416 - Tuesday - Recreational Group 4 - Winter 2022/23
Toronto Tanks

TBD-8David Bronskill
GDerrel Schnurr
TBD-15Jacob Pollice
SUB - 1Francis Lavoie
TBD-2Andrew Quinlan
TBD-1Brayden Harvey
TBD-3Dustin Seidler
2Pete Andrikopoulos
3Garry Curnew
5Matt Mahoney
6Colin Giffin
7Peter Stymiest
8Greg Skerratt
9Aaron Dauphinee
10Ryley Maxwell
11Matt Mckenzie
13Trevor Wade
16Justin Hawkins
17Adam Virgilio
19Jason Nanner
24Andrew Dunn
67Michael Stockwell
68Angelo Licari
87Joseph McMahon
91Adam Runstedler
100Zac Laidlaw

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