6Adam Virgilio4Toronto Tanks42460
7Ewan Mackenzie9Trashers42460
8Elan Packer10Trashers30660
9Liam Haggarty21Toronto Mighty Drunks44154
10Andrew Jamieson16Trashers33254
11Harry Jacobs11Dirty Dawgz22350
12Oliver Hyman7Dirty Dawgz41450
13Kory White8Dirty Dawgz43140
14Robert Duncan12Trashers33144
15Daniel Loberto88Toronto Mighty Drunks22240

Net Minders


1Brendan Smith0Toronto Mighty Drunks100.0001
2Drew MetcalfeTBD-1Olde Guns100.0001
3Harry Jacobs-Davidovitch0Dirty Dawgz252.5001
4Derrel Schnurr1Toronto Tanks4112.7500
5Daniel ShoreGToronto Mighty Drunks3103.3330
6Oliver Brown33Puck Bunnies3134.3330
7Christopher Doucet33Olde Guns4205.0000
8Cooper Hyman35Dirty Dawgz2105.0000
9Brandon Portnoff0Puck Bunnies155.0000
10Trevor CoppenG1Trashers4225.5000


Penalty Leaders

1Brendan Smith0Toronto Mighty Drunks48
2Jeremy White9Dirty Dawgz26
3Kody Wood14Toronto Mighty Drunks46
4Andrew Jamieson16Trashers34
5Anthony Gorys9Toronto Mighty Drunks44
6Brent Watson58Trashers44
7Liam Haggarty21Toronto Mighty Drunks44
8Lucas Marzo12Puck Bunnies44
9Luigi Iantosca2Toronto Mighty Drunks24
10Robert Duncan12Trashers34
11Tien Van Rijn13Puck Bunnies34
12Tyler Chapman13Trashers24
13Tyler McAuley8Olde Guns44
14Eric Percival12Olde Guns42
15Gabriel Di Nota4Toronto Mighty Drunks32