Recreational Group 3 - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Summer 2023

905 - Thursday

Recreational Group 3


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2Brampton Mighty Drunks135354237151125
4Caledon Coyotes13463303811134-8
5Paid the Same1347236411068-5

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

May 1108:15 PMRed RinkCaledon Coyotes0Miners5Final
May 1108:30 PMBlue RinkPaid the Same2Spartans5Final
May 1108:30 PMTire World - GoldSCHC1Brampton Mighty Drunks2Final
May 1809:15 PMRed RinkSpartans1SCHC4Final
May 1809:30 PMBlue RinkBrampton Mighty Drunks3Caledon Coyotes3Final
May 1809:30 PMTire World - GoldMiners5Paid the Same0Final
May 2510:15 PMRed RinkCaledon Coyotes2Paid the Same1Final
May 2510:30 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Mighty Drunks2Spartans4Final
May 2510:30 PMBlue RinkSCHC1Miners3Final
Jun 0106:15 PMRed RinkMiners1Brampton Mighty Drunks2Final
Jun 0106:30 PMBlue RinkPaid the Same3SCHC3Final
Jun 0106:30 PMTire World - GoldSpartans3Caledon Coyotes3Final
Jun 0807:15 PMRed RinkPaid the Same1Brampton Mighty Drunks3Final
Jun 0807:30 PMTire World - GoldCaledon Coyotes2SCHC3Final
Jun 0807:30 PMBlue RinkSpartans0Miners5Final
Jun 1508:15 PMRed RinkCaledon Coyotes3Miners0Final
Jun 1508:30 PMBlue RinkPaid the Same3Spartans3Final
Jun 1508:30 PMTire World - GoldSCHC2Brampton Mighty Drunks2Final
Jun 2909:15 PMRed RinkSpartans3SCHC2Final
Jun 2909:30 PMBlue RinkBrampton Mighty Drunks4Caledon Coyotes7Final
Jun 2909:30 PMTire World - GoldMiners5Paid the Same2Final
Jul 0610:15 PMRed RinkCaledon Coyotes2Paid the Same7Final
Jul 0610:30 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Mighty Drunks5Spartans1Final
Jul 0610:30 PMBlue RinkSCHC2Miners3Final
Jul 1306:15 PMRed RinkMiners2Brampton Mighty Drunks2Final
Jul 1306:30 PMBlue RinkPaid the Same5SCHC2Final
Jul 1306:30 PMTire World - GoldSpartans2Caledon Coyotes0Final
Jul 2007:15 PMRed RinkPaid the Same2Brampton Mighty Drunks7Final
Jul 2007:30 PMTire World - GoldCaledon Coyotes2SCHC4Final
Jul 2007:30 PMBlue RinkSpartans3Miners6Final
Jul 2708:15 PMRed RinkMiners1Caledon Coyotes0Final
Jul 2708:30 PMTire World - GoldBrampton Mighty Drunks3SCHC3Final
Jul 2708:30 PMBlue RinkSpartans1Paid the Same5Final
Aug 0309:15 PMRed RinkSCHC1Spartans5Final
Aug 0309:30 PMBlue RinkCaledon Coyotes4Brampton Mighty Drunks4Final
Aug 0309:30 PMTire World - GoldPaid the Same4Miners1Final
Aug 1010:15 PMRed RinkPaid the Same1Caledon Coyotes2Final
Aug 1010:30 PMBlue RinkMiners3SCHC3Final
Aug 1010:30 PMTire World - GoldSpartans6Brampton Mighty Drunks3Final

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Gianfranco Sorrentino21Brampton Mighty Drunks138152318
2Curtis Wilson21Spartans131552010
3Emmanuel Alforque13Brampton Mighty Drunks13812202
4Brian Szymanski4SCHC12781518
5Matt Bisson17Caledon Coyotes121031318
6Michael Loschiavo7Paid the Same111031322
7Nick Paolini71Paid the Same776130
8Alex McMillan84Miners1075120
9Julian Ciuffreda14Brampton Mighty Drunks1039122
10John Sheppard67Caledon Coyotes11831118
11Travis Piché47Brampton Mighty Drunks12641014
12Owen Oconnor81Brampton Mighty Drunks106394
13Alistair Colville96Miners104592
14Mike Bowyer69Paid the Same114594
15David Mckay18Miners103696

Net Minders


1Jordan Endrody48Miners12201.6674
2Aaron Adair29Brampton Mighty Drunks10272.7000
3Stephen SeguinGoalieSCHC13372.8460
4Bob BasraGCaledon Coyotes13382.9231
5John BaiaGSpartans13413.1541
6Brandon Gregory29Paid the Same13413.1540


Penalty Leaders

1Rhys Nolan74Brampton Mighty Drunks731
2Adam Sidawi92Spartans1027
3Patrick Kochanowski8SCHC1027
4Tom Luxton13Caledon Coyotes924
5Michael Loschiavo7Paid the Same1122
6Jordan Rose97Miners1021
7Kyle Kulla17Miners721
8Brian Szymanski4SCHC1218
9Gianfranco Sorrentino21Brampton Mighty Drunks1318
10John Sheppard67Caledon Coyotes1118
11Matt Bisson17Caledon Coyotes1218
12Howie Shields15SCHC917
13John Simpson8Brampton Mighty Drunks917
14Greg DiFlorio12Caledon Coyotes1316
15Jonathan Pysanczyn12SCHC1216