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TNHC 2019-2020 Winter League
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TNHC 2019 Summer League

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Winter 2019/20 416 Sunday I-2


20120 Playoff Info


30Kip Wigmore201113246
73Lon Minott2011112224
77Stephan Massin14147212
98Michael Muzzin159122116
91Evan Deffett1769152
02Alexander Woo193101310
44Joncarlo Bairos16661212
17Ryan Dillon16381110
10Sheldon Pais2129116
82Jules-Michael D'Mello143696
00Stephen Balazic132460
07Mike Gray182350
04Laurence D'Alessandro202246
86Rovinder Persaud121346
01Eshaun Dass43032
19Nick Massin101120
83Mark Holt50220
17bMatt Zimmerman31010
G2Orlando Belo30000
G1Waqas Daimee180000


G1Waqas Daimee16462.8753
G2Orlando Belo133.0000

Schedule + Scores

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Sep 1509:00 PMRinx 2Mob Barley4Chiefskates7
Sep 2206:15 PMRinx 3Chiefskates3Mojo0
Sep 2907:45 PMRinx 1Chiefskates2Beer Raiders4
Oct 0612:15 PMRinx 267's4Chiefskates5
Oct 2007:30 PMRinx 3Cluster Pucks5Chiefskates4
Oct 2705:15 PMRinx 2Mob Barley5Chiefskates6
Nov 0306:00 PMSpectatorChiefskates1Mojo2
Nov 1002:30 PMRinx 3Chiefskates2Beer Raiders0
Nov 1710:15 PMRinx 2Toronto Bombers4Chiefskates6
Nov 2403:45 PMRinx 3Cluster Pucks4Chiefskates9
Dec 0106:30 PMRinx 1Mob Barley2Chiefskates6
Dec 0802:45 PMRinx 2Chiefskates2Mojo1
Dec 1509:30 PMRinx 3Chiefskates2Beer Raiders3
Dec 2204:00 PMRinx 2Toronto Bombers2Chiefskates7
Jan 0508:30 PMSpectatorCluster Pucks2Chiefskates3
Jan 1203:15 PMRinx 3Mob Barley3Chiefskates1
Jan 1910:15 PMRinx 2Chiefskates5Hats7
Jan 2608:15 PMRinx 3Chiefskates3Mojo0
Feb 0207:45 PMRinx 1Toronto Bombers1Chiefskates6
Feb 0912:15 PMRinx 2Cluster Pucks0Chiefskates1
Feb 2310:45 PMRinx 3Chiefskates1Mob Barley0


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre







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