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Winter 2016/17 Toronto Monday Clancy

Catfish Tapas



6Drew McFeetors135131810
81Scott Affleck19961510
9Andrew Anderson1694132
2Andrew Nisker2276130
18Brandon Luft1567134
3Marcel Leone1657124
15Chris O'Connor1648122
39Leo Abramovich196394
22Rich Butler203692
17Brian Dymond101456
7Morrie Luft131456
13Rory Barnable1503310
1Chris Ritchie82022
NAEric Beynon30220
55Alex Wallace80224
N.ARui Taborda20110
8Gareth Roberts150114
35Matthew Sanche160000
GScott Brownrigg60000


35Matthew Sanche16382.3753
GScott Brownrigg6152.5001

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 1909:20 PMRinx 1Tanks3Catfish Tapas2
Sep 2610:00 PMRinx 3Catfish Tapas1Drunken Monkeys2
Oct 0311:10 PMRinx 2Vultures6Catfish Tapas1
Oct 1706:10 PMRinx 2Catfish Tapas5Smell the Glove1
Oct 2407:30 PMRicoh ColiseumCatfish Tapas350's1
Oct 3110:20 PMRinx 1Tanks0Catfish Tapas5
Nov 0709:00 PMRinx 3Catfish Tapas4Drunken Monkeys0
Nov 1404:01 AMBye WeekIcemenCatfish Tapas
Nov 2108:10 PMRinx 2Icemen4Catfish Tapas2
Nov 2806:10 PMRinx 2Catfish Tapas1Smell the Glove1
Dec 0509:30 PMRicoh ColiseumCatfish Tapas350's0
Dec 1210:00 PMRinx 3Red Wingers1Catfish Tapas6
Dec 1911:15 PMRinx 1Catfish Tapas3Drunken Monkeys1
Jan 0906:00 PMRinx 3Smell the Glove4Catfish Tapas2
Jan 1608:00 PMRinx 3Vultures3Catfish Tapas0
Jan 2310:00 PMRinx 3Hitmen0Catfish Tapas3
Jan 3001:01 AMBye WeekCatfish TapasMob Barley
Feb 0607:10 PMRinx 2Mob Barley3Catfish Tapas3
Feb 1308:30 PMRicoh ColiseumCatfish Tapas350's4
Feb 2009:20 PMRinx 1Red Wingers4Catfish Tapas2
Feb 2710:10 PMRinx 2Catfish Tapas3Drunken Monkeys5
Mar 0107:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensSmell the Glove2Catfish Tapas2
Mar 0610:10 PMRinx 2Vultures3Catfish Tapas3
Mar 1306:00 PMRinx 3Catfish Tapas1Hitmen5



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