Team Representative Agreement

As the above listed appointed Team Representative of the above listed Hockey Team, I acknowledge my duties and responsibilities as a Team Representative in True North Hockey Canada. I agree to inform all players on my team of True North Hockey Canada’s rules, policies and procedures. I will register all players on my team and ensure that all players on my team have signed the Registration form. I understand and acknowledge that if I KNOWINGLY allow an illegal player to play on my team or allow a player on my team to play without signing the Registration/Waiver form, I could be potentially liable and can face the possibility of legal action from True North Hockey Canada Inc.

I promise to ensure my team is paid in full as per league policy.
I promise to provide a Game Roster to the Game Supervisor before every game.

I understand that arena staff and True North Hockey staff will be strictly enforcing the ZERO TOLERANCE policy on the illegal consumption of alcohol and/or drugs in dressing rooms and/or on arena property. Staff will be monitoring throughout the facilities on a regular basis, including parking lots and reporting all infractions.
True North Hockey can suspend and/or expel any team on the first confirmed record of violation by players or spectators directly associated with your team. In the event of such suspension, there will be no claim for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever.
It is the full responsibility of the Team Representative to take adequate measures to advise your team of this policy.