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Winter 2019/20

416 - Sunday | C-2B

All For Show

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Sched & Scores


Team Roster

6Eric Grimes17109194
91Brad Martin19513188
5Dennis Field14125178
15Simon Partington1888162
81Alex Ferguson1086142
12Daniel Hebert12681425
14Andrew Fleming1566124
2Adam Wenneman15741120
19Reilly Latimer1337100
16Ben Gross125386
25Rob Graham1835816
9Jason Monteith113478
17Geoff Dunlop161672
88Eric Williams162350
27Chad Hillis1203312
4Bob Mitchell80220
GEric LeBlanc140000
GoalGabriel Campanella100000

Division Standings

1All For Show2171138110117117-20
2Hogtown Hookers216123821081586-26
3One Liners216132911191454-28
4Dumb Pucks21613271961498-25


GEric LeBlanc12534.4170
GoalGabriel Campanella7486.8570

Schedule & Scores

416 • Sunday | Rep • Division 1

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Sep 1504:00 PMFord PC 4All For Show47L Kings6
Sep 2206:30 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners7All For Show2
Sep 2910:30 PMFord PC 3All For Show9Beatties Bears5
Oct 0605:30 PMFord PC 3Cunning Linguists9All For Show4
Oct 2007:45 PMFord PC 3Trojans4All For Show0
Oct 2707:45 PMFord PC 4Dumb Pucks1All For Show3
Nov 0310:15 PMFord PC 4All For Show3Hogtown Hookers3
Nov 1003:00 PMFord PC 3Jagrbombs4All For Show4
Nov 1706:45 PMFord PC 3All For Show5Pigeons8
Nov 2401:01 AMBye WeekFormer LeafsAll For Show
Dec 0107:45 PMFord PC 4All For Show3Former Leafs8
Dec 0810:15 PMFord PC 2Dumb Pucks4All For Show5
Dec 1505:30 PMFord PC 3All For Show3Hogtown Hookers6
Dec 1809:30 PMMaple Leaf GardensJagrbombs0All For Show1
Dec 2206:45 PMFord PC 3All For Show9Pigeons12
Jan 0502:45 PMFord PC 4Former Leafs1All For Show6
Jan 1209:00 PMFord PC 4Dumb Pucks3All For Show1
Jan 1907:45 PMFord PC 4Labatt Blueliners6All For Show2
Jan 2603:00 PMFord PC 3One Liners6All For Show6
Feb 0208:00 PMFord PC 3All For Show1Jagrbombs0
Feb 0904:00 PMFord PC 4All For Show6Hogtown Hookers1
Feb 2306:30 PMFord PC 4Former Leafs7All For Show4