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Winter 2018/19 416 Sunday Division C-1

Labatt Blueliners

2019 Playoff Info


29Noah Dunley211219314
12Travis DeBaeremaeker191014246
11Blake Caklos141662234
3Michael Aquilina161111228
15Justin Martin1610102016
17Mac Jackett14981710
4Adrian Hawkings1079166
44Neil Bourque19411156
27Travis McElveny21212142
8Drew Dutton765112
16Anthony Marotta106174
13Dustin Hanzelka163478
5Brad Kitchen75164
7Andrew McMahon160440
G-30Mike McDonald210000


G-30Mike McDonald21884.1900

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 1605:15 PMFord PC 4Cunning Linguists6Labatt Blueliners11
Sep 2306:30 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners6All For Show1
Sep 3010:15 PMFord PC 4Jagrbombs2Labatt Blueliners5
Oct 1401:01 AMBye WeekLabatt BluelinersTrojans
Oct 2109:15 PMFord PC 3Labatt Blueliners3Erb St Bombers1
Oct 2804:00 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners2Trojans5
Nov 0409:00 PMFord PC 4Cunning Linguists4Labatt Blueliners6
Nov 1110:15 PMFord PC 2Labatt Blueliners7All For Show3
Nov 1803:00 PMFord PC 3Jagrbombs3Labatt Blueliners2
Nov 2508:00 PMFord PC 3Labatt Blueliners7Erb St Bombers3
Dec 0205:15 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners3Trojans3
Dec 0909:00 PMFord PC 4Cunning Linguists5Labatt Blueliners3
Dec 1610:15 PMFord PC 2Labatt Blueliners1All For Show5
Dec 2304:15 PMFord PC 3Jagrbombs3Labatt Blueliners8
Jan 0608:00 PMFord PC 3Labatt Blueliners5Erb St Bombers7
Jan 1304:00 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners6Trojans4
Jan 2009:00 PMFord PC 4Cunning Linguists5Labatt Blueliners6
Jan 2710:15 PMFord PC 2Labatt Blueliners3All For Show3
Feb 0304:15 PMFord PC 3Jagrbombs4Labatt Blueliners9
Feb 1008:00 PMFord PC 3Labatt Blueliners2Erb St Bombers7
Feb 2404:00 PMFord PC 4Trojans6Labatt Blueliners1
Mar 0309:00 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners5Cunning Linguists8


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre



Face-off against homelessness in Peel Region with Hockey Helps the Homeless





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