Recreational Group D - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Summer 2023

905 - Wednesday

Recreational Group D


All results are pending
until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


1Team Bidwell431016136123
2Blue Bombers43101112614-1
3Les Fifties42111495225
4Milton North Stars41121113410-2
5Keith's Cubs42201194302

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

May 1007:00 PMTire World - GoldStrikers2Blue Bombers3Final
May 1008:00 PMTire World - GoldTeam Bidwell6Les Fifties3Final
May 1009:00 PMTire World - GoldMilton North Stars4Raiders7Final
May 1010:00 PMTire World - GoldChargers3Keith's Cubs2Final
May 1707:00 PMTire World - GoldRaiders0Keith's Cubs2Final
May 1708:00 PMTire World - GoldStrikers3Chargers2Final
May 1709:00 PMTire World - GoldLes Fifties2Milton North Stars2Final
May 1710:00 PMTire World - GoldBlue Bombers5Team Bidwell3Final
May 2407:00 PMTire World - GoldKeith's Cubs1Les Fifties5Final
May 2408:00 PMTire World - GoldTeam Bidwell3Raiders2Final
May 2409:00 PMTire World - GoldChargers1Blue Bombers2Final
May 2410:00 PMTire World - GoldMilton North Stars3Strikers3Final
May 3107:00 PMTire World - GoldChargers1Milton North Stars2Final
May 3108:00 PMTire World - GoldKeith's Cubs6Blue Bombers1Final
May 3109:00 PMTire World - GoldTeam Bidwell4Strikers3Final
May 3110:00 PMTire World - GoldRaiders0Les Fifties4Final
Jun 0707:00 PMTire World - GoldRaidersStrikers 
Jun 0708:00 PMTire World - GoldLes FiftiesBlue Bombers 
Jun 0709:00 PMTire World - GoldKeith's CubsMilton North Stars 
Jun 0710:00 PMTire World - GoldTeam BidwellChargers 
Jun 1407:00 PMTire World - GoldChargersLes Fifties 
Jun 1408:00 PMTire World - GoldMilton North StarsTeam Bidwell 
Jun 1409:00 PMTire World - GoldStrikersKeith's Cubs 
Jun 1410:00 PMTire World - GoldBlue BombersRaiders 
Jun 2107:00 PMTire World - GoldKeith's CubsTeam Bidwell 
Jun 2108:00 PMTire World - GoldBlue BombersMilton North Stars 
Jun 2109:00 PMTire World - GoldRaidersChargers 
Jun 2110:00 PMTire World - GoldLes FiftiesStrikers 

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1sebastian witkowski55Les Fifties45274
2James Hughes19Milton North Stars44372
3Karanvir Bhangu34Team Bidwell34260
4Duc tran27Blue Bombers44150
5Marco Rinaldi49Milton North Stars43252
6Kam Cheema21Team Bidwell42352
7Daman Witkowski2Les Fifties33142
8Joseph Scaglione21Chargers43142
9Armaan Bains22Keith's Cubs431410
10Jason Doherty72Milton North Stars42240
11Morgan Goodridge14Keith's Cubs42240
12Nhien Huynh81Blue Bombers41340
13Randeep Garcha78Strikers31340
14Aubrey Stott10Milton North Stars41342
15Jesse Sagoo6Strikers31344

Net Minders


1Maurice FrancGLes Fifties492.2501
2Steven Braga33Keith's Cubs492.2501
3Ioannis Danakas1Chargers372.3330
4Jaspal SinghGStrikers4123.0000
5Ron Santiago29Blue Bombers4123.0000
6Emerson CalcadaGRaiders393.0000
7Andrew RasoGTeam Bidwell4133.2500
8Paul Aiello64Milton North Stars4133.2500


Penalty Leaders

1Armaan Bains22Keith's Cubs410
2Tomas Sandras12Chargers48
3Bryan Khuat80Blue Bombers46
4Jason Roche3Strikers36
5Matt Delaney8Blue Bombers46
6Ricky Grewal93Les Fifties26
7Arvy Bains67Keith's Cubs44
8Bradly Kaulback90Keith's Cubs44
9Damien Roetsch55Strikers34
10Jesse Sagoo6Strikers34
11Laddie Singh8Strikers44
12Luc Kirkpatrick7Chargers34
13Mark Witkowski21Les Fifties44
14Nathan De Carli14Les Fifties44
15Nicholas Cribb44Raiders44