Recreational Group 3 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2023/24

416 - Thursday

Recreational Group 3


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Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2112:01 AMBye WeekInglewood JacksMutiny 
Sep 2101:01 AMBye WeekFleur de LeafsDarkwing Ducks 
Sep 2102:01 AMBye WeekFlying FishCanadian Shield 
Sep 2808:00 PMRinx 2Darkwing DucksFlying Fish 
Sep 2808:00 PMRinx 4Fleur de LeafsInglewood Jacks 
Sep 2808:15 PMFord PC 1MutinyCanadian Shield 
Oct 0511:00 PMRinx 2Canadian ShieldFleur de Leafs 
Oct 0511:00 PMRinx 4Flying FishMutiny 
Oct 0511:15 PMRinx 3Inglewood JacksDarkwing Ducks 
Oct 1207:30 PMFord PC 2Darkwing DucksMutiny 
Oct 1208:30 PMFord PC 2Inglewood JacksCanadian Shield 
Oct 1209:30 PMFord PC 2Fleur de LeafsFlying Fish 
Oct 1910:15 PMFord PC 1Flying FishInglewood Jacks 
Oct 1910:15 PMRinx 3MutinyFleur de Leafs 
Oct 1910:30 PMFord PC 2Canadian ShieldDarkwing Ducks 
Oct 2609:00 PMRinx 4Canadian ShieldFlying Fish 
Oct 2609:00 PMRinx 2MutinyInglewood Jacks 
Oct 2609:15 PMFord PC 1Darkwing DucksFleur de Leafs 
Nov 0207:15 PMFord PC 1Canadian ShieldMutiny 
Nov 0210:00 PMRinx 2Flying FishDarkwing Ducks 
Nov 0210:00 PMRinx 4Inglewood JacksFleur de Leafs 

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Adam Larry36Fleur de Leafs00000
2Adam WhiteTBD-1Darkwing Ducks00000
3Andrew AndersonTBD-2Fleur de Leafs00000
4Andrew GrofTBD-10Mutiny00000
5Antoine Tapin14Flying Fish00000
6Ari ElkoubyTBD-2Mutiny00000
7Ben Bath94Flying Fish00000
8Brendan HoweTBD-1Inglewood Jacks00000
9Charlie LaporteTBD-5Darkwing Ducks00000
10Chris Anderson77Mutiny00000
11Daniel Fridman9Flying Fish00000
12Daniel Loureiro99Mutiny00000
13Darren Berger18Fleur de Leafs00000
14David SchmidtTBD-12Darkwing Ducks00000
15Default Goal998Inglewood Jacks00000

Net Minders



Penalty Leaders