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TNHC 2019-2020 Winter League
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Winter 2019/20 905 Wednesday R-2

Slippery Pucks

20120 Playoff Info


10Chris Spearen16168242
4Jake Payne1858130
6Michael Aberdein2139128
22Paul Oliveira1965112
12Glen Roberts175490
28Mark VanLandschoot192682
16Rich Height173474
77Will Kenny202576
11Paul Abraham1907714
18Chul Lee154156
5Tobin Lifchis192352
9Mark Horodezny72130
45John Johnson21012
15David Cosgrove60114
GMario Laurelli210000
8Neil Santos20000


GMario Laurelli21653.0951

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 1809:30 PMSpectatorLast Call2Slippery Pucks0
Sep 2510:00 PMGay Lea - BlueSlippery Pucks2Unhandled Exceptions2
Oct 0201:00 AMBye WeekSitting PucksSlippery Pucks
Oct 0907:30 PMSpectatorSlippery Pucks3Chargers1
Oct 1608:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedKings6Slippery Pucks1
Oct 2310:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSitting Pucks2Slippery Pucks2
Oct 3009:30 PMSpectatorLast Call3Slippery Pucks5
Nov 0611:00 PMGay Lea - BlueSlippery Pucks5Unhandled Exceptions0
Nov 1301:00 AMBye WeekSitting PucksSlippery Pucks
Nov 2006:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSlippery Pucks1Chargers3
Nov 2709:00 PMGay Lea - BlueRangers2Slippery Pucks5
Dec 0410:30 PMSpectatorLast Call1Slippery Pucks1
Dec 1106:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSitting Pucks4Slippery Pucks4
Dec 1809:45 PMTire World - GoldSlippery Pucks0Unhandled Exceptions5
Jan 0810:00 PMGay Lea - BlueSlippery Pucks0Chargers5
Jan 1501:00 AMBye WeekSlippery PucksRangers
Jan 2206:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedLast Call2Slippery Pucks2
Jan 2908:45 PMTire World - GoldSlippery Pucks2Unhandled Exceptions7
Feb 0510:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSitting Pucks5Slippery Pucks0
Feb 1209:30 PMSpectatorSlippery Pucks3Chargers3
Feb 1909:00 PMGay Lea - BlueSlippery Pucks6Last Call4
Feb 2610:30 PMSpectatorRangers2Slippery Pucks2
Mar 0407:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedUnhandled Exceptions4Slippery Pucks4
Mar 1108:45 PMMaple Lodge - RedSlippery Pucks4Sitting Pucks2
Mar 1810:30 PMSpectatorChargersSlippery Pucks


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre







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