Recreational C/D Ford PC - True North Hockey Canada - - True North Hockey Canada
Summer 2023

416 - Wednesday

Recreational C/D Ford PC


All results are pending
until current games are indicated as Final
in the Schedule + Scores section.


1Lads & Dads44002258617
2Puck Hogs32101611405
3P&G ProGliders32101714443
5Fussy Puckers41301523210-8
7Toronto Trash Pandas3030816010-8

Schedule + Scores

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Schedule + Scores

May 1012:00 AMBye WeekP&G ProGlidersP&G ProGliders 
May 1007:30 PMFord PC 3Exposures4Pigeons8Final
May 1008:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Trash Pandas4Fussy Puckers6Final
May 1009:30 PMFord PC 3Puck Hogs2Lads & Dads7Final
May 1712:00 AMBye WeekPuck HogsPuck Hogs 
May 1707:45 PMFord PC 4Fussy Puckers6P&G ProGliders9Final
May 1708:45 PMFord PC 4Lads & Dads5Exposures2Final
May 1709:45 PMFord PC 4Pigeons3Toronto Trash Pandas2Final
May 2412:00 AMBye WeekExposuresExposures 
May 2407:30 PMFord PC 3Puck Hogs8Pigeons3Final
May 2408:30 PMFord PC 3Lads & Dads5Fussy Puckers0Final
May 2409:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Trash Pandas2P&G ProGliders7Final
May 3112:00 AMBye WeekToronto Trash PandasToronto Trash Pandas 
May 3107:45 PMFord PC 4Pigeons1Lads & Dads5Final
May 3108:45 PMFord PC 4P&G ProGliders1Puck Hogs6Final
May 3109:45 PMFord PC 4Fussy Puckers3Exposures5Final
Jun 0712:00 AMBye WeekPigeonsPigeons 
Jun 0707:30 PMFord PC 3ExposuresToronto Trash Pandas 
Jun 0708:30 PMFord PC 3Puck HogsFussy Puckers 
Jun 0709:30 PMFord PC 3Lads & DadsP&G ProGliders 
Jun 1412:00 AMBye WeekLads & DadsLads & Dads 
Jun 1407:45 PMFord PC 4Toronto Trash PandasPuck Hogs 
Jun 1408:45 PMFord PC 4P&G ProGlidersExposures 
Jun 1409:45 PMFord PC 4Fussy PuckersPigeons 
Jun 2112:00 AMBye WeekFussy PuckersFussy Puckers 
Jun 2107:30 PMFord PC 3Toronto Trash PandasLads & Dads 
Jun 2108:30 PMFord PC 3P&G ProGlidersPigeons 
Jun 2109:30 PMFord PC 3ExposuresPuck Hogs 

Play Makers

Stats Leaders

1Mackenzie Farwell9Fussy Puckers364102
2Tom Panno14Lads & Dads43690
3Doug Patrick9Puck Hogs33470
4Kevin Butler12P&G ProGliders33470
5Josh Sullivan10P&G ProGliders34260
6Edward Higa20Fussy Puckers33360
7Jake Cuthbert90P&G ProGliders33360
8Brent Waites21Lads & Dads32460
9Eric Achilles91Pigeons42460
10Mat Chalons88Pigeons44150
11Tom Storey7Lads & Dads34150
12Christian Florio68Pigeons23250
13Josh Beaton42Pigeons43250
14Alex Burnett11Fussy Puckers43252
15Eric Clark19Pigeons42350

Net Minders


1Juri ColemanGoalieLads & Dads210.5001
2Jake WhittamoreGLads & Dads242.0000
3Adam colquhoun66P&G ProGliders284.0000
4Nathaniel CesarG1Pigeons4194.7500
5Calogero VaccaroGPuck Hogs2105.0000
6Brent Courtney1Exposures3165.3330
7Michael LombardiG (29)Toronto Trash Pandas3165.3330
8Eric BridenGFussy Puckers4235.7500
9Sophia SimurdaTBD-1P&G ProGliders166.0000


Penalty Leaders

1Dante Martella12Toronto Trash Pandas34
2Griffin Lemon39Exposures34
3Jeffrey MacKay51Pigeons44
4Alex Burnett11Fussy Puckers42
5Alex McCarthy8Lads & Dads22
6Andrew Devlin9P&G ProGliders22
7Bruce Meilikhan17P&G ProGliders32
8Chris Paolini13Lads & Dads32
9Chris Wheeler9Toronto Trash Pandas12
10Cole Sernick22Toronto Trash Pandas32
11David Whitton17Exposures32
12Eric Stronach2Lads & Dads42
13Geoffrey Macphee94Fussy Puckers22
14Graham Coote15Toronto Trash Pandas22
15Jimmy Boston24Pigeons32