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Winter 2018/19 416 Thursday Division R-4

Friendly Giants

2019 Playoff Info


13Eli Ham20710174
2Scott Iwanaka1987154
39David Hayes18671310
6Bryan Mulveney18481214
72Mike Clancy19641012
16Keith Barker133692
29Maurey Loeffler132790
00Ian Reid182796
15Alex Maveal141782
67Bobby Theodore163474
33Jarred Mandel165160
24Marcus Lundgren104150
21Troy Beaudin122350
7Aaron Mulveney811218
9Michael Uster30222
11Alexis Trejgo80110
GKeith Hamilton160112
TBD-1Matthew Good00000
13 - GSusie Tucker70000


GKeith Hamilton15211.4003
15Alex Maveal122.0000
13 - GSusie Tucker6244.0000

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 2010:20 PMRinx 1Friendly Giants3MNP Hustlers3
Sep 2708:10 PMRinx 2Local Sports Team2Friendly Giants1
Oct 0406:00 PMRinx 3Orange Crush1Friendly Giants2
Oct 1109:00 PMRinx 3Friendly Giants0Rink Rats5
Oct 1811:00 PMRinx 3Friendly Giants3High Park Danglers4
Oct 2512:01 AMBye WeekHigh Park DanglersFriendly Giants
Nov 0110:30 PMFord PC 2MNP Hustlers5Friendly Giants3
Nov 0807:10 PMRinx 2Friendly Giants4Broken Sticks0
Nov 1508:20 PMRinx 1Orange Crush0Friendly Giants4
Nov 2208:30 PMFord PC 2Friendly Giants0Rink Rats1
Nov 2906:00 PMRinx 3Friendly Giants5Too Drunken Monkeys0
Dec 0609:10 PMRinx 2MNP Hustlers5Friendly Giants0
Dec 1311:15 PMRinx 1Friendly Giants1Broken Sticks4
Dec 2002:01 AMBye WeekFriendly GiantsMNP Hustlers
Dec 2710:30 PMFord PC 2Friendly Giants0Orange Crush1
Jan 0307:00 PMRinx 3Rink Rats1Friendly Giants2
Jan 1010:20 PMRinx 1Too Drunken Monkeys2Friendly Giants2
Jan 1708:30 PMFord PC 2Friendly Giants4MNP Hustlers1
Jan 2406:10 PMRinx 2Broken Sticks4Friendly Giants1
Jan 3109:00 PMRinx 3Orange Crush2Friendly Giants7
Feb 0711:10 PMRinx 2Friendly Giants4Rink Rats1
Feb 1412:01 AMBye WeekFriendly GiantsOrange Crush
Feb 2110:30 PMFord PC 2Friendly Giants2Too Drunken Monkeys2
Feb 2807:00 PMRinx 3MNP Hustlers1Friendly Giants2
Mar 0709:20 PMRinx 1Friendly Giants4Broken Sticks2


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre







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