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Hall of Fame

2019 Playoff Info

Players with the most points, goalies with the lowest average and least penalized teams over all 905 divisions.

Scoring Leaders

1Bobby DourmissisDivision I-118Gotham City Dark Knights4316598
2joshua boswellDivision C-27Molson Hawks4216584
3Dylan SargentDivision I-177Goats30235312
4Eric ArrudaDivision R-191Valhalla Vikings33195210
5Ethan GavinDivision C-171Soviet Union2032526
6Michael BanelopoulosDivision R-25Raiders4264816
7Adam PhelpsDivision C-18Wild Boars2919484
8David MartinoDivision C-26Molson Hawks1632482
9Tyler LoucksDivision C-137Warbirds33144718
10Brad PetchDivision R-195Brampton Soldiers2918474
11Jay LopezDivision R-29Brampton Huskies23224510
12Matthieu JohnsonDivision C-166Polar Boltz26174316
13Vince CaponeDivision I-219Angry Pirates24184220
14Brandon Di CorpoDivision R-177Finnsoft Fury3011410
15Josh KerrDivision R-392Widow Makers3011414
16Jeff BrownDivision I-117Goats30114110
17Jason SaDivision R-25Dragons Hockey2813412
18Brandon AndradeDivision I-129Madmen28134129
19Gerry JonesDivision R-212Corefusion2714410
20Peter ScialdoneDivision I-117Caledon Knights2615416

Goaltending Leaders

1Ryan MacmillanDivision I-129Brampton Jagrbombs21200.95211
2James HendersonDivision R-329Red Machine561.2003
3John RomanoDivision I-129Starfleet21271.2864
4Brandan ReeseDivision R-133Valhalla Vikings21371.7625
5Kevin FraserDivision I-2GEskimofos22391.7736
6Scotty SangsterDivision C-2G6ers19392.0532
7Shawn DraperDivision C-1GJays17352.0593
8Tyler SmythDivision C-131Soviet Union22462.0917
9Domenic AielloDivision I-1GTN Ice21442.0952
10Kodie Oude voshaarDivision I-200Sherway Moose20422.1003
11Paul HallidayDivision R-3GTN Canucks20422.1001
12Martin RusynDivision C-133Jurassic World22472.1364
13Grant StevensDivision I-231Angry Pirates13282.1540
14David OsborneDivision I-274QSDM Stars21472.2383
15Brandon MeeksDivision R-320Wesley's Snipers21472.2382
16Liam OwenDivision I-2GTN Aces21472.2382
17Barry ShelveyDivision R-1GMighty Drunks21472.2381
18Jaspal SinghDivision R-3GCobras20452.2502
19Brian McMartinDivision R-31Star Cheks Oldtimers22512.3182
20Mark DeboerDivision I-1GoalieGordie Howeitzers21492.3332

(Must have at least 5 games in goal.)

Least Penalized Teams


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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