TNHC Fall/Winter League

Attention Team Reps!

We will extend every effort to accommodate existing teams and loyal customers but please understand and appreciate that we can not hold a team spot without a deposit. Please remember that registration is based on a first come, first served basis. The League always sells out quickly.

We offer online Registration for Individual Players and Teams. Each available night and location is listed below. Simply select on your choice for more information and sign up right now!

COVID PROTOCOLS | By Government order, no one is allowed to enter any arena without showing proof of full vaccination.

This means that every single player, coach, fan must carry with them proof of vaccination to every single game. Failure to do so might result in a charge and/or fine from a Municipal Bylaw Officer. If you knowingly allow a player to play without proof of vaccination, you could potentially be held liable for a fine or charge.

If a player is found fraudulently claiming to be fully vaccinated or fails to present proof of vaccination they could be expelled from the League immediately with no refund. ***True North will be conducting spot checks in order to enforce the law.***