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Hall of Fame

Players with the most points, goalies with the lowest average and least penalized teams over all 905 divisions.

Scoring Leaders

1Bobby DourmissisDivision I-118Gotham City Dark Knights207274
2joshua boswellDivision I-17Molson Hawks189272
3Brad PetchDivision R-111Brampton Soldiers1413274
4Eric ArrudaDivision R-291Valhalla Vikings197266
5Peter ScialdoneDivision I-117Caledon Knights1310236
6Luis DasilvaDivision I-15Caledon Knights518234
7Brandon AndradeDivision I-129Madmen166224
8Tyler LoucksDivision C-137Warbirds166226
9Adam PhelpsDivision C-18Wild Boars147214
10Nunzio GIAMBATTISTADivision I-17Colts1292110
11Dylan SargentDivision C-177Goats1110212
12Justin LamDivision R-214DT Snipers912210
13Peter AforozisDivision I-119Gotham City Dark Knights318212
14Taylor HeslipDivision R-189Shockers128202
15Matthieu JohnsonDivision C-166Polar Boltz119208
16Matthew SangirardiDivision C-144FTB1010202
17Vince CaponeDivision I-219Angry Pirates1010204
18Matthew SangirardiDivision C-127Warbirds812200
19David MartinoDivision I-16Molson Hawks614202
20Gary MedeirosDivision I-188Caledon Knights136192

Goaltending Leaders

1John RomanoDivision I-129Starfleet870.8752
2Ryan MacmillanDivision I-129Brampton Jagrbombs891.1254
3Kodie Oude voshaarDivision R-100Sherway Moose7101.4292
4Liam OwenDivision R-1GTN Aces9151.6672
5Brandan ReeseDivision R-233Valhalla Vikings8141.7501
6Jeff CoughlinDivision I-10Beaudies591.8002
7Andrew LukasiewiczDivision R-4GTrue North Oilers7131.8571
8Grant StevensDivision I-231Angry Pirates7131.8570
9Jaspal SinghDivision R-3GCobras8151.8752
10BRANDT KELLOWAYDivision R-130Puckin' Iceholes9171.8892
11Tom MuringerDivision R-129Hawks8162.0002
12Jarrett hemmesDivision R-2GoaliePatriots8162.0001
13Luke GiugovazDivision R-430Thrillhouse7142.0001
14Brandon MeeksDivision R-420Wesley's Snipers8172.1251
15Mark DeboerDivision I-1GoalieGordie Howeitzers8172.1251
16Scotty SangsterDivision C-2G6ers8172.1251
17Mark MucciDivision C-136 - GoalCardinals8172.1250
18Cresswell CarterDivision I-1GSt. Pints6132.1670
19Kevin FraserDivision I-2GEskimofos9212.3331
20Paul HallidayDivision R-4GTN Canucks6142.3331

(Must have at least 5 games in goal.)

Least Penalized Teams



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