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Winter 2016/17 Brampton Wednesday Clancy

Total Mayhem


Next Game Mar 29 9:30 at Spectator (Semi Final)


76Cody Presley21237304
22Ben Balaban191910294
12Colin MacNeil21816244
9Steve Farlow215111628
13Christy Simbeya21014140
7Heather MacNeil20010100
8David Predovich175498
79Mark Radman154590
4Michelle Decaire180992
17Ryan Simbeya163586
67Grant Cockburn211560
24Mitchell Mccarroll121568
21Jonathan Leung171454
0Alexander Axiotis71010
GCollin Bauer210000
TBD-2Lawrence Tjan10000
G2Steve Zammit70000


GCollin Bauer21602.8571
G2Steve Zammit133.0000

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 2111:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem2Zero Pucks Given5
Sep 2809:45 PMTire World - GoldKeith's Cubs3Total Mayhem1
Oct 0510:30 PMSpectatorStrikers4Total Mayhem5
Oct 1207:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedTotal Mayhem3Unhandled Exceptions3
Oct 1908:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem2Men With Wood2
Oct 2609:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem4Zero Pucks Given1
Nov 0209:45 PMTire World - GoldKeith's Cubs1Total Mayhem6
Nov 0910:30 PMSpectatorStrikers6Total Mayhem1
Nov 1606:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedTotal Mayhem6Unhandled Exceptions1
Nov 2308:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem4Men With Wood3
Nov 3010:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem4Zero Pucks Given1
Dec 0709:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons2Total Mayhem0
Dec 1410:30 PMSpectatorStrikers2Total Mayhem3
Dec 2107:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem4Unhandled Exceptions2
Jan 0408:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem2Men With Wood4
Jan 1111:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem4Zero Pucks Given1
Jan 1809:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons4Total Mayhem2
Jan 2510:30 PMSpectatorStrikers6Total Mayhem8
Feb 0107:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem3Unhandled Exceptions3
Feb 0808:30 PMSpectatorTotal Mayhem2Men With Wood6
Feb 1509:00 PMRoyal Bank - BlueTotal Mayhem5Zero Pucks Given0
Feb 2209:45 PMTire World - GoldFalcons3Total Mayhem0



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