905 Executive League
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COVID PROTOCOLS | By Government order, no one is allowed to enter any arena without showing proof of full vaccination.

This means that every single player, coach, fan must carry with them proof of vaccination to every single game. Failure to do so might result in a charge and/or fine from a Municipal Bylaw Officer. If you knowingly allow a player to play without proof of vaccination, you could potentially be held liable for a fine or charge.

If a player is found fraudulently claiming to be fully vaccinated or fails to present proof of vaccination they could be expelled from the League immediately with no refund. ***True North will be conducting spot checks in order to enforce the law.***

No Early Games!

• 24 Games Guaranteed •
• 3 stop-time periods (10-10-12) •
• Team cost $8,600.00 •
(price includes HST)


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Payment Policy

$1500 deposit must accompany your team registration. Balance must be paid in two equal installments due on September 15 and October 15. Any outstanding balance after December 1 will result in a $300 finance fee added to your team account.

Note: Prior to August 15, $500 is refundable. After August 15, no refunds will be issued. A full refund will be provided if we are unable to accommodate your team's first choice for the night you wish to play.

Please Note:
• We will not process your VISA or MasterCard payment unless we have a spot for your team to play.

I authorize TNHC to process the full amount of $8600 for my team registration
I authorize TNHC to process $1500 deposit only
I authorize TNHC to process $1500 deposit and to process the balance of my team account in two equal payments on September 15 and October 15
I authorize TNHC to use my funds on account for my team registration.

To confirm your identity, an email will be sent to your email address when you submit this form. To complete your registration, you must click on the "confirm" button inside that email. TNHC WILL ONLY ACCEPT ONE REGISTRATION FROM ANY EMAIL ADDRESS.

Have a great Season!