Recreational Group 6 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Winter 2023/24

416 - Thursday

Recreational Group 6


All results are pending
until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


1Toronto Goodfellas221174585626502
2Black Squirrels2211927255248417
3Local Sports Team219757362234211
4Rink Finks22811363761971-13
5Broken Sticks21610554711758-17
6MNP Hustlers226133547215123-18

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

Sep 2107:30 PMFord PC 2Local Sports Team5Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Sep 2108:30 PMFord PC 2Black Squirrels4Broken Sticks4Final
Sep 2109:30 PMFord PC 2Intangibles6MNP Hustlers6Final
Sep 2111:00 PMRinx 4Cobalt Silver Kings8Rink Finks5Final
Sep 2809:30 PMFord PC 2Rink Finks3Roadkill6Final
Sep 2810:15 PMRinx 3MNP Hustlers2Black Squirrels4Final
Sep 2810:15 PMFord PC 1Toronto Goodfellas4Intangibles6Final
Sep 2810:30 PMFord PC 2Broken Sticks3Local Sports Team2Final
Oct 0509:00 PMRinx 4Black Squirrels5Toronto Goodfellas0Final
Oct 0509:00 PMRinx 2Broken Sticks1MNP Hustlers1Final
Oct 0509:15 PMFord PC 1Local Sports Team2Intangibles2Final
Oct 0510:15 PMFord PC 1Rink Finks3Squirrel Murphys6Final
Oct 1207:15 PMFord PC 1Toronto Goodfellas3Broken Sticks1Final
Oct 1209:00 PMRinx 2Shots Too Many Shots4Rink Finks2Final
Oct 1210:00 PMRinx 2Intangibles4Black Squirrels1Final
Oct 1210:00 PMRinx 4MNP Hustlers5Local Sports Team2Final
Oct 1912:01 AMBye WeekBroken SticksIntangibles 
Oct 1901:01 AMBye WeekBlack SquirrelsLocal Sports Team 
Oct 1902:01 AMBye WeekToronto GoodfellasMNP Hustlers 
Oct 1910:00 PMRinx 4Red Wingers0Rink Finks3Final
Oct 2612:01 AMBye WeekRink FinksRed Wingers 
Oct 2608:00 PMRinx 4Intangibles7Broken Sticks2Final
Oct 2608:00 PMRinx 2MNP Hustlers0Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Oct 2608:15 PMFord PC 1Local Sports Team2Black Squirrels3Final
Nov 0211:00 PMRinx 2Broken Sticks2Black Squirrels0Final
Nov 0211:00 PMRinx 4MNP Hustlers1Rink Finks2Final
Nov 0211:15 PMRinx 3Toronto Goodfellas5Local Sports Team3Final
Nov 0907:30 PMFord PC 2MNP Hustlers3Black Squirrels0Final
Nov 0908:30 PMFord PC 2Toronto Goodfellas1Rink Finks3Final
Nov 0909:30 PMFord PC 2Broken Sticks2Local Sports Team4Final
Nov 1610:15 PMFord PC 1Broken Sticks2MNP Hustlers3Final
Nov 1610:15 PMRinx 3Local Sports Team2Rink Finks6Final
Nov 1610:30 PMFord PC 2Black Squirrels5Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Nov 2309:00 PMRinx 2MNP Hustlers0Local Sports Team5Final
Nov 2309:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Goodfellas2Broken Sticks1Final
Nov 2309:15 PMFord PC 1Rink Finks3Black Squirrels1Final
Nov 3007:15 PMFord PC 1Local Sports Team3Black Squirrels0Final
Nov 3010:00 PMRinx 4MNP Hustlers3Toronto Goodfellas4Final
Nov 3010:00 PMRinx 2Rink Finks2Broken Sticks4Final
Dec 0712:01 AMBye WeekRink FinksBroken Sticks 
Dec 0701:01 AMBye WeekLocal Sports TeamBlack Squirrels 
Dec 0702:01 AMBye WeekMNP HustlersToronto Goodfellas 
Dec 1408:00 PMRinx 4Black Squirrels1Broken Sticks1Final
Dec 1408:00 PMRinx 2Local Sports Team7Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Dec 1408:15 PMFord PC 1Rink Finks3MNP Hustlers3Final
Dec 2111:00 PMRinx 2Broken Sticks4Local Sports Team4Final
Dec 2111:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Goodfellas1Rink Finks0Final
Dec 2111:15 PMRinx 3MNP Hustlers3Black Squirrels6Final
Jan 0407:30 PMFord PC 2Local Sports Team6Rink Finks6Final
Jan 0408:30 PMFord PC 2Broken Sticks0MNP Hustlers5Final
Jan 0409:30 PMFord PC 2Black Squirrels2Toronto Goodfellas3Final
Jan 1110:15 PMRinx 3MNP Hustlers1Local Sports Team5Final
Jan 1110:15 PMFord PC 1Toronto Goodfellas4Broken Sticks1Final
Jan 1110:30 PMFord PC 2Rink Finks3Black Squirrels5Final
Jan 1809:00 PMRinx 4MNP Hustlers0Toronto Goodfellas5Final
Jan 1809:00 PMRinx 2Rink Finks5Broken Sticks0Final
Jan 1809:15 PMFord PC 1Local Sports Team2Black Squirrels4Final
Jan 2507:15 PMFord PC 1Rink Finks3MNP Hustlers2Final
Jan 2509:15 PMRinx 3Local Sports Team2Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Jan 2510:00 PMRinx 4Black Squirrels7Broken Sticks4Final
Feb 0107:15 PMFord PC 1Broken Sticks3Local Sports Team5Final
Feb 0110:00 PMRinx 2MNP Hustlers1Black Squirrels6Final
Feb 0110:00 PMRinx 4Toronto Goodfellas0Rink Finks1Final
Feb 0808:00 PMRinx 4Broken Sticks3MNP Hustlers2Final
Feb 0808:00 PMRinx 2Local Sports Team6Rink Finks4Final
Feb 0808:15 PMFord PC 1Black Squirrels1Toronto Goodfellas2Final
Feb 1511:00 PMRinx 2MNP Hustlers0Local Sports Team3Final
Feb 1511:00 PMRinx 4Rink Finks0Black Squirrels5Final
Feb 1511:15 PMRinx 3Toronto Goodfellas3Broken Sticks3Final
Feb 2207:30 PMFord PC 2MNP Hustlers2Toronto Goodfellas6Final
Feb 2208:30 PMFord PC 2Local Sports Team0Black Squirrels5Final
Feb 2209:30 PMFord PC 2Rink Finks3Broken Sticks8Final
Feb 2910:15 PMRinx 3Local Sports Team3Toronto Goodfellas3Final
Feb 2910:15 PMFord PC 1Rink Finks1MNP Hustlers5Final
Feb 2910:30 PMFord PC 2Black Squirrels4Broken Sticks5Final
Mar 0709:00 PMRinx 4MNP Hustlers6Black Squirrels3Final
Mar 0709:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Goodfellas2Rink Finks2Final
Mar 0709:15 PMFord PC 1Broken SticksLocal Sports Team 

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Kevin Hyatt11MNP Hustlers1817112830
2Anthony Visconti91Local Sports Team181411256
3Benjamin Lowther9Black Squirrels14176230
4Nik Nemeczek13Local Sports Team14155202
5Taylor Doherty4Black Squirrels188111916
6Jamie Sturgeon19Rink Finks151261812
7Ted Harris10Broken Sticks198101818
8Ibrahim Zylstra11Rink Finks16107170
9Scott Roberts55Black Squirrels17611170
10David Pett17Rink Finks13133162
11Jared kovacs13Toronto Goodfellas17115160
12Trevor Wade22Toronto Goodfellas15106160
13Bryce Murphy19Black Squirrels2088168
14Charlie Harris2Broken Sticks8105150
15Geordie Anderson6Local Sports Team1996154

Net Minders


1Graham Tonge74Toronto Goodfellas13312.3851
2Francesco IorioGoalBlack Squirrels17412.4123
3Jim Lawrence1Toronto Goodfellas7172.4292
4Joseph De Gregorio31Local Sports Team18563.1113
5Kyle Smith1MNP Hustlers21693.2862
6Liam Broe343Broken Sticks14463.2861
7Andy HollowayGRink Finks20703.5003
8William Harris1Broken Sticks7253.5710


Penalty Leaders

1Kevin Hyatt11MNP Hustlers1830
2Ryan Magee14MNP Hustlers1519
3Michael Perrone9MNP Hustlers2018
4Ted Harris10Broken Sticks1918
5James Macdonald65Toronto Goodfellas2116
6Mark Cichy79Black Squirrels1516
7Taylor Doherty4Black Squirrels1816
8Matt Hartley14Rink Finks1515
9Eugene Paunil15Rink Finks1512
10Jamie Sturgeon19Rink Finks1512
11Eric Borden3MNP Hustlers710
12Lee Parkin8Toronto Goodfellas1910
13Ryan Johnson44Black Squirrels1410
14Bryce Murphy19Black Squirrels208
15David Kim14Black Squirrels188